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Roblox - bloxfruits

So for today's article, we are going to help this reach second place using the control fruit. Yes, it's true, it's hard to get and it is harder to grind compared to the dragon fruit. So before we start, you can show your support by using star code gamer gnome when purchasing, so we're going to start by again defeating bandits.

So again, we have two skills: control area and levitate. Again, guys, you can only use your skills when you're inside the control area. Okay, so we are going to lure five bandits to start off. There you go, and you can use your x skill. But guys, use it properly. If you use your levitate boom, your enemies will go flying around.

You need a strategy, right? Okay, so again, do not use your levitate directly on your enemies. Don't worry i will be giving you more examples later. The goal here is to reach level 10. Okay, so when you reach level 10, you can now go to the next island. And yes, the next island is the jungle. There you go, star check six mil defense all in the block's route, so here we are in the jungle again.

Roblox - control fruit

We have three mobs here. First, the monkeys. We're going to level up here first. There you go. You need to defeat six again. Lure three at a time. Okay, just a reminder that you need to put stats on your meal to increase your energy, because using this fruit will cost you some energy. Guys okay, there goes again.

When you finish one quest, you will reach level 14. One more and you will reach level 17. The requirement for your next quest, the Gorilla, is 15, so now you can start it up. You need to wear four: one, two, three, and four. There you go. After just one quest, you will reach level 20, and now you can defeat the Gorilla King, as the goal in this area is to reach level 30.

Guys, defeating a boss one-on-one is very easy because your levitate has a short cooldown, and your enemy cannot get near you. So next stop, guys, at level 30, you can now go to the pirate village here. You can start by defeating pirates. You need to defeat eight. You need to learn four times to finish one quest.

Roblox - guide

We're going to level up here until we reach level 60. Okay, 60 why be a brute again? Those boots are so far to the right. Check this out. I'm going to cast it in front of me in between the enemies so that it will go flying around. There you go, there's a house at the back. A lure is easier to get right again.

The goal is to reach level 60, and at 55, to make things faster, you can defeat Bobby. So you can see, my strategy here is to go inside. I don't know why this is working, but I can use levitate here. See, usually levitate won't work here, but good for us. Okay, so we were able to defeat Bobby. We were able to reach level 60, which means we can now go to the next island.

And that island is the desert island. Go so we have two mobs here first. We're going to start with the desert bandits, so you need to defeat eight out of four first, because there are only four here. There you go, guys. Go on top of this house and see that, using your levitate, there you go. No luring needed.

Roblox - noob lvl 1

Easy right, okay, easy okay, so there you go. You're going to do this until you reach level 75. Okay, I hope you use that strategy, so star check 15 milli defense, 15 block route, okay, so now we're going to start with the desert officers. This is kind of harder compared to the previous one because, as you can see, there are no houses.

But guys, you can lure those mobs and go inside one of the houses so that you can attack them. Okay, so to make things easier, go to the biggest or tallest house here. There you go, and the goal here is to reach level 105. What does a gamer know about 105? You want to start in the frozen village by defeating the yeti, and the quest for the yeti is 105.

Before that, buy all the things here in the ability teacher, there you go. The gapu, the buso, and the soru. There you go. Okay, now we're going to start with the yeti. Do you ever know if it's easy to defeat? So how to make this easier? Lure him here. See that guys, levitate very easily, very easily.

Roblox - one piece

Just lure him outside of the range where he can attack you and use your levitate. Next up, we're going to train here with the snow bandage. The goal here is to reach level 130. We're going to skip the snowman quest again, so far away just like the brute. You need to dash fast because if you don't, grinding will be a lot slower.

So here it is again, luring them. Just cast your light in between you and the snow bandits. Make sure that there's a wall that will catch them, and that will be enough. The goal here is to reach level 130. Every time you have a chance to defeat the yeti, go for it. So at level 30, we can now go to the marine ford, but in this game it is called the marine fortress, so star check 57 million defense all in the black sport.

So here we go, marine fortress 130. We're going to start here with the vice admiral, because he's easy to defeat. Don't worry, there you go. This is your levitate, and that's enough. After you defeat him, we are going to farm the petty officer again. If you have a chance to defeat the vice admiral, go for it for the petty officers.

Roblox - ope ope nomi

Just lure two to go on top of one of the houses here and there you go, easy to defeat guys. What I don't like here is that you can defeat two at a time, but you need eight to finish a quest, so I really don't like that. Anyway, my goal is to reach level 150 again, and after that, check this out. I really like this boat.

The color is so neat. Well, anyway, my goal here at 150 is to go to the Sky Islands, okay Skyland, sorry Skylands, and start farming the sky bandits. You need to defeat seven of them, and they are located here. Okay, there you go. So we need to lure four. You can use the castle as a wall to catch the enemies.

There you go, use your levitate and that's it, guys. Just keep on doing that. The goal is to defeat seven to level up the goal is to level up. So when you reach level 75, we are going to the next target mob, and that mob is the Dark Masters. You need to defeat eight of them here. They are located here.

Roblox - tips

There you go. You need to learn four at a time, two sets to finish one quest. There you go, and that's it again. Don't cast directly. The goal here is to reach level 225. Next stop, the coliseum. Here we have two mobs: the Togawars and the Gladiators. We're going to start with the Togawars. Just lure four at a time, and there you go.

Do it twice to finish one quest. We have a wall here. Okay, you know what to do. Use your levitate, levitate. Do this twice to level up. Again, 275 and after that, we can unlock the Echo Knife guys. During this leveling phase, you can unlock this third skill. There you go. It really looks cool, guys.

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