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That's right, we have found that there is actually a pink model. You heard that right. There is a model that's been released, and we get to go and find it. I have been told about this in particular. It's a possibility if that particular version was suited, but a lot of you have said no, not really, because even though it's a dark red brown, it doesn't really work for pink with the whole design, so that's why I thought, you know, that's fine, we'll leave it be until there's some more information.

Now, with this hint, you're saying, "Check the vendors." That's obviously not an event, so I'm not doing a great start, but that's all right. Let's go around and check some vents to see if we can maybe not get this way because that's where Blue's hiding. I put my box on, he's going the same way, and literally you just want to check some vents and yet it's like I'm going this way.

Blue's gone i can see there's a vent there, but there doesn't seem to be anything in that vent, but I just want to go and check it just in case. This one looks fairly, empty i mean i don't even know what I'm supposed to be looking for at this point. I'm just checking the vents because that's the hint that they have given, so obviously that's one checked.

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Let's go through this here. We've got another one here, and this one looks fairly empty as well, from the looks of it, so at least we're collecting the blocks at the same time. I mean, we might need to ask him right now, so let's go and look for another event. So we've got a hidey hole that's not really an event, so I'm not going to count that as one.

Let's just go through this. We may as well put these on the table. We're going to leave those for now. Let's go through this door, which seems to be taking us up a layer. I can hear him stomping around. That's fine we'll ignore him for now and just go through. We are back up here, so why do we have a surveillance room?

There's no vent in here. Okay, cool, so there's no vent at the top there. I know that's true. There's no vent up there because we're not blue. Now that's a really bad rhyme for you, but just in time, we've got a vent here and there's nothing in this event. I'm getting a little disappointed. I'm checking a lot of events and I'm not seeing much going on.

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I'm just trying to think of how many more vents there are in the place. If there is a model for pink, this is another thing, and it's empty, so I'm a bit disappointed. So I think at this point, while I'm going to do some quick research to see what we need to do, we're going to shift over to theory time.

So I'm looking at the comments of the most recent article that we have obviously uploaded, and I've categorized them to the top comments as I always do because I want to see the theories that other people agree with you. So with that being said, we've got one by Noob Mcnubius. And he goes, "You know, it's another four theories." Cyan might hide from the other rainbow friends, like behind walls as such, and possibly help the player.

Hey, a friendly creature. That's actually a first. I think it'll be pretty cool. Number two, either Oswald D. Davis or Blue's first friend, is Red. I think that's how they got into Red, either a disguise or they got merged with Red when an employee possibly betrayed the company. Number three, orange, is so obsessed with food because he's probably stressed eating.

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Dang, he's got it right there. He's brought the whole psychology side of things. Stress eating: I mean, he's got a valid point, but he's not only that we might have a really fast metabolism, because red or orange, sorry, orange, runs around really fast, like he's a quick little monster or creature, so yeah, it could be stress eating or it could be just a high metabolism.

Number four. Trenton, was the employee of the month, and possibly he was mad that the kiss kid who got murdered by orange on accident was killed at his workplace, so out of rage he made all of Blue's friends merge with red. He completely agrees and also, d, Davis stands for odds, and obviously that makes sense because we've seen it on the box and some other places.

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The next theory I've got here is that End Stone Ninja He says theory, Red is actually the creator of the Rainbow Friends franchise. After living to an old age, Red asked some people to make him a rainbow friend but have him retain his humanoid shape. The kids mostly forgot and highly disliked Red, so he decided to torture the rainbow friends, except Purple, who broke free of the chains and hid in the vents.

The torture caused the rainbow friends to become highly aggressive towards all humans. They saw Purple, who couldn't stand the horrible treatment his friends were getting, started pulling people through the fence and throwing their corpses out in front of the vents, which caused the factory to shut down.

Dang it, the end of Stone Ninja. You've come up with some proper theory right there. This is awesome. Please comment below what you think of this theory. I think this is really well thought out. Unfortunately, I really like the idea that Purple's dragging people in is there to try and ease the torture that his other friends were getting.

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I have to kind of kill the guests and throw the corpses out of the event and, obviously, get the factory to shut down, so going to the next theory by Murph, ah he goes, theory time. Every time I hear it, I try to contain my smile. I love to see the creativity, like, and thought process of what you think some of these creatures are and how they got to where they are.

Maybe each one of these half-chapters will focus on one monster, with that monster being the only one in that chapter but more aggressive and powerful. It could give a backstory to the monster and possibly more backstory to the main story. It's almost like a bit of a sidequest, these points five and six of the chapter.

That's how I look at them. They're kind of diverse, a little bit to get more of a background and a description of the particular monster it's highlighting. For that half a chapter, I think that's probably what it is for. That's pretty cool. I'm scrolling through very quickly. I can see there's a lot of these theories here, and I'm really sorry I can't read them all out because you've got so many here and there's a lot of them to go into detail.

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I think that other people have the same mindset, and when I comment below, it adds a nice little thread to kind of build on that theory to make it into a much bigger thing. Welcome back to the game. So what I've done is I've done a bit more research and I've actually figured out why I couldn't find them.

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