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Roblox - event

Now the only weird thing about this event is that I joined the game earlier today and I automatically. I got all of the badges and all of the emotes in like one second. In one second, like, what is going on? I've got no idea. You guys might remember. I think we did like, yeah, there you go, it was pretzel, run at number one and number two, so for today's article we have to do like these other pretzel runs, but I got them straight away, as you can see, three, four, and five, and I didn't even get them in the right order either, they're a yard apart, but yeah.

I'll show you guys what to do anyway. So this is the first emote we can get. The first emote is called "V Pose." I'm not really a massive fan of this one. Hang on a second, there you go, no it's playing, it's a bit weird, but yeah, I guess this one is all right. If you guys want to get it, I'll show you what to do.

The second emote is called "The Mean Mug." This one is kind of cool. It's like a cross-dom thing, you know, your character's angry, or mean, or whatever. It's not bad, but it's also kind of expensive. This one is basically just a handstand. There you go, handstand. On one hand, so yeah, and this one is the final one that we will get in today's article.

Roblox - free

If you guys didn't complete the first two preds and runs, then yeah, that would be run at number one and number two as well. I've got a article on that I uploaded three weeks ago. Go ahead and watch that article if you want. I'll show you guys how to get those two emotes, and if you're wondering, well, what's the point of getting avatar emotes in the first place?

Well, soon guys, Roblox is doing a really cool profile update where you can actually add emotes to your avatar. So here we are inside the game. You guys want to choose the Bronx, then click on travel. It's honestly so strange how this bugged out for me and gave me all three emotes in one second, but anyway, let's hold spacebar to skip.

I will tell you guys exactly what you need to do. So if it didn't glitch for you, well don't worry, it's still pretty easy, so what you want to do right is go down here to the break dancing skeleton, and we need to talk to him to start off the quest. So last time we got, what, two emotes? Well, today, of course, we're getting free, so let's go over to the skeleton guy over here.

Roblox - get

Let's hold on to go ahead and talk to him. For me, it's a bit weird. It says "good work finding those pretzels," but for you it should say something different if you haven't already done this. It basically starts the quest and what you want to do to find the first pretzel. You want to go ahead and click on "play," and you want to teleport to Parkour.

Once you guys spawn here at the parkour park, you might not see it just yet, but there is actually a pretzel. Up there you go. Yeah, it's in a bit of a weird place. We should be able to get up there. You might have to use one of these as a boost. Make sure you don't fall off. Then there you go.

Just keep on going up here, and as you can see, there is the pretzel. What we have to do, guys, is hold on to collect it. So let's hold it. Let's go and pick it up. And there you go. I think we got the first one. So let me go and reset my character. Reset it just like that. Now guys, if you go back to the break dancing skeleton.

Roblox - how

I'm pretty sure he is going to give us the v-pose emote, so yeah, it's one of the strange emotes, not really my favorite one, but it's okay, so let's go back over to the dancing or break dancing skeleton, and yeah, let's go and speak to him. He should give us the emote. So basically, you just want to talk to him right now.

Like I was saying, mine glitched up and it gave me all of them automatically. So it's not actually letting me talk to him just yet, but let me show you what to do for the next quest anyway. Make sure to ask to talk to him if he lets you. Then you want to go this way. He should tell you to go to this, like a cloud, ramp thing.

You should also have a percentage bar thing up at the top right. Like I was saying, this glitched out for me, and when I joined the game I got all of them automatically. I'm so confused about what happened. I guess it was like a game-breaking bug or something. I really don't know. Anyway, you want to jump over these clouds, then you want to jump up here to get on the roof.

Roblox - how to

It might be a bit tricky, but there you go. Then you want to go this way, so stand on this thing, then jump over to this thing. Then yes, we are going this way up here. Try not to fall off, because if you do, you will have to do it again. You have to, like, climb your way back up. Then we've got to go this way.

We've got to stand on the roof here, so yeah, stand on this corner, jump up here. You want to go in this direction. So yeah, it's just over there. You guys should be able to see it now, so yeah, you should be able to make out where you're going. You want to jump on this spit, do a bit of parkour, over to here.

Also, do not forget to double jump and use r for the dash at the same time. Make sure you don't fall off this one beyond holding it to go and collect it. There you go. Now we need to go back to Mr. Skeleton this part's kind of fun, actually, because you literally just get a jump all the way down here.

Roblox - how to get

You don't exactly need to reset your avatar for this one, so yeah, go to the skeleton. This one is going to give you the mean mug e modes, and it's also going to start you on quest number five, so make sure you tell him to talk to him. After this, we will have all three. You basically want to go this way, and you see where the station is.

You can kind of like go up the top there. Well, yeah, you want to go in that direction. Don't take that pathway up. You want to take this pathway. So yes, go to the top right here and you will see the clouds to the right here. Well, yeah, we actually want to go up there. There might actually be a shortcut here, kind of like running up the building here.

I mean, we can try that very quickly. It might work out this way. Does this actually work? That's such an easy shortcut. Yeah, make sure to go this way. It's going to be a lot easier, so yeah, just double jump, then use our boost. There you go, it's kind of easy. That's just a massive shortcut.

To be honest, double jumping to get across there is also a boost. Then you want to go this way, a double jump to get across onto this roof. Then you want to basically just climb up the roof here. You see those flying pretzels? Yeah, you want to dodge those because otherwise they can actually knock you off.

How to get the new 3 free emotes from the Tommy Play event. Last time we completed part 1 and 2, and got 2 emotes called Frosty Flair Floor Rock Freeze. This time we will be doing part 3, 4 and 5. This did glitch for me and gave me everything without doing the quests.
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