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Well, now you can in real life. This is a yo-yo simulator. You start with a blue yo-yo and you do tricks with it. Yo-yo simulators really don't make sense. I have one out of 20 yo-yos and every time I click I get two, three, four, and so on. The more you click, the more you yo-yo. I don't really know what's happening with this game.

You also sell the yo-yo and tricks. Maybe what you're doing is you're doing tricks and you're gaining fans. And then you sell it to get the coins the money from them take their money. If they're liking your yo-yo tricks, take their money. Okay, if I could teach you anything from this article, take their money.

I don't know what I'm saying anymore. Welcome back to the yoyo simulator. I know I said welcome back. I've never played this, but I played a game called Yo Simulator a long time ago, and it was not this game. They just decided, you know what, it's been long enough that we can remake it and call it the same name, so I guess we're just going to try and get the best Yo possible.

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That's basically what I do. I try to break simulators, so this game is kind of like a clicker sim disguised as a tool simulator, but it also has tool functions where you have a storage and then you sell your stuff. So first things first, ooh, leaderboards. The first thing we need to do is get a better yoyo and multipliers.

I need more storage. I need to upgrade all of those things. It looks like we actually have to say hi because there are people noticing that I'm here because they're big fans of my yo-yo. Wait, what's this? So there are quests you can do to get gems, and you can actually skip them for robux. I see what they did there.

They knew I was playing. I'm not going to do it just yet. Maybe so this quest for all of these clicks, time eggs, and quests for quests I guess I'm a little bit confused. I love your articles, omg. Thanks make sure you guys yo-yo. There are eggs, and there are areas. It doesn't look like there are jumps in this game, it just looks like you basically, you know, buy some eggs, go to the different areas, and it looks like we can go all the way up to Magma, so I'm assuming, in the shop right here, you buy yo-yos, storage, and maybe a rebirth thing.

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Let's see yo-yo storage and a rebirth thing. Okay, there we go. In order to increase our DNA storage, we need to purchase this DNA to get more storage. This is 25 coins to get 50, but like, that's not that much, but you know what is that much? That's right. I'm not going to buy it yet, but we might come back to that, so let's make a little bit more money so that we can get a better I guess I'm happy that we start with blue, but I'm also sad because they're implying that blue is the worst and that we're the blue crew, so what are they trying to say about me?

You know what I mean, kind of offensive, but let's get to 20 real quick so we can get one more yo-yo. Are you recording? Yeah, there we go. All right, so we got to 21. Now it's Twitter benefits. So now it's time to buy this red yoyo, and it's two yoyos per click, so you see how you start moving up in the world a little bit faster once you get better yo-yos.

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That applies to real life too. There's a group reward. Wait for YouTube benefits. What's this you get these benefits by subscribing to Rosso Plays on YouTube. Wait, what these are actually huge three hours of two times faster yo-yo kind of sick and twitter. This dude's selling out. I might do that for my game.

It's a good way to get subs. There are leaderboards over here for top coins, gems hatched and playtime. There's also community and milestones, which are really interesting. I've seen a lot of games do this, and I like that. I might do that in my future games. There's also a limited edition Magma Titan.

This guy's got some yo-yos in his blood. He's got yo-yos for eyes, basically. Or maybe they are macaroni. It kinda looks like macaroni. If you think about it, you'll never look at it the same way again. At first it was cool-looking shadow eyes, and now it looks like literal pasta. Anyway, you get 150, Yo-yo edition.

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I don't know if it's a multiplier, I don't think it is, then you get 20 coins and a 15-gem multi, so this thing's pretty bulky and it's a limited pet. There are only 496 of them that exist, so we'll come back to that, but there are also typical, normal eggs. This one's a robux egg and this one's a gem egg, which is interesting.

This costs coins, so there are a lot of different currencies being used here, and if we want to get to a new area, we're going to need a lot of coins, so I guess we just have to grind. There's nowhere else to go but you. But here, I don't know what I don't know what I'm saying. You've reached your maximum DNA.

Sell your DNA. Seeing this is the issue. We have to keep doing this, and it's so tedious. You know what I'm saying? It's like if I want to get more yo-yos. I have to get past 20, and it's like infinite is kind of staring at me. You know what I'm saying? It's not letting me buy it, but it does exist at an infinite rate.

Where is it? Is it here coins There are no pictures of anything, so I don't actually know what I'm looking at. Where's the infinite There's actually a limited time for pets. I couldn't even tell because there were no images. The game passes two times yo-yo. That might never mind. I don't think I can afford it.

Can I buy it? I would like to buy it two times. What about two times the coins? What about two times the gems? You know, they don't want me to buy anything. That's fine infinite DNA this is not good. I'll do that. You know what, it's working on the website. No, it's not is Roblox down or is my game broken or is my wifi down.

What's happening here? Okay, it's letting me buy stuff. Cool because I wasn't planning on buying all of these, but now I can buy an infinite DNA. This is what I wanted, so this right here gotta take a screenshot before we buy infinite dna is going to allow us to yo-yo. I wanted that's what i wanted ever since I saw it, so that's gonna be huge.

I don't know if we need this or the rest of this stuff faster, yo-yo. Yo yo, that's kind of sick. I have a family okay, but it still won't let me buy these three, even two times yoyo and two times coins. I think I already got two yo-yos on the website, so I think it will work and then two gems. I guess we might as well get it.

Why not so now we have a bunch of stuff, the biggest being infinite yo-yo, so we should be able to click and right away we're still only getting two per click, which I thought we got two times yo-yo, but maybe that didn't work two times. Yo-yo is not working. I'm going to rejoin the game and see if we get all these perks.

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