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As you can see over here, you will get a doggy backpack from Prime Gaming, and you also need to go down to {959}, prime gaming, or {959}, redeem to enter in the code, and you also basically press claim afterwards once you have done all those steps. Okay, so right now we are here on Twitch, TV, This is basically a really popular streaming site, if you have never seen it before, obviously.

If youtubers don't want to stream on YouTube, they'll come over to Twitch and basically do their streaming over here. It's literally the exact same thing as the youtube streaming but just on twitch. When you click this, more than likely, this Roblox Doggy Back Mining Simulator 2 thing will actually come up.

If it doesn't, then you just need to kind of scroll down this list until you find anything. As you can see here, there are multiple different rewards you can get for all sorts of different games. It's really cool. However, obviously the one that we're interested in right now is this Roblox one right here, so make sure you just quickly find this.

There are two possible things for this to say. It will either say "claim" like mine does here, or it will say "start your free trial." Now, basically, what you need to do is, depending on how old you are, if you are old enough to basically have your own Amazon account, then you basically need an Amazon account.

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With Amazon Prime, now depending on if you've had it or not before, you can get this for free, and I would highly recommend either asking your parents, or just kind of working your way through it. It's really easy and, obviously, if you are younger, you may want to try and ask your parents to help you out with this part because they may already have an Amazon prime account.

I just go downstairs or go to your parents' house and ask them if you have an Amazon Prime account because I can use this to redeem some free rewards. And if you're not too sure about how to create an Amazon Prime account, then there are most likely going to be some really good tutorials on YouTube.

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But yeah, basically, once you see this that says "claim here," click this. It will actually run you through to the prime gaming website, and over here I'll basically say what your Amazon account is linked to. I'm going to just blur this out, but it should show up right here. This little thing is kind of like a doggy paw, with the doggie from a minus two and some gems around it as well, and once you've done that, then you need to click this blue logo down here that says claim code.

Click this it'll just kind of go through a little bit and then it'll give you this code here, really nice and really simple. Just copy that or you can just press the copy button here really easily. It will also say "successfully claimed" at the top. Then what you need to do is go over to {959} and redeem it.

This is basically where you just kind of go into the gift card part and then all you need to do then is paste that code into there. Now you have your own doggy backpack from my simulator 2! You can equip this or keep it in your inventory whatever i'm just going to go ahead and equip it because convenience's sake, it will then load you back into your avatar editor, so if you do equip it, which is really nice, basically, what you can do is come back into your game and then click claim it now, so let's just quickly go ahead and do that.

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As you can see here, I'm actually going to go ahead and equip this backpack as well, so we can show off in the game. But yeah, I'm going to quickly jump back into mine in simulator 2 and check this out. All right, so we are back here in minus simulator 2. I do need to quickly reset my character, so we can have a look at how this backpack looks now.

I don't think you need to have this backpack actually equipped in the game to actually have it kind of work in prime gaming, but this is what the backpack looks like. It is really cool, and it does actually cover your backpack if you have the normal one on. Maybe we'll quickly go ahead and actually go on.

If we go ahead and go into the gay and equip the infinite one, does it stick through it a little bit kind of a bit weird but it still looks really good if you have the small backpack on or something like that. So basically, what you need to do now is go back onto Prime Gaming, like so, and just click Claim Now.

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It's really easy, and as you can see, you have successfully redeemed. The following items have been added to your inventory: The pristine, which is the twitch prime, a gaming skin, the ultracore, which is the pet, as well as 10,000 gems, not exactly a crazy amount of gems, but it's still pretty cool.

Let's just quickly see if we can find this ultra-core pet and see how good it is. It's actually fairly decent. 4.7 000 mining power 4.5 million coins, 2.1 million space coins, and 415. Speed as well. It is probably worth getting it just for the fact that it is something cool to have and it does actually look really nice.

To be fairly honest, I really like the way this looks, and we'll also go ahead and see what the pristine thing looks like. Unfortunately, there are no stats on this thing, but it does still hopefully look pretty cool. Yeah, it looks pretty cool. It's a nice little purple with some diamonds on it.

If not, then just ask your parents.

Prime Gaming Benefits have just released in Mining Simulator 2, here's how to claim them.
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