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Hello Gamer Gnome is back, so for today's article we are going to help this level one noob with the paw fruit reach max level, but before we start, you can show your support by using stargoldgamerdom when purchasing your Roblox. Okay, so let's start off with our first kill, the heavy ball. Let's try it with the bandits.

You only need three hits. As long as you lure it properly, you will defeat one set. Okay, the goal here is level 10. Let's make this fast. Let me show you our stats. 14 milli blastfoot's 15. This is important because on our next island, the Fountain City, you're going to use your left click to damage the galley pirates.

Don't worry, you will not be damaged as long as there is a wall in front of you, and also don't forget to use your z-scale pawn to last hit your enemy. We will level up here really fast, and the goal here is level 55. The next island is the pirate village. Our target is Bobby the Clown. We are going to use our z-skill to damage him.

And by the way, we've already unlocked our first skill, the self-repellant. You can say that this is the cause of the soul or the ghastly step of the dark fruit. We are going to do server hopping here until you reach level 75. Okay, let's check our stats. There are nearly 50 defenses. The next area is the desert.

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Take note that to skip the desert bandit quest and go straight with the desert officers, the same strategy lures four at a time, using your z skill to defeat them. Just go on top of the house there you go, they cannot hit you there. You're going to leave this area at level 90. The next island is the frozen village, so here you're going to go straight to the cave and buy the sky jump enhancement and the flash step, or the grinding part.

We're going to start with the snow bandits, same with the desert officer. Just jump on high ground and use your z skill to defeat them. You need to defeat seven bandits per quest, and your goal here is to reach level 105. The yeti is at level 105, so use your z-skill and your f-skill to dodge him when he gets near.

Roblox - paw fruit

You're just going to repeat that g skill f skill and that's it. Usually I'm going to grind here. I will do server hopping until I reach level 130, but we need mastery. That's why we're going to leave here at level 120. Stat check: melee defense 50, blastfoot 260. The next area is the marine fortress, so here our target is a petty officer.

You can use your f skill here or sorrow, and then just jump with your z skill, okay, or you can just dodge them. Run, jump is your z scale. Don't worry, you only need to do 10 levels here. Okay, after that Vice Admiral, my technique here is to lure him outside the left side of the fortress and use your z skill to check this out.

No damage, very easy. You're going to do a server hub here. Guys again, guys again. The target level is 220. The next island is the prison, so you have three enemies here. The warden at 220, the chief warden at 230, and Swanna at 240, is the way you defeat the warden. Lorraine here, wall strap Okay, use your z and x skills, and that's it.

Same with the chief warden's wall strat. Again, there go the z and x skills. For this one, it's the same, but you need to create more distance if you want to avoid getting hit by string attacks. You're gonna grind here until 350, for the stats nearly 150 defense, 150 blackfruit 750. The next island is the Magma village, and we're going to attack the Magma Admiral for the damage.

We're going to use the z and x skills and zoro or f self repel skills to dodge his skills, and again we're going to do server hub until we reach level 425. In our case, we reached level 426, which is fine, and for our stats mill defense, 200 blasphemes. Next stop, the underwater city. Here our target is the fisher lord.

One of the easiest ways to defeat just lure him here in the window and that's it. Use your cnx skill to defeat him very easily. Notice that we've been doing surf hub each and every time we're fighting a boss. We're going to leave this area at level 500, but in our case, we reached level 501, but that's fine.

The next island is the Skylands, going higher. The upper yard target is whispered. He cannot hit you here again, server hub. this is a boss there you go, we're gonna grind here until you reach level 575. Guys we got the bazooka, one of the best guns in the game, so there you go guys at 575. Next up is the Thunder God game strategy.

zx for the damage f skill and r suru to dodge his skills or create distance. By the way, we're going to unlock our fourth skill, the c skill, the pawn nuke. There you go, another damage skill, and this one can damage multiple enemies. The target level is six hundred and five. The stat check is 315 milliseconds of defense blast 1395.

The next island is the Fountain City, so guys, our target here is only the cyborg, but if you want, you can grind with the galley pirates. Just take note that we're going to grind here until you reach level 775. And after that, we are heading towards the second sea again, guys. We skipped the raiders and the mercenaries.

Why gamer no guys? They're so far apart, which means we're going to start with the swan pirates. We also skipped the diamond quest, so let's go guys, you can learn four or five of the swan pirates. Use your z-peel twice on one axis scale and end up with a pony. Okay, so we're going to skip lots of quests again until you reach level 925.

And after reaching event level next up in the green zone, we're going to go straight with fajita, or fujitora. By the way, guys, we've unlocked our final skill, torture. This is a single target with dps. Check it out. So guys, we're going to grind here until you reach level 1000, attacking our stats with melee defense of five hundred blasphemes.

The next area is this snow mountain. We're just going to target the snow troopers here. We're gonna level up 150 times, so again two z scales, one exit skill, and you're gonna finish it up with a pawn nuke. Guys, just a reminder, you can buy the fighting style superhuman here, so make sure to buy one again.

We're going to leave this area at 1150. And for our next island, we got the hot and cold guys. Our target here is the Smoke Admiral. One z scale x c and v skill is enough to damage half of its hp. Check it out (2000). There you go, guys, just two sets and you're going to defeat the Smoke Admiral.

The target level here is 1250. And after that, next up is the cursed ship, so here we're going to defeat the ship's deckhands again. same strategy We were four. Use your z skill twice, one axis skill, and end up with a c skill. The next island is the ice castle, so here arctic warriors are the only target.

Level 1 noob uses paw fruit to reach max lvl 1-2300 in bloxfruits roblox.
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