Roblox - Busting Every Myth In Rainbow Friends. Chapter 2

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Testing every myth on Rainbow Friends today. Okay, apparently there's a way to get admin commands on Rainbow Friends Chapter Two. These are the people who made the game. I have no idea. They have another game that is broken. It's called "Winter" and apparently, if you join inside, you can get admin commands and connect it to Rainbow Friends.

Step one: Go to Dead Winter Okay, once he does whatever he does to get admin commands, you can get them on Rainbow Friends. Step Two: Type slash, admin commands. Step Three: Go back to Rainbow Friends. When you join, you will have comments. Is it that easy? Let's test it out. Is this actually real?

Is there another game all right? All I'm going to do is go to fragment games on the profile itself to hold on to experiences. Dead of winter This game has 96, 000 people playing it, and this only has seven people on it. This is a secret game, and I remember in the tick tock all it said was to type slash admin commands in the chat, and apparently if I leave and come back to Rainbow Friends, something strange is going to happen.

Roblox - rainbow friends challenge

I don't know if this is real or not, and again, I'm testing this out so my amazing fans don't have to worry. We are in the game. We're not going to start. All we're going to do is type in slash admin commands, and let's hit enter on three. Two right admin commands are now in chat. I don't think anything's going to change in this game, but let's catch back up on the other one.

All right, we are loaded back in. All I'm going to do is type in chat slash, kill. I'm going to eliminate this person because I'm evil. Slash kill she, underscore, called "real or fake" by three to one, it's censored. It's out either the admin didn't work because it got censored, or it's patched, or it's fake.

I have no idea. That basically means God mode. This easter egg behind the school can give you the ability. It's someone who's literally a spider in the game. Is this a hint? Buy the clothing that the developer It's okay, apparently that's the developer, who's the spider. Once you're wearing it all, go back to the spider and touch it.

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Okay, whoever made this tick tock is wearing the exact same outfit. He just touched the spider. And then, what is he going to do? You have to wear the exact same outfit. Hold on though; once you join the game, you will become a spider. Is that literally it? And then you can walk on walls. Let's test it out so you don't have to.

You're now in the lobby of Rainbow Friends before boarding the bus to try and find this Easter egg. I had no idea this even existed. Apparently, it is somewhere behind the school. Is this easter egg even in the game? I have no idea because I have never seen it before, but all we are going to do is explore around the school trying to find this Easter egg.

If it's actually here in the game, then we're going to dress up as developers. Become a spider and get special abilities, but moving all around doesn't seem like it's anywhere around here, so we should probably go around the school a little bit. Subscribe right now if you want to become a spider and have rainbow friends with special abilities.

Roblox - rainbow friends chapter 2

My biggest fans don't have to. Okay, hold on. This is the back of the school. I assume this easter egg is most likely behind this wall if it is actually in the game, but again, I've never seen it before, so it's probably fake three, two, one. Hold on, there's a spider web. He is one of the developers.

And here is another one of the developers. This one on the left There are three of them and this one on the right. It's an actual spider. A game developer would not do this for nothing. There's definitely a reason he did this. Maybe this is real. Maybe you can actually become a spider and get special abilities.

Okay, let's test this out. All we're going to do is copy his entire outfit, Roy Stanford, This is his name. Does he actually work at Frank Fragment Games? This is him right there. He does not have a spider on his profile, so he must be implying that somehow you can become a spider in a game. All right, what are we going to do?

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I've made several games, including Spider. Is the reason behind it real or fake? I have no idea. This is 99 robux, so let's hit by on this and then let's buy this father-time beard for 550 robux. It kind of makes sense because this is an expensive hat. Of course, we buy the pants as well. All right, all we're going to do is get rid of our jeans, get rid of her shirt, and get rid of my very beautiful dominus rex.

We now officially have his exact same Roblox profile. So let's just go back in the game, let's reset my character, get on the inside of the bus (I hate that noise so much), and let's see what will happen. All right, The game starts in 24 seconds. If this is real, then this is one of the most game-breaking things I have ever seen in my life.

All right, 15 seconds left to go. Let's see, am I going to turn into a spider or is this tick tock just completely fake? All right, chapter one, are we going to get any secret abilities? Come on, we are loading, please. Okay, we are in the busiest odd world. We are not going there. We are going to the other side.

Am I just going to easily win this game with spider abilities where I can just climb walls? I don't know, all right, here goes the bus. We're about to find out that, no, I am not a spider. I don't have abilities that are either patched or completely fake. On to the next, how to unlock Rainbow Fringe Chapter Two, and hold on.

It's literally an icon of Rainbow Friends Chapter Two. Okay, as of right now, it's still chapter one, step two. Get a private server all right. He's just creating it right now. Step three: name it "dev test," "c2," "developer," "test chapter two." That must be what it stands for, and now he's going to hit "change name." Is there anything else in this tick tock though he's about to change the name?

Step four: change the game and you will be back in step two. It's still being worked on. This is under the map, but apparently a lot of it is finished. I really hope this works. I want to get to Chapter 2 early so badly. This blue guy, I want him to turn yellow and I want this to say "rainbow friends chapter 2" so badly.

I want chapter two. I'm going to be hurting my biggest fans' comments. Okay, all we are going to do is go to servers and create a private server. It is completely free to do, and we're going to type in slash dev test c2 and hit buy now for literally free. Okay, bye now. Is it going to work? It literally worked.

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