Roblox - Noob To Infinite Money In 30 Minutes. Crazy Glitch" Build A Boat

Roblox - build a boat

So when you first join Buildabout, the only thing you can build is this piece of crap right here. Starting things off, we're actually going to have to make 50 gold, so we're just going to build our default boats and set off into the ocean a couple of times, so yeah, this should only take a couple minutes.

Yeah, so what we're going to do is we're going to take those 50 coins and we're going to just quickly buy this right here, a hinge block, so let's buy that and as soon as we've done so, we're going to start the find me quest, which is honestly one of the easiest quests in the game. You just click the butter block every single time it shows up, so with no tool selected, click the block.

Here we go baby, the blocks actually always spawn in the same locations, which makes it super easy to find them. Let me show you. So after you've clicked the first one, you're gonna you wanna go click this one up here. Now you just have to use a couple of blocks, which is very nice and easy. There you go.

The next one is actually on the left side of your plot, so we're just going to jump up and up the wall like this, which makes it very easy to click, and then we already have only two left. Can you spot the next one? It is right up there. Right now it looks quite difficult to get up there, but it's very easy.

Roblox - build a boat code

All we have to do is click the plus icon right here. We set our movement to 0.5. Place the chair, and then while we're sitting in the chair, we want to place this hinge right here as far away from us as possible. Just so, when we delete it. As you guys can see, we're currently stuck. Then it's about time that we launch, and when you do that, you can actually fly.

Yes, guys, it really is that easy to fly. Now, the controls are a little bit weird, but what you need to do is to go into first person, look in the opposite direction, and hold jump. As you guys can see, you will fly in the opposite direction. If you do just that, getting this butter block right here should be very nice and easy, and that is actually The only thing we're going to need to hinge for after that is the final one.

Roblox - build a boat codes

It's going to be super easy to grab. All you have to do is build a tiny little boat and you should be able to easily ride over to it right there. Like I said, guys, it's super easy to grab, and once you've done so, what are you going to get for yourself? is, 450, gold as well as 25, butter blocks.

And now guys, what if I told you those 25 butter blocks allow you to make your very first insanely overpowered glitch? So when you jump, you're actually going to get higher in the air, and it is super easy to control. It looks kind of complicated, but trust me, it's very easy, and with this you could start just simply, floating over to the end.

Yeah, we're making bread. We're going to have to get ourselves 3050 gold, so let's start doing that right away. It's the stage with all the sparkly crystals on the walls. And as soon as you have found a server, which I checked earlier, we've got one baby, you want to build yourself a little bit of a boat.

Roblox - build a boat easter update

All right, so we're going to place all of our blocks with the anchor block off and the merging level red. Actually, wait, we don't. We can leave the anchor on. Never mind we got the property tool now, so yeah guys, what we're gonna do right now is we're gonna just build ourselves a little bit of a raft, about as big as we can make it.

And yeah, you want to make it as easy to drive as possible, so you don't want to make it like super random. Yeah guys, I'm honestly using every single block I have right now. I mean, why would I not? I don't need them for anything else. So now that we've spent pretty much every single block we have, next up we're going to place our driving seat just around right over there.

It links to all the butter blocks, just never press f, all right, and then we're going to place that right there. I'm going to save this and we're going to set off for our first adventure, so we're going to select all hang anchor off and we won't make it to the crystal stage without dying. Also, dying is very important.

Roblox - build a boat egg hunt 2020

Also, make sure you never press the launch button because if you do, you can no longer use your property tool, which we need for this, so be careful. It shouldn't be too far. I think it will actually be the next stage. Then we're going to jump and get into our count. And guys, what we have to do next is we're going to have to delete two of every color of crystal, so we're going to delete one of those, one of those, one of those.

That's one of each, and then we've run out of bullets, so next up we're actually going to have to shoot our hand cannon, which is going to ah no, I died. It's okay guys, we can come back. So yeah, we're going to go on another run and we're just going to delete one of every crystal one more time. All right then, now that we're back, we're going to just do that one more time, like all we're going to do is just shoot one of every crystal, so boom boom, boom boom, yes, and we have done it guys, as you can see now that we have deleted one or two of every color of crystal.

Roblox - build a boat egg update

We get teleported, and I don't know why, but we've become invisible. It's because we were in the canon. It's a stupid little glitch. Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter that we're invisible, because right now it's about time that we explore this secret area. Okay guys, here we go. Actually, this isn't going to be all that difficult.

It's pretty much just a maze, and you're going to find yourself three crystals, and you're going to have to bring them back to this center area right here. So, as you guys can see, it's pretty much a maze entirely based on portals. So here we go. Did I crash? I couldn't have known I did it. By the way, here's the yellow portal, the orange portal, and then you go through the pig portal, and there you will find the first crystal.

By the way, the maze is the same every single time, so right here you actually have the complete solution. If you want it, there you go. There we go. I will take that, thank you very much. And there it is, guys, the final crystal. Put it in place and as soon as you do, all of these weird effects will show and you will actually get yourself.

Roblox - build a boat for treasure

There is a little chest. When you touch it, you will receive it. Four beautiful the key to making infinite money is little portals. All right next up, we're going to buy ourselves the jet pack and we're going to start crafting, so now that we have our portals, it's about time that we set up our infinite money glitch, but before we can do that, we've quickly got to claim a code, which is chill thrill 709.

So when we claim this, we will get ourselves an OG rocket. It looks very random, but you will see in just a second why it's going to be so important. So what we're going to do is we're going to go right here and we're going to build a line of blocks. 30 blocks long. There you go, guys, 30 blocks long.

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