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Roblox - pay to win

So in today's article we are going to be making the most difficult to win Roblox games of all. So anything that you want to do in this game, you're going to have to pay for, so if you want to walk or chat, you're going to have to cough up your robux. First things first, I've created this little lobby area, and there's a jail cell.

When you first join the game, you're going to spawn into the cell, and then when you press WASD, or the arrow keys, and start moving, you're not going to move, and instead you're going to get prompted to purchase a developer product. So what I had to do was take the Roblox chat scripts and edit them so that when you go to send a message, it will do is it will firstly check to see if you can chat, and if you can, it will send the message, but if you haven't paid yet, it will prompt you to purchase a developer product.

And then as well, we've got a little script over here which checks to see if you press the wasd, keys, or the thumbstick if you're on mobile, and if you do and you haven't purchased the walkability, it will prompt you to purchase it and it will also send a message to the chat room. So let's go and publish the game and hopefully make a little bit of robux.

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So when you join the game, this is what you're going to see. You land in a prison cell. I'm going to start walking, but nothing happens and it says "would you like to buy?" walk I've got some anti-exploit scripts so nobody can cheat and try and get out of the cell, but when you purchase the walkability, you get teleported out of the cell and you can walk around, so maybe if I was over here with my main account, people would want to come over here for a screenshot, but they're going to buy the developer product if they want to get a screenshot.

I mean, why do people think a screenshot is worth nothing? But then, once you're out of the cell, maybe you want to chat to the other people in the server or say hi to a famous person who might have joined, right? So you know, you can say hi. I am such a big fan, and I just wanted to say that when you get prompted to purchase the chat ability developer product, and when you purchase that, you'll finally be able to chat.

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So let's go ahead and publish it and see how people react. I've joined the game, and there were already two people here. I hadn't even published the game or put it on twitter or put it on Roblox favorites or anything, but there were two people already here and there's one person who's already. I'm going to keep my Roblox joins on so hopefully we can get more people on the server, and what I'll also do is obviously purchase the developer product and purchase the chat ability.

Maybe if I'm out of the jail cell and chatting, people might want to come over and say hello. I'm going to say hello to this guy. I know he's trying to chat, but he hasn't bought the ability to chat. He has bought it now, so maybe he'll reply. This is a big meme. Is it worth it? I love it. You see, maybe we could be the next please donate game, but I mean, if somebody wanted to chat, they could just make their own base plate.

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We're going to try and fill the server up. All right, so I've announced the game on twitter and discord, and there are already four other people stuck in the jail cell who are trying to chat, but they haven't bought the chat ability yet. Maybe I could add a feature where you can arrest people once they've come out of the cell, or maybe you could break people out of jail if someone else pays as well.

I might even have somebody else who's just purchased the walkability. Hello, congrats, welcome, Are they going to talk? I mean, they just bought the walkability. Maybe they might purchase the chat capability as well. Well, I'm just going to wait a little longer. Now add a limit, so you need to refill the number of messages.

Yes, that's such a great idea, but you can only do like five chats, and after your fifth chat you have to purchase some more. That's a good idea. That is a good idea. All right 137, Robux not bad now. 147, robux it's going up, it's going up. That's 150 robux. Is it going to go up again? Is it going to go?

No it didn't. All right, I'm going to go afk for about half an hour, and then I'll be back. All right, so I'm back after around 10 minutes and we've already got 224 robux, as you can see over here, which is a pretty large amount considering the amount of time that the game has been live, so we're going to make this even better.

We're going to add some new things, which will hopefully get us some more robux in our pocket. All right, we are back, and I just published a huge update to the game. When you join the game, not only do you now have to pay to walk, you now also have to pay if you want to jump, so let's go ahead and buy it, and we can jump, so let's go and break ourselves out of jail.

And now that you're out of jail, you can purchase another developer product where you can arrest other people. That's right, you can put somebody who's paid to get out of jail back into jail. We'll test that in a minute, but as well as that, I've also added the chat messages once you've bought the chat access.

You only get five messages, so when you say messages, you can see here you have three left, you have two left, you have one left, and when you get all the way down to zero, you've lost the ability to chat, so you have to purchase a refill. So now, you are basically going to have to keep on paying if you want to keep on chatting.

Meanwhile, since I was gone making the new update, look who joined. It's Dita Plays, and he's stuck in the cage. Maybe you might want to unlock a few more messages in a minute when I shut down the server, and maybe then you'll be able to talk all right here. We are then back in the game and, well, first we've got to bust ourselves out of jail because we've got to start arresting some people.

I got a chat as well. With the chat ability, the new arrest function was added right away. So let's go and arrest somebody. Let's go in for a rest over here. Whom can we arrest? I'm going to arrest you over here. It's groovy it's groovy i'm sorry I had to put you back in jail. Ah, you gotta break yourself out again.

I said this could be such a fantastic game. Imagine if you just imagined the amount of trolling that you could do in this game. I might have to advertise it with all the robux that it's generating. Well, now what? Well, now I need more ideas on how to monetize this. All right, this should be generating a lot of robux.

Let's go back and check how much we are making here. Let's do a refresh. So far, you see, all my arrests cost one robux, so I can go around arresting as many people as I like. If somebody wants to arrest me, then they're going to have to pay $250, and that's what's generating all this money right now.

The most pay to win Roblox game, where you have to pay to do almost everything.
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