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Roblox - a 0ne piece game

Okay, so in today's roblox one-piece game article we'll actually be becoming the emperor of the sea. It's got three thousand likes on this article, and anyway, subscribe. We're only like 500 subs away from 100k subs, so just do it. So let's get right into the steps. So here's the steps we're gonna have to take to become big mom in one piece game on roblox and step one is to actually get big mom's devil food which is actually the soul fruit so to do this we're gonna have to grind for a ton of cash, go to the hotel and actually spin a bunch of times until we have big mom's devil from so the soul fruit is actually one of the strongest, fruits in this game but it's also one of the rarest, So this might be pretty hard depending on your luck, but you know.

I feel like we're going to get lucky, so yeah, that's step one. Now step two is to actually do the big mom read a bunch of times, because basically after completing the big mom read and defeating the big mom boss in the big bomb raid, there is a pretty small chance that you actually get a big mom sword, which is actually the napoleon sword, so we're actually gonna need napoleon to become big mom, since yeah, big mom uses this weapon, so we're gonna need it.

So step three is to actually do the law raid as a big bomb and get to the final wave and actually defeat trafalgar, the law. Because in Wano, Big Mom does actually fight the law, so in this game, as Big Mom, we're going to have to defeat the law. So that's enough steps for now. We can make up some more along the way.

Roblox - a one piece game

We're in the game, so let's actually head over to the second seat and form a kid for some cash that we can actually spin for the soul through. So kids right here, I'm going to be using gear to five throughout most of the article because, yeah, it's pretty good for grinding. Anyway, here we go. There we go, we just killed a kid, and yeah, we have 1.6 billion in cash once again, so let's go spin.

Okay, so we're back in low town. We're not exactly at 1.6 billion cash, but we're literally like 5 million cash away from 1.6 billion, so anyway, here we go. Let's spin so that was actually really, really lucky, as you guys just saw right there, basically. We've got a mochi fruit right there, almost 20 spins, and we also got a Buddha fruit.

Look at this. We got two mythical fruits within just 20 spins, which is pretty lucky. Let's continue so, there we go, we're done spinning. Those bins weren't too bad because we did get two mythicals, but unfortunately, those weren't fruits we needed. We just want soul fruit, so yeah, let's continue grinding.

Roblox - a one piece game noob to pro

So we're at low town ready to spin for the soul fruit, and in case you guys are actually wondering where all my bad devil fruits went. I actually deleted them all because yeah, they were just a waste of space, so anyways, here we go, let's spin. Okay, so we got pretty unlucky since we never really got anything too good, but it's okay, we're not going to give up because t-mosco we never give up, so yeah, let's continue grinding.

So this time we're actually going to change things up a little bit. I'm actually going to kill this kid twice because then we're gonna get 3.2 billion cash, which will just help us get soul food, so yeah, let's go. So there you go, we just killed a kid and we actually have 3.1 billion cash, almost 3.2 billion cash, so let's go spend it on soul food.

We're back in our longtown once again, but this time we actually have a good feeling because we have 3.1 billion cash, so it's pretty likely that we're going to get some sort of really good fruit, so yeah, let's spin. No way did we just really get another mythical fruit. We just got the puffer, and I know that's not a mythical fruit in the One Piece anime, but in this game basically.

Roblox - aopg

I just call any fruit that's under 1 or just really rare a mythical fruit, so yeah, here we go. So after getting the poultry, we actually never spun any of the rare fruits, but it's fine because we did actually spend four really rare fruits during our spins. We've got two Buddhas, one mochi, and, of course, the paw, so let's keep grinding.

No way, no way, no freaking way you guys just saw another myth, no way we just got a dragon fruit. We just got a dragon fruit. That's the rarest fruit in the game, right behind soul food. So that's just insane. We got one of the rarest and strongest fruits in the game, like the dragon fruits, even rarer than the mochi and stuff.

Roblox - noob to pro a one piece game

It's just been like a whole other tear. No way is this real. No, that can't be, that's just that it's too lucky. You guys just saw that? You guys just saw that we really just got another dragon fruit, and right after the dragon fruit, we got a paw fruit. Like, what's with the luck right now? Dragon flu has like a 0.1 percent chance of actually circulating, and we've just got it twice.

You know, like that's insane, but you know, we seem lucky. Hopefully we're able to get the soul food, so here we go. So we're done spinning and after that dragon fruit and paw patrol. I guess we really never got anything too good, but anyway, now I'm actually feeling really motivated to grind for soul fruit since we just got so lucky, so yeah, let's go kill kid.

So yeah, let's go spin for the soul fruit. Okay, so we're back at Long Town, and this time I'm actually really lucky because last time we actually did get two dragon fruits, so yeah, let's start spinning. So that was actually pretty unlucky because we never really got any good food at all, like I'm pretty sure we never even got a single myth to go for, so yeah, it seems like our luck was kind of wasted on these two dragons, so let's continue, grinding.

Roblox - one piece

So we just killed the kid twice, once again. We have $3.1 billion in cash. Let's go spend it. We're at low turn again, and yeah, we've just come back to Luketown so many times in this article. We've worked so hard so far. We've spun so many times. So here we go again. No way, no way, did we really just get another dragon fruit?

So we got three dragon fruits today but not a single soul food. It's really our bad luck, like we're so unlucky. But we are lucky at the same time. We keep getting 0.1 percent fruit, but it's not what we want. Okay, so we're done spinning and we actually did get the dragon fruit from those bins, so that's pretty rare, but let's continue grinding.

I mean, we did get a bunch of dragons but still no soul, so a huge shout out to this right here mvp, King Action, because he's actually going to be giving the soul fruit, so here we go. And there we go, guys. We're done with the trade once again. A huge shot to MVP. Underline "King of Akron." And here is the soul food.

A One Piece Game Roblox Becoming BIG MOM Soul In One Video. We become the Yonko Emperor Big Mom in A One Piece Game Roblox or A 0ne Piece Game Roblox AOPG. This is one of my a one piece game noob to pro videos in roblox one piece! To become Big Mom, we get the Soul Fruit Devil Fruit, Napoleon Sword and more.
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