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Roblox - bloxfruits

In this article we are going to help this noob level one when the venom fruit reaches second C, but before that you can show your support by using star code gamer gnome when purchasing your robots. Let's go we're going to start by defeating bandits. You need to defeat five to finish one quest, so we're going to learn five.

There you go, we're going to use our first poison dagger. Okay, so you're going to do this lure. Use the poison until you reach level 10. For me, this fruit is very good for grinding, especially for newbies. If you are lucky enough to get these for the stats, 24 blocks and 3 million in defense, so when you reach level 10, let's proceed to our next island, the jungle. So in the jungle, you're going to start by defeating monkeys.

Monkeys (3/6) reward: $800 1,800 exp

Monkeys (3/6) reward: $800 1,800 exp

You're going to fit three monkeys at a time, so you're one here, the next one here, and here. You can use your poison dagger to defeat them easily. There you go with just one set. Your level is 14. Our goal is to reach level 15.

Gorillas (0/8) reward: $1,200 3,500 exp.

And after that, proceed to the gorillas. Again, guys, luring one, two, three, four gorillas and we're gon na level up. We're going to finish a quest. There we go again. The goal here is to reach level 20, and after that you can start defeating the Gorilla King.

Quest defeat the gorilla king (0/1) reward: $2,000 7,000 exp.

Can I do it? 1v1 game more gnome Yes, can you show me?

Yes, just jump into a high area. There you go, use your skills, and that's it. You can see that you're still being damaged. Okay, so the goal here is to reach level 30. It depends on what mob you want to defeat against that check.

Melee defense sword gun blox fruit available points: 0

You have 52 blocked shots and 19 in both melee and defense.

For the next island, the pirate island, we're gon na defeat eight pirates there. You want to eat three or four. I suggest you look for a wall and use your poison dagger very easily.

Brutes (0/10) reward: $3,500 18,000 exp.

Brutes (0/10) reward: $3,500 18,000 exp.

You're going to do this until you reach level 40, and after that, go for the brutes. The brutes are far apart and harder to defeat, and they do more damage, so it really depends on you. more experience with this. It's less for pirates, but it's okay. The goal here is to reach level 55, and with that, you can start defeating Bobby or Baggy the pirate.

So how do you defeat him? Well, lure him inside this place, and use your z skill. Why because again, once he steps on your poison, he will be damaged and you can easily dodge his skills by going around there. I see that guy easily. You're going to level up in this area until you reach level 60.

Again, it depends on you, boot pirates. Yo stat check. 120 blast, 30 milli defense So the next stop is the desert, and at desert, you're going to start by defeating desert bandits.

Quest defeat 8 desert bandits (0/8) reward: $4,000 35,000 exp.

It's very easy, guys. Lure four again, two times, two sets to finish one quest. There you go. Very easily there you go.

As my level up here, there's a high chance that you will be unlocking the serpent's wrath if you're using the venom fruit, so how do you use this? I'm not interested in the way it travels because it's kind of slow, but the damage you can hit your enemy with this the cooldown is fast and the damage is really good.

Desert officers (0/6) reward: $4,500 50,000 exp.

Desert officers (0/6) reward: $4,500 50,000 exp.

Okay, so now we have two skills for damage deserved friends, wrath and the poison dagger, and at level 75 you can start defeating the desert officers. Again, you're four or three guys. It's enough because you only need to defeat six. Use your poison dagger and your serpent's wrath and there you go, continuous damage.

Okay, that's the damage of the serpent's wrath. At level 90, you can proceed to the next island. Star check 180 blocks Fruit 60 on both milling and defense, so buy all the products here. Sky jump enhancement, flash step, there you go and start grinding the snow bandits.

Snow bandits (0/7) reward: $5,000 70,000 exp.

You can lure five.

I suggest you lure five for more experience. There you go. You need to defeat seven to finish a quest. There you go again. Use your poison dagger and your servant's wrath. The goal here is to reach level 105 so you can start defeating the yeti guys.

Quest defeat yeti (0/1) reward: $10,000 180,000 exp.

Quest defeat yeti (0/1) reward: $10,000 180,000 exp.

You're going to be Level up here until you reach level 130. Okay, 130 is there an easy way to defeat that? Yes, lure him here. There you go, Lord the Yeti, here there and jump. That's it, guys. We can not reach you with this attack. Just spam your poison dagger and your surface serpent's wrath and it's enough.

That's enough for him. Just be patient. There you go. So again, guys, you're going to level up here until you reach level 130, snowman. If you want, go for it, but I don't suggest it, There got 130 you can now proceed to the next island, the marine ford, but here you go the stats: 243 blocks, 75 on defense.

So again, I suggest you don't use your skills to travel; use a boat. Now here we are at Marine Fortress, sorry Marine Ford. At Marine Fortress, it's almost the same. We're going to start here with the Vice Admiral.

Quest defeat vice admiral (0/1) reward: $15,000 350,000 exp.

Quest defeat vice admiral (0/1) reward: $15,000 350,000 exp.

The only good [ thing about this island is the Vice Admiral. That's why we only went to this area when we reached level 130. So, is it possible for us to defeat this one v1? Yes, it's quite easy to be honest. There you go, just spam your skills and you can defeat the Vice Admiral guys.

Chief petty officers (0/8) reward: $6,000 180,000 exp.

No choice, Stat ; we need to defeat the chief petty officer.

You need to defeat eight. There are two here, and the other two are located on the other side of the island. So you will be conserving lots of energy just to finish one quest, like four or four sets of two. It's not good for me, guys. Well, you need to be more patient. You can now go to your next island, which is Skylands, but stat check first.

Sky bandits (0/7) reward: $7,000 250,000 exp.

82 million defense, 286 on blackstrap, so we're going to start here with the Sky Bandits. They're located here in this castle, so you're going to lower four: one, two, three, and four. By the way, we've already unlocked the noxious shot. You're gon na level up here until you reach level 175, and after that you're gonna defeat the dark masters again.

Dark masters (0/8) reward: $7,500 350,000 exp.

Dark masters (0/8) reward: $7,500 350,000 exp.

They're located here. You need to lower four, two, and four. Defeat in two sets. Our goal here is to reach level 225, okay. Before we go to our next island again, stat check to see if you're going to follow this 150 million defense and 369 on block fruit.

Okay, so for our next island, the coliseum, which is just near the skylands, there you go again at 225, we're going to start with the toga warriors.

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