Pokémon Unite - New Pokemon Is Free. Insane Game Changes, No More Drednaw & Rotom, Changed Zapdos Mechanic & More

Pokémon Unite - dodrio gameplay

I have even more leaks and it is just as shocking as before. I thought that we couldn't get any more shocking leaks, but we did. Hi trainers, this is nuts and the new licks that we have are really going to show how much Pokemon Unite is going to change. The Pokemon Unite that we knew about is going to be so different.

Based on the leagues that I have, this is just done on mine and league things can change until officially announced by Pokemon Unite, so please do take this with a grain of salt and a huge shout out to our data miners, such as El Chico, eevee Eclipse, underscore TT, and Irem. There are a bunch of new things.

I'm going to go through them all in this article, starting off with the dates of the Pokémon. So we have three new Pokémon coming in September. We have Mew as a new attacker coming on the 2nd of September. So Dodrio, the new speedster, is coming on the 15th of September, and Sizzle, as a new all-rounder, is coming on the 29th of September, so we have a lot of stuff coming in September, but not only that, so our trigger Evie has posted that Sizzle and Nigeria will be first week only for gems, so you can only buy them with gems for the first week, and then you can buy them with 14k or coins.

Pokémon Unite - free pokemon

I really don't know why they're doing this. I really hope that they don't lock Pokemon behind gems, even if it's for a little bit. I want them to make them accessible to everyone at the same time. I also hope that they don't keep doing these 14K coin costs. I hope they make Pokemon even cheaper because they're starting to get more expensive.

I don't like that personally, and I want them to go back to like 10k or something, or less preferably, 8k. But yeah, I'm not a fan of that, but hopefully they will change that, but this you're going to love trainers, so actually eeveepro said, it looks like it's free, no shop data, and will have an event.

So Mew might be a free Pokemon coming to Pokemon Unite. I am so. Of course, this is still just a leak and I will always get credit where drew pokemon unite does like to give us a lot of free Pokémon events, which I think is really awesome, and with the new battle pass coming out with a new holoway look.

Pokémon Unite - mew gameplay

So sick, so cute. This is crazy. I'm very excited about the question of the day: which of the three Pokémon coming in September are you most excited about? For me personally, it's me I know Deidre is in a lot of love right now, but Mew was one of my favorites back when I was a kid, so my inner child is just screaming now let's get into the move.

So we saw in the trailer that Mew can use basically any move that Lcker Eevee has posted. Mew has six moves. Once it arrives at level five, it will get a reset button. That button will reset your chosen moves, and you'll be able to change them. For sizzle cipher, it won't evolve, depending on your move set.

So here are two very interesting pieces of information. So first of all, Mew has a reset button. You can just choose your moves. I'm thinking of any program. I'm very excited about this, so let's look at the moves here. So here we have two images of cipher and sizzle. This looks insane to me.

Pokémon Unite - new gameplay

I'm thinking it's either, like, double team or agility. I have no idea, but these look crazy cool. There's an x on the carrier, so I wonder what this means. What do you think, trainers, about these images? It's really cool to be able to see images of how they play. We can see that as sizzle. It is stunning Lucario, so this move does stun.

Maybe it's a double team. I don't know what you think. Trainers for mew we also have some more images, so we have mu here using an electro ball, I think. We have been using a solar beam. We have mu. This is probably one of Muse's moves. My tongue twister muse moves We have been using surf, we have been using barriers, we have been using, I don't know what this one is.

Maybe it's immune or maybe it's one of the pokemon moves. I don't remember exactly, and you can teleport, so it looks like Mew has teleported from one spot to the next spot, but it looks like it's doing something to Lucario, as well, and then we have Muse United, which looks gorgeous, by the way. I love the colors.

Pokémon Unite - pokemom moves leaked

I love how it looks like a solar system time thing. It looks really cool. I really love it. And now we have Dodrio's move, so Dodrio is getting a lot of love at the moment, so here we have Dodrio literally running. We have to draw, I think it's sprinting to this location, so you can see the speed coming out of it behind it, which looks really cool.

In this one we have Adria, jumping on the carrier and stunning it. Wait, that's so funny. Paul Akaria's just getting bullied in all of these. Then we have, I think, the dash, so the dreary is dashing from one spot to the next. I love the effects. The speed effect: when we said we wanted to use a speedster, they literally took speed literally.

They took it so literally that they made Dodrio, Speed I am Speed, and then we have Dodrio. Maybe it's giving itself a buff. It looks like a buff. It looks like it's buffing itself. Maybe it's attack speed or maybe it's speed again. Maybe I'm not sure, but it looks like it's a buff. It looks like DJ will have like a drill or a drill peck, which looks really cool, and then the next step we have is like a triple attack.

Pokémon Unite - pokemon changed mechanic

I guess, a triple swipe, which also looks really cool, so that's Dodrio's moves. I think that's all of Diadria's moves right. Well, I don't know, maybe we don't have a plan for tonight. Maybe the first one is a United move. I don't know, I have no idea, but all of it looks really cool. It's very speedy.

Déidre is indeed very speedy. Okay, so that's all the info for the new Pokemon that are playable, but now I'm gonna be talking about the new map changes and the new Pokemon that are coming to that, so first. Celebi. A celebi seems like it might actually not be coming into the game. Eevee has tweeted about Celebi, but it's not in, so Ashkevi couldn't find anything about Celebi, which to me personally, I don't mind.

Pokémon Unite - pokemon changes

Because I actually wanted Celebi to be playable when I first heard that she was going to be like an npc. I was actually a little sad because I wanted to play Celebi, so for me it's the worst news because I would love to have Celebi as a playable pokemon in the future, because usually pokemon that are like wild pokemon in the game are not playable, so yeah, that's just my take on it so i don't really feel sad about it but I understand some people do because they wanted to see Celebi in the game in some form, but this means Celebi could be playable in the future, like there's still a chance for it to come now about the maps so ashikivi has posted new map and rayquaza.

takes big breath AHHHHHH there is SO many things LEAKED that I'm SO shocked! The game we KNEW before is going to CHANGE so much! They're adding 16 NEW WILD POKEMON, NEW MECHANICS, FREE POKEMON EVENT, 3 NEW POKEMON MOVES LEAKED AND MORE.
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