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It's Sammy here and welcome back to a brand new article on my prison, where today I'm going to be showing you guys the best starter layout, or starter guide, to make the most money as soon as possible. So right from the point where you've just started your brand new save file, you'll make money in a couple minutes.

This layout is super, super good, and I have tested it, so it does work. You don't have to buy any plots, you don't have to buy any extra stuff, and you'll make a lot of money. I'd really, really appreciate that. Let's see if we can hit 30 likes on this article. So seriously, thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Do not delete that one wall that I just deleted. We're going to delete that police officer's desk and we're going to delete all of these sinks in here as well as all of these little paper things on the wall just so that we get a lot of extra money. And you're going to delete the walls in the middle, so delete all these walls that are connecting the cells or separating them, and quickly just move all of these toilets.

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Now what you're going to do is you're going to delete these beds right here and you're going to replace them with one, two, three, four wooden bunk beds right there and then another two bunk beds just like that at the front. We're going to put down some more toilets. Just another three like that should be fine.

Now we're going to delete these bar walls, and these separation walls here, and pretty much just all of these separation walls. You don't want any of the separation walls. But keep these walls on the outside. Because we are going to be using that to base our prison. This is just a money-making method that you can use to get so much money.

Okay, now they've got all of this stuff deleted. Delete these light poles. And I think that is okay, so now we're going to delete these trees right here, and delete all the trees around us, and just get all these rocks and all the little things as well, so boom, and now you're going to start deleting all of the grass, so just drag and hold and delete all of the grass.

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As I said, this is not a good-looking prison. You want to delete the asphalt underneath this police car as well. Okay, now your prison should look something like this. Okay, so what we're going to do is we're going to connect all of the outer walls, so let me just move these benches real quick. So this is the stuff you should have in your prison and we're just going to drag and connect these things as I said, so boom.

That's what it should look like right now, and all of your stuff should be unchecked. So now what we're going to do is we're going to build this wall right here and we're going to go get our daily necessities. Place a bunch of showers Eight just like that and then another, four. Now we have 12 showers and 12 inmate places, and inmates don't actually need a toilet to themselves.

You can get away with six, so that's why we've got that and we've got one buffet. Now I'm going to quickly move all of this stuff out. You see. I'm going to move all of that out, and we're going to push the buffet right against the wall, and we're going to take out one of the fridges and replace it with a stove, so now we should have one sink, one stove, and one bridge.

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So now we're going to place down all of these tables and we're going to place an extra table, so if you go to life necessities, I'm going to go to the picnic table and place it down. And now we're going to move back to our workout equipment. So real quick, I'm going to move these telephone boxes just over here so I have room for my workout equipment and we're going to place 12.

Now the reason we didn't delete them is because when you delete them, you actually lose money, so you don't want to delete them. I think that'll be a lot more space efficient, so let's go ahead with four benches like that and then another four right there, and then just on the side, yeah, one two.

And then came three, and then four. Right now you have these two telephone boxes, so what do you want to do? You want to place them just like that against the wall, and then you want to place two more just in front of it. Don't worry about the wall right now, guys. You want to go to other necessities and place a soda machine right there and two couches just like that and boom.

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This is our prism so far. I'm just going to move this bin that was on this wall and just move it over here so that we have two bins in this area and four telephone boxes. That's nice okay, so now we need to go ahead and place some desks for our guards, so let's go ahead and find some space for them.

If not, we can just make another wall. Yeah, I think we're going to need to make just one more wall, and this will help a little bit in the long run. Instead of cramming them, let's go ahead and make a dedicated spot for them right now, and let's place down free desks. So guys, single reinforced doors and boom, we have 200.

Before I forget, I always forget this. You need to delete this line here. Now the reason we've actually put this stuff outside is because if we delete them, as I said, we lose money, so we don't want to lose money, but the only thing you can delete here is this kitchen counter. You don't need that at all.

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Now you can hire a janitor if you want to, but I'm personally not going to, so this is good. We've got all of our beds; we've got all of our toilets; we've got all of our picnic tables; and we've got all of the workout machines; the phones; the soda machines. sofas and showers, so no one should complain about there not being enough stuff.

They won't start writing as soon as you put them in prison, so you want to go ahead and get yourself 12 prisoners. You may also want to hire yourself a chef. Just one chef for now. Okay, let's go ahead into the city, and we'll collect some prisoners. Now, personally, I hate this car. My limo is just so much better, so this bit might be a little bit tedious, but we're going to go ahead and fix it anyway, so let's go ahead and put her in the boot, and we will drive back to my prison and release her, so we get a little bit of passive income whilst we wait to get the rest of our prisoners in.

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Just a quick note, I do have the earning boost for the layout. If you don't have the earning boost, you will only get $120 per hour, but we will increase it later. If you want to party, guys. Now you want to make sure you're being really quick with these prisoners, because if you're not, then your workers will actually take a lot of money and you might end up going into negatives, but luckily I do not have that problem.

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