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Shawblox here Welcome back yet again to another free Robux accessory article. In today's article, guys, we are going to be getting another Amazon Prime item for free, so let's check out the item first. It's this thing right here, the doggie backpack from the mining simulator, 2. I've never actually heard of this game, but when I first saw this backpack I thought it was something to do with a pet simulator, but nope, it turns out it's to do with a completely different robux game.

Anyway, yes, guys, it's a backpack, and that is exactly what it looks like. It's not terrible. I guess it does also have a special effect. You get 10,000 gems for ultra-core pets with enhanced stats and pristine skin. I don't know what those mean, but I guess we can find out. Here's the game, guys.

I guess you can go claim an exclusive accessory on Roblox with Prime Gaming and unlock special benefits in the game. Like I say in every article, you can use the 30-day free trial if you want to. Make sure you choose the best Roblox accessory, then use these 30 days to get that specific item. That's basically what I always do, but yeah, you can cancel it straight away if you want to, of course, so it doesn't charge you and yeah, that's basically what you click on try prime and then you basically sign into your account.

Roblox - gaming

Now if you guys have any problems whatsoever, Start by creating your free Amazon Prime trial. I do have this article from December, and yeah, I probably put this article in like all of my Amazon prime item articles, but go and watch this one. It helps out a lot. I'll also show you guys how to cancel at the end of the article.

Anyway, once we have an active Amazon Prime trial on our account, we want to go over to Prime Gaming, and basically, you want to go ahead and sign in, so yeah, once you click on the sign in button, it's going to come up with this sign in Amazon. Let me type in my email and password. I'll be back in a second.

So yeah, so here we are. I literally just signed in and there you go. Roblox should come up straight away. If it doesn't for you, you can literally type in "roblox" and go and search for it, then press enter and it should come up, so there you go, there's Roblox. And let's go ahead and click on this.

Roblox - get

There you go, there is my dog's backpack. Let's go and click on this thing to claim it. And here we are. All we need to do now, guys, is click on the claim code button and simply all we have to do is click on copy. Now we can enter this on the Robux website, and I just want to say don't enter my code.

It honestly won't work because I'm literally about to redeem it, but yeah, we need to go to this link. Roblox, Prime gaming I'm sure you guys know what to do by now. Go and enter your code here, so let me right click and paste. Simply click on redeem, and there you go. That's basically the code successfully redeemed.

We now have the item. I guess we can wear it. We can also join that game to see if I get like 10k gems or something. Let me unselect. My current backpack, let me go and wear the new dog backpack, and yeah, let's go and join that mining game here. It is a mining simulator. Yeah, let's see if we can get like 10,000 gems and all the other stuff as well.

Roblox - how

Here we are in the game, and yeah, that's the effect that the dog backpack gives off. It's like flying gems. Not too bad, a pretty strange effect, I know. It doesn't really fit in that well with the backpack. But it's okay, now let's click on the prime gaming present to get our other stuff, and if we click on claim now, there you go, you get an ultracore, a pristine ball, and 10,000 gems.

Today Im going to show you guys how to get this free Doggy Backpack - Mining Simulator 2 back accessory! Make sure to use the 30-day free trial for Amazon prime if you want this for free but remember to cancel the trail before it renews.
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