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I'm back with another Roblox events article and today we are going to be playing at the Roblox Vans World Event and we are going to be getting another free accessory. I think it's been a while since we've played the vans' event rides, but yeah, we are going to be getting this one, the vans' off-the-wall helmet.

So there you go, it's a BMX and a skateboard helmet. Not too bad. I kind of like it if you do get this thing for Fredo and wear it on your avatar. I would probably suggest combining it with hair. I don't know without hair, it kind of looks a bit weird, as you can see at the top, but yeah, fair enough, it's a well-made item and it's 100 free.

So let me show you guys how to get it. Of course, we need to play the Vans World Event game, and apparently, to get this cool helmet thing, you have to collect pencils. At first that sounded kind of strange, but then I saw it had back to school in the title. I feel bad for some of you guys when I always see these back to school advertisements.

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When I was a kid, that made me so sad. That was a nightmare, but anyway, let's go and join the game, and yeah, let's collect some pencils or something, so let's go. The game is loading up now. There are actually 10 pencils in total, and I'm going to show you guys how to find every single one. So the first one is actually inside the shop, and there it is.

It's actually a pencil case. Yeah, I shouldn't really call it just a pencil, it's a whole pencil case thing, but yes, we want to collect 10 of these. And once you collect the first one, it's actually going to pop up at the top there, and you guys can see, yes, there are indeed 10 in total. So the second one is actually seeing that one already.

If you go over here to the left, to the big skatepark, you should be able to see it. Let me just zoom in so you guys can see where I'm going. As you can see, there at the top of the ramp is number two, so let's just do a trick and go and collect that one. I can also see a third one, so if you carry on going this way and go over there, if you go to like the skateboard, ball thing in the middle.

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I think you want to go this way. If you go around the corner here, there's like a ladder to get to the top of this building. You can press t to unselect your skateboard or bmx, bike, but yeah basically, you want to climb all the way to the top, keep on going up the red staircase. And once you get to the top, there should be one over there.

There you go. I can see it. You will need to jump across the gap, but yep, let's go and collect this one. This one is number four. Now guys, you want to make your way over to the bridge. Yeah, you see the massive bridge over here, there is actually a pencil case hidden under there, so if you just go down here, jump off this part, basically, just go under the bridge like I was saying, there should be one just here and there you go, there it is.

What is my bike doing? It's glitched up. My God, what is going on? Okay, that was kind of funny. Maybe the bike's more glitchy than the skateboards, but anyway, there you go, that one is number five. We're doing pretty well now; we only need five more. What the heck, okay. I got it anyway. There you go, number six.

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Basically, if you go over the bridge here, which is just going over the water, then if you go on the sand, there you go, you should be able to see it's at the top of one of the skateboard ramps, so let me go and collect that one, or there you go, my bike's glitched again, let's try that again, there you go, number seven, let's go.

Let me try and show you where it is. I think it's just here. If I jump off my bike and jump up here, I should be able to find it. This one is number eight, so we need to get two more. To get the final two, you want to click on teleport. Home this is probably the fastest way of doing it. Then if you carry on going this way, I think there was one just down there.

Yeah, let's try and find it. I think it was somewhere down here. I think I can see it over there on the pier. I should have gotten it earlier, but I didn't actually notice it, so yeah, if we go down here, let's just do like a rail slide or something, there you go, that's perfect. I don't know why I didn't notice it.

I think that was on somewhere down here. Let me try and find it. There it is all the way in the corner. So there we have it. I guess that's pretty much it. Let's go and get this final. That was a fail. We completed it and you now have the helmets. So that's how you get all of them, and here we are over on my avatar editor.

We now have the new Vans helmet, so that's basically it.

How to get a new free Roblox avatar item called the Vans Off The Wall Helmet! The Vans World Roblox event has a new quest, and you must Collect all the pencil cases to claim a new free item.
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