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Roblox is here again with a brand new Roblox episode of Roblox Jailbreak. With that being said, let's hook up to the article all right. So first thing first, all right, what you want to do is go over here into the side and go to Roblox Jailbreak and go to the last page of Jailbreak. There are a lot of extensions.

There's also BTR Roblox. Just use an extension that catches you over here on the small server. You should see two or three people on one server. Go ahead and join that game. The fewer people on the server, the easier it is to do contracts. If you have a VIP server, that also works well. Next up, guys, you can either use your phone or ipad, or you can use the window versions of the roblox makeout account and join your main account.

With that being said, you should have two accounts on the server. Trust me doing contracts is much easier with two accounts in the game all right, so here is the list right here. For example, level 1 to level 2 is 75 xp, which means that you have to do three to four contracts in order to get up to level two.

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Take a screenshot of it. You guys can actually do the map later if you can get up to level 10 or not, but I got you so right over here, guys. The total xp from level 1 to level 10 is 4050. If you don't have the game pass, you can actually expect to do 27 days of contract, and if you do have the game pass in the game, you can expect to do 18 days of contract.

That is, if you actually do 16 hours of work, but let's get into tip number one. All right, so for the first tip of the day, I'm pretty sure everybody knows how to use the timer on their phone. What you do is you go over here into the site, it's gonna say a new contract, in the amount of hours, set a 16, hour contract every single time.

All right, so every six hours you guys log into jailbreak and you should be able to do your contract. That means you're not missing any contracts at all, and it's going to be very fast to get up to level 10. By doing this, you're guaranteed to get up to level 10 in 27 days if you don't have the game pass, and 18 days if you do have the game pass all right.

Roblox - how to level up fast in jailbreak

All right, so the next rules of the day. I'm on my out account right now, and you guys can actually see here. The next rule of the day is that you don't do 20 xp contracts. All right, never do 20 xp contracts. Whenever you guys see a 20 xp contract in the game, make sure you guys have to reroll.

It doesn't really matter if the contract is easy or not, like you know, arrest one criminal or eat a donut or something. If it's easy but it's 20 xp, make sure you guys reroll. Let's go ahead and do this, and let's click redraw. So now I'm actually at 20 right now, but if I actually click reroll, there you go, 25.

However, in the game, the sema also says this on Twitter. He said that you cannot get a contract from a river worth more than the contract you rewrote, but I literally just did. I literally just got 20 and now I got 25, so semo that's kind of sus, but yes, guys, never do a 20 xp contract. The reason why you never do a 20 xp contract is that every time you reroll you have a chance to get 25, or 30.

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So only rewrite the 20s. All right, so the next tips of the day go. If you go over here into the contract, sometimes they tell you to do, you know, certain damage. I guess, or you have to knock over items a certain number of times, but by doing this glitch, you can see here do 150 damage. If you go over here and leave the game right after you leave the game, you guys leave the game you guys should go over here and rejoin the game and look at that.

Look at that. Do 50 damage now. Instead of actually doing 150 damage, all you need to do right now is do 50 damage, which makes it so much easier and so much faster in the game here to get up to level 10. Earlier, I said don't rewrite contracts, but however, guys, if you actually have the tomb contract or like a very hard contract, I guess that is like 25 xp.

It's, you know, reasonable to actually reroll to get a better robbery. I guess you guys can actually see here that I actually only need to rock the power plant now for the same amount of xp. If you've got a really hard contract to do, it is exceptional to reroll. If the contract is 20 or 25 xp, you guys set a timer every 16 hours to, you know, just join the game and log in to get your contract.

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And then just throw all of the contracts that are actually, you know, very hard and 20 xp. I reroll all of the 20 xp contracts are John's. Like, a really, really small server in the game. Make an odd account and do your contract with your audit account on that server. You should be able to get up to level 10 very fast because if you guys don't have a game pass, it's going to take you 27 days to get up to level 10.

And for the people who actually do have a game pass, it'll only take you 18 days, which is literally like, you know, 11 days. Anyway, guys, that is literally every single tip here. Like, look at this guy. I'm going to explain to you how that guy actually got to level 11. But anyway, guys, that is going to be it for today's article.

I'm not using stock VG. Make sure you guys use Stockholm VG. Watch my robux or premium.

FASTEST Insane Method To Level Up in Roblox Jailbreak Season 11 Roblox. In today's video I will show you the FASTEST way to get to level 10 in Jailbreak Season 11. I will show you the XP Chart in the game.
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