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It is finally here. A new portal has arrived, and I'm excited to go ahead and check it out together with you guys. The faces and all the new pets have arrived, so let's get this started. In another article today, the new portals opened up to the new world, and we are checking out the new fancy. What did we ever sell today?

We have a new land as well as a new leaderboard and pets are announced, so we're not going to be able to check them out, so I'm excited for this to come in here as well. So let's check out the land. We even have a new little building for the rebirth pets which can be bought in the lobby, which is kind of interesting because we've never had that before, but yeah, there we go, there is a clicks just there's no click board to buy stuff, so that's kind of interesting that it's gone from this land because it was a previous lens, but then maybe they didn't want to make it too easy for this new land, but here we have the rank one, rank 25, and rank 10 rewards, so let's take a look at them right now.

Roblox - clicker simulator codes

Visually, this is the rank 25 reward, looking very awesome. I think these will be given out. Otherwise, of course, you will see it in your patch notes yourself. This is the rank 10 reward, looking amazing. I love the haunted house design. It's very, very cool, and then, of course, the rank one Reaper, pads to the first portal of this update, so let's go ahead and check that out.

So we're going to go TP over to the fairy world, and this is the first land where you're going to get stuff. So on this island, the bats are around six or eight times stronger than in the last update, because they always do that for a new world. They make the bets extremely strong. So don't worry about these numbers because they're actually meant to be this way.

I made sure to double check with the devs, and they confirmed as well that these stats are meant to be this high, so we have the new egg over here, costing 10 and 0 CV. As well, the revert shop right now is pretty expensive, so all my new account ads are to buy a bunch of click chests to unlock all the rewards, and you can see right now that it goes up to level six.

Roblox - clicker simulator fairy island

I made sure to save it so you guys can see the price. It says 4.4 qad. I know a lot of information, but we're speed running through this right now, so first up, the Robux egg is extremely strong and has the best bet inside of it besides the secret, which is, of course, a secret pet. So you can see right now it's 1.65, not very strong, but like I said, the Robux bed actually is the best one compared to the divines from here, so let's take a look at those stats right now.

So you can see right now, the Hydra fairy is the rarest Robux pet together with the fairy seal, so the fairy seal right now is the one you can get yourself 100 percent of the time and it's already 855. OC, guys, and then the Hydra fairies. 1.56, and we will level 40 these. By the way, yes, we'll level 40 all of the top bets, so you will see their maximum stats, but you can see these things are crazy.

The fairy seal is the guaranteed one, and then the Hydra fairy is the 10th one from the Robux X, so it definitely only grips the crystal serpent, Bump. Here we have both of these bad boys in. So on the left side, of course, is going to be the basic version, and on the right side we have the crafted one.

Roblox - clicker simulator fantasy world

This one's looking so good. The quality of the pets in this update is ridiculous. Guys, it's ridiculous. We had both of these. I do have to max level these bad boys, but we'll just do that all together in one go. So that's going to be the legendary This one's easy to get. So let's take a look at the Divine, so we have the Ruby fairy deer and then as well, we can make a crafted version of this, so let's go ahead and do that as well.

We can make a bunch then, but we'll just make, we'll make like 18 of these right now, so boom, let's crap, the rainbow up, Sabara boom. And there we go, the craft that is completed, the crafted Inferno, Pegasus. Okay, so let's take a look right now at that, so boom, and Pegasus, boom, there we go, so these are the two divines.

Roblox - clicker simulator how to get secret pet

So this is the craft of Divine My. I love the star effect. That's the first time we've seen a star effect on pets. That is looking amazing. Definitely a big thumbs up on this update. So we see the Roby fairy deer on the right side and the crafted Inferno Pegasus on the left. I am super sick. I am actually a big fan of this pad.

So yeah, there we go. Those are going to be the two divides, and then, of course, we have the final boy, that evil sold fairy. This one is the rarest of the eggs you can get, besides the secret one. It's a 0.04% chance, but it's still worse than the Hydra fairy, sadly, so let's take a look at the Evil Soul fairy.

So this is the Evil Soul Fairy. It looks very interesting. I don't really see what's fair about this. It looks more like a dinosaur. But you know, it could be an evil fairy, but you know, Dario, that is going to be the best pet you can get from the egg besides the secret. new change as well in the past few updates, we have had all the pets equipped in one spot, so these are all the new ones that you want to grab, and they're all level 40, so let's take a look at the stats right now.

Roblox - clicker simulator how to get tokens

The stats guys are going to be 388. OC, for the crafted crystal survey. This one, of course, is the easy legendary, then the fairy stew is the easy guaranteed Robux bet, which is 1.11, then the crafted Divine is going to be 1.37.0. We're going to have the Evil Soul Fairy, which is, of course, the rarest Divine.

You cannot craft there, so just get this as a rainbow and it's done. It's 1.53 n. So the Hydra fairy, which is, of course, the rarest Robux bet, is going to be 2.02 on the list, which is amazing. I just care about the update. I would really appreciate a like. Down Subscribe if you're new, but let's continue on with the codes.

It always happens that some of these codes are expiring, but let's take a look, of course, at all the codes, so first of course, 325, click S2, boom, We Are Dead One. Now, you guys. Let's go Twitter 100K. We just used that up. We just go to, like, Click 12. Boom, we got a source code 2x, long look 350, okay, we got this code talk code luck 12.

Roblox - clicker simulator new update

Now we just go to Lucky Code, 21, and boom, now we also scored 400 double luck. Use that one up. These are all, by the way, guys, for, like, some hours of lock boost to our luck boots. They're all mixed with those now, so we just go with Lucky 5000 for two hours of luck. There we go. Let's go to our 500, like for two hours of Titans.

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