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I want to be able to make it to the end and not spend all my precious gems on life, and I just want to have a fun time with friends. If this continues on, I'll be wasting not only robux but my time. I could be making articles for you all. So in today's article I'm going to show you how to never die in Rainbow Friends again.

Alright. I'm so excited about this because after watching today's article you will be able to boss through rainbow friends, so let's go ahead and talk about Knight One, who you're going to be encountering. Blue Now, blue is very big and you cannot miss it. That's how you will know blue is coming. The big thing with blue is that your box is going to be your best friend on night one.

Why because blue cannot do anything. Now there is a circumstance or a situation that will happen that I'm about to show you now. If you actually put your box on a blue site, where blue is kind of close to you, what will happen is you will get a red exclamation mark that goes over your head, and that means you're in trouble.

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So just run away, get a box on, and again, avoid blue at all costs because blue can be quite fast at times, so that's my best advice on avoiding blue. You can walk through them with the box, so make sure in night one the box is literally Let's also talk about some pretty cool hiding spots around the map.

If you didn't know, you can also get away from Blue likes this as well. Instead of going in a locker, just pretty much look for anything you can almost just get into, not just crouch under. So again, vents and things like that you can also go into. Make sure it's not purple though, because the tips on purple that's coming later in the article, you don't want to miss that either, green.

I know what you're thinking. Blue was quite easy, but green is on a whole other level. There are a lot of benefits to green, as green is blind and can not see, so your best bet with green is to just avoid green at all costs. Now the thing is that you are going to be in harm's way. It doesn't matter if you're in a box at all.

Roblox - how to never die in rainbow friends

Green has really long arms, and if you bump into one of Green's arms, let's just say Green is going to have you for dinner, so the best thing you could do with Green is just avoid them. And again, run away. And again, green is blind, so there is no way really. I mean, there are times where you go down a hallway and green is blocking the hallway.

My best advice to you is to just run away or wait until the green just goes away. Okay, so night three, where two more rainbow friends come out that you have to actually deal with, and we're going to be talking about purple now. During this, you will hear some vent sounds, some things rumbling and moving in the vents, and that is purple right here now.

If you walk on the water, let's just say, do not do that if you do not want to die of purple, which might catch you off guard. There are footsteps in the middle. Follow that path and you will be safe. Just don't walk on the water. You don't have to crouch or anything like that, but just make sure you stay clear of the vents especially.

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So if purple is there but purple does go away and switches between Vince, so that's a plus. So look at this, you've made it to orange. Aren't you glad you stuck around for this article and dropped the like? It is much appreciated, but how do you actually get away from orange? Well, Orange is probably one of the most interesting monsters, as well as very hungry.

I can relate to orange a lot. Orange is like a dinosaur lizard. You will know when orange is coming because you will see a trail and an alarm, which means orange is hungry and someone forgot to feed orange, so I'm going to show you a tip to avoid orange and also. So we talked about those hiding spots in the previous clip, so if you did miss any of those, make sure to check them out so orange you can follow his trail, and go actually.

To Orange's base, which is also very important because there is a food machine there that you are going to need, especially if you're playing with friends. It will help a lot with the orange actually running out, so you can actually feed the orange, which is amazing. So all you have to do is go up to this food.

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But there is a way to avoid orange at all, especially if you have more people in the game and they're feeding orange and orange is not feeding on you, so just stay clear, hide in vince, and avoid orange at all, because, remember, don't forget to use your box. One of the final nights Now this is where it gets interesting because you are now going up against all of the rainbow friends.

So I hope you've had your pen in hand because with these notes on how to actually stay alive against these rainbow friends is very important. Green, stay out of the way. Do not get in the path of green. Those arms are very long and will catch you. So on the last night, well, this night here where the power is out, you have to find nine batteries.

The good thing about this is that the batteries are quite easy to spot as they are lit up like there's a little light around the batteries, and again, it's just nine of them. You've made it this far. You found 24 blocks, I mean fuses, food packs. You can find just nine batteries, so this is it. Once you get all the batteries, you can avoid the blue.

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Blue is quite easy to run away from as well. It's just orange that you've got to really be careful about and stay clear of the corners because green is always around the corners, but if you do all that correctly, you should be able to complete. So basically, you want to avoid these balloons. Okay, don't pop them.

Now it is quite interesting if you are playing with more people. If someone ends up getting stuck, it can sort of delay the ending, so do bear that in mind. Just make it past the balloons. If you pop the balloons. Blue will come get you, but if you are doing this solo, you can just come over here to the cake, and then it will kind of cue this balloon to get popped, and look at this final tip here.

It is so key to escape and surviving. Now you can do this. You can take as long as you want on this spot here. You won't die at least until the wood drops, and then Blue will actually come after you, so make sure you run through the vents. Do not fall into the vents because you will die of purple.

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Purple is down there okay and waiting for you. Now what you want to do is you want to just crouch under these and just make your way out. If you do this correctly, you should be able to survive. You have successfully done it. You haven't died at all. You know exactly. How to stay alive against blue I mean, you know exactly how to stay alive against green, orange, and purple.

I wish you all the best of luck on completing your rainbow friends and not dying. ever again, so much love. Remember to be yourself.

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