Roblox - Hacking With Tubers93

Roblox - hacking

You have all been hacked. There it is. Look at him. God save me. Okay guys, so yesterday in the live stream we actually figured out how Tubers 93 hacks and how exactly he puts those messages up on your screens. As we all know from weeks of getting hacked by Tubers 93, he uses this plug-in here, the HD Admin Plug-in.

Somehow, someway, with any game that has this plug-in in it, he's able to access the systems and pop this message up across all servers. Well, yesterday we figured out exactly how he does that, and in this article we're going to do it well. We're going to do it in a non-toss. You see, I'm in the real Black Star program, and I don't want to get kicked out.

I don't want to get banned for actually hacking. But what we are going to do in this article is make a Roblox game and add this HD Admin plugin to the game. I'm going to go into the game, and then we're going to hack all the servers. We're going to make some messages pop up on the screen. Okay, so in order to do this, you're going to need a little program called Roblox.

Roblox - roblox

If you play Roblox, you already have Roblox Studio because it automatically downloads when you download Roblox. Anyway, you're going to have to log into Roblox Studio. Just log in with your Roblox account, and once you do that, you're going to see something a little bit like this. Well, actually yours is probably gonna look a little bit more like this, but since we're not crazy and we value our eyes, we're gonna go ahead and make that dark mode and we're gonna leave it like that.

Now you can create your own Roblox game or whatever. We're going to be lazy. We're just going to select one of the default templates. Once it loads in here, you can see this is it. This is the Jenna game. The one that she hacked right. We got the starter house, we got the mountains, and over here we got the house that had Jenna in it.

All of that good stuff. Also, I love how when I load it in, the first thing I see is the rock sky, and that's great. You know what, we're just going to leave that like that. Now you can add and change anything you want with this game, but for the sake of this article, let's just get on with the Tubers 93 stuff.

So I'm going to come on up here to the toolbox. I'm going to search for HD admin. It's actually a model. It's not actually a plug-in. Oddly enough, we're going to search for that and then we're going to be we're going to be very careful here because there are a lot of fake ones. We're going to look for the one that's been there forever, HD.

He's got the little shield and the little check mark right there next to his name. We're going to click that, and that's going to add it into the game. It's going to pop up and say it's got three scripts in it. That's fine; obviously it has to have scripts, and here it is right here. I'm just gonna put this over here because we don't actually need it on the map, but if we look over here in the explorer, we can see it's in here.

Here's the folder for it. We've got the settings and custom features. All of that is right here. Well, now that we have a Roblox game, we need to actually put it on Roblox so that our friends can join, people can join, and obviously. Then we can hack them right, so let's go on up here. Let's click file, and then we're going to go ahead and click publish to Roblox.

I actually already have the three games, but we're just going to go ahead and we're going to create a new game by clicking here. The game's name is whatever you want. I'm going to call this the tester's description, "How to hack," and then down here you can select what devices you want to be able to hack.

Yeah, let's throw on a console. Why not does this game have any of this stuff? No, then we're just going to go ahead and click "create" like that. It's going to successfully publish the game. You can find this spot in the tester. We're going to go ahead and close that now. If we go to Roblox and we go up here to create, we're just going to click on that and actually here we are.

Here's all of our games. You can see I've actually got a few myself, but we can see right here. Tester: This is the one we created. It is currently unlisted and it is currently private. Great, let's go ahead and click Save. It's going to save the game and, well, now the game if we refresh. Okay, five minutes later, it worked.

You can see the game's public. We're actually able to go ahead and join in it if we just click the play button. It'll load right in here. We go join the server and boom, look at that, now we're in the game. There's the rock. We've got HD admin down here in the corner. I can actually click this and it'll open up the panel with all the commands.

We have someone who has actually joined the game. People are actually joining the game. You know how I mentioned that Tubers 93 has access to commands that he's normally not supposed to be able to have? We can go through here. You can see here the non-admin commands. We've got the VIP commands, and if we scroll all the way down to the bottom, So the one we want is actually this one right here called Global Alert.

This is the command that tubers93 uses to hack the game. Let's go ahead and let's do it. We're going to hit enter. It's going to open up the alert menu. Now we can make this play on just the current server or we can make this play on all servers and then we can change this. We'll get an alert from Tubers, 93.

I'm going to close that window. We're going to put this over here, and we're going to click preview. This is what it's going to say. I'm going to go ahead. I'm going to click publish. Let me turn the volume up as well. We're going to click Publish. There it is. It is an alert from 2v93. This plug-in is pretty cool.

You can even type semicolon, fly, and then you can actually fly around the map like an actual hacker. Well, of course, the only other thing you need to do is change your avatar on over to Mr. Tuber's 93, which actually only costs 72 roblox to do. Also, these sunglasses are literally called this.

I'm not joking. That's actually what they're named on Roblox. Anyway, let's go ahead and reset our character a little bit. Well, that was great and well, there we go. Our avatar is actually now, Tubers 93. Just for fun, I'm also going to go to the settings and change my name over to Tubers 93 as well.

Your display name can only be changed once every seven days, so why not go ahead and click Save Now? If we go to my profile, there we go, tubers 93. I should also probably note that if you want to change Ravator over Just for the fun of it, he actually uses the arthro and animations. Why, I have no idea, but we can go ahead and throw those on as well, and here we go.

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