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So in this article I'm going to be showing you how you can unlock and use the new Roblox avatars. Right now, of course, over the past week. Roblox RDC has been going on, and they revealed a bunch of new updates, including these new avatars. They've got dynamic heads, they've got dynamic faces, facial animations and, well, regardless of how creepy or not creepy you think they look, they're coming to the platform and Roblox has actually released an early build that developers can download right now in order to test them out, try them out, give feedback, and make sure they're ready whenever they fully launch, and they can put them in their games now even though we're not developers.

I'm still going to show you how to download and use them right now. I should also probably say that none of this is going to get you banned. This is all official Roblox stuff. These are the official Roblox files. It's all good anyway. Roblox has released a full-on post over on the Roblox Dev Forum called "Dynamic heads and facial animation preview beta," and I'm not going to read through this giant post.

There are two files that say how to try. I'm going to click the first one right here. Just like that, and that's going to lead me to well, this looks pretty confusing. What I'm going to do is I'm just going to click download right here. Click download and as you can see, it's going to download a Roblox studio and file rbxl.

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Then we're gonna go back and we're just gonna do the exact same thing to the second file so right here we're just going to click the second file and I'm just going to do the same thing I'm going to click download and it's going to download another file now most people would probably just click these and open them but don't do that just yet because now you're gonna need to open Roblox studio, now if you've never opened a Roblox Studio before, if you don't even know what it is, it's a program that comes on your PC automatically.

Whenever you download Roblox so if you have Roblox, you automatically have Roblox Studio, so just go ahead and open it up. It's going to look something like this. You may have to log in. So just click on any of these. It doesn't even matter. We're just going to go into a studio file. Here's the base plate right here.

Roblox - how to unlock

Don't worry about anything. Your screen may actually look a little bit different than this, but just follow along. It's all going to be good. We're going to go to File Okay and then we're going to click on Beta. This features right here. Now what we're going to do is in this little box we're going to scroll down until we see facial animations and it says enable the face control instance which supports facial animation for avatars to have a dynamic head.

We're going to make sure that it clicks. We're going to click "Save." Now if it doesn't automatically do this, which mine did, what you're going to want to do is just restart the studio, so just close it. I'm not going to save any of these changes, and now what I'm going to do is I'm just going to reopen Roblox studio, so I got it right here.

I'm just going to reopen it real quick. There it is. Now that we did that, we can open the file, so we're going to go to File, and open the file, and you can see in my Downloads folder, it should automatically detect those two files. I've actually already got two of them because I already downloaded other than before, but I'm just going to go ahead and I'm going to click the dynamic head customization.

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For example, I'm going to click "open" and then that's going to load up this. Now you can right click and move your camera around. Just hold down the right click there and you can move around. You can also use wasd. Up here at the top. We're going to click test, and then we're going to click play.

You have to click this in order to enable the preview and then Roblox should load and there it is, right there it is, the new avatars are now over here on the left. You can play around with them. You can do the different faces. You can you can do that. You can add some beards to it. If you want to have a cowboy hat, you can do that.

You can use the scroll wheel to scroll in and out and I believe right clicking Yeah, I can also turn the camera around too. So I can. Down here you can change the color of stuff, so I can. I can do that if I want to, and I can also make him emote like this. I can make them. I can make them do stuff like this.

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You've also got Anime Nations that you can throw on. You've got all the different emotes here that you can throw on and. Um, yeah, I mean, it's a thing. You know, you'll remember we downloaded two files. That's because there's another one. I'm gonna go open from file, and then I'm gonna click the other one, which is the dynamic head Shima.

So just double click that to open it up here and now you're going to have two files. So we've got this one here that we just looked at, and then we've also got this one here, which is the new file that we just opened. Now once again, in order to check this one out, we're going to go back up here to test.

We're going to go ahead and click play. That's going to load up the game, and now we're actually in the game as our avatar, because if you log in, it's going to detect your avatar and you're going to be able to run around as yourself, and then you can come up to this guy and you can actually see how the avatars are going to look in the game, so as you can see right, here he's moving around, his mouth is moving, his eyebrows are moving, his eyes are moving.

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It actually doesn't look that bad. Now this doesn't look that bad. On the other hand, this looks kind of bad. No, there's one more thing I want to show you how to do, and this is a little bit advanced. You don't have to do this, but I'm going to show you how to actually change the clothes on this avatar, so if you wanted to make this your actual avatar, you could do that, so what you're going to do is find the Explorer tab all right.

It should be up here on the right. You're going to find a workspace. You're just going to click this little arrow to drop it down, and then what we're going to do is we're going to find our username. Here's our username right here. I'm going to select that. As you can see, this selects our avatar.

I'm going to click the arrow next to drop it down again, and then what we're looking for are these two files here: And now when you click on these two down here, you should see this. This should be a little Roblox link, an asset ID link. You can do the same thing with the pants. There's a full-on link to a Roblox asset.

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