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Well, after almost 90 hours of gameplay and catching all 242 Pokémon, it is finally time for tips and tricks. I wish I knew earlier, and Pokémon Legends are, as usual, because we have stuff for beginner players ranging all the way up to more advanced players of the franchise. So without wasting any time, let's jump right into it to categorize this a little bit.

Let's start off with some tips about Jubilee Village itself. The first thing that the game doesn't actually tell us is that there is a multiple release function at the pastors. This means when you've got a bunch of useless Pokemon in your box that you have to capture to level up your tasks, and you want to get rid of them, you usually have to release them one by one, which can be a real pain.

Luckily, there is a hidden function that will allow us to release multiple Pokémon at once. All we need to do for this is completely fill up four different boxes in the pasture full of Pokemon. They can be any type of Pokemon, they can be all the same if you want, but they must be full of four complete boxes once you do, and then you leave the village and come back and speak to the NPC at the pastures.

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You should see down in the bottom right the option to select multiple Pokémon for release. This is extremely useful, especially the more you move on through the game. The next thing the game doesn't really do much of a good job explaining to us is the harvest system. So we can harvest different materials at the farm, starting off with just some basic stuff like apricorns, and then later on in the game, after we finish all of Miller's side quests, we can actually expand the farm to have four plots as well as harvest bed items such as nature mints.

In the end, a lot of people have the question of how long it actually takes for these materials to fully grow and come back and harvest them. Well, in this game it doesn't actually go by time, it goes by Pokemon, so for example, if we plant an apricorn harvest, we need to go out and catch eight Pokemon for the harvest to be ready.

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There can be eight Pokemon. You go out, capture them, come back, and the harvest should be ready to pick up. This also goes for the harvest based on medicine. Then, for vegetable and mushroom harvest, we need to catch 12 Pokemon. For berry harvest, we need to catch 16 Pokemon. And then finally, when we unlock the mint harvest, if we do that, we need to catch 20 Pokemon before the harvest is ready.

Definitely try to stay on top of your farm as much as you can, even if it's just to get apricorn so you don't have to spend money on materials or pokeballs. Next, let's talk about the merit points a little bit. There's going to be an NPC here in Jubilee Village that will trade our merit points for evolution items for our Pokemon.

Merit points are obtained by finding these lost satchels around the world. They can either be of NPCs or real-life players who have died and fainted in that spot. And once we retrieve them, we'll be rewarded with merit points, which, like we said, we can exchange for evolution items for our Pokemon.

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However, this next part may seem obvious to so many of you, but for me, I really didn't realize until really late on that this doesn't actually void the classic trading system. You can still evolve Pokemon that require trading by just straight up trading without the need to buy a cable link. So if you do have a friend, definitely don't waste your money buying the cable link items.

You are going to spend a lot of time in this game moving items back and forth between your satchel and your storage box, and it's not actually a hidden function, but there is an option here to directly move them all at once with just one click of a button. Instead of having to click move and then select how many you actually want to move, you can simply press the x button on one and it will directly move all of that item over to the satchel, or vice versa, which for some reason.

I didn't see this option until many hours of gameplay. Something else many people overlooked is that once you've advanced a little bit through the story, there's actually an NPC in the village who sells XP candies. They are a little bit expensive, but money isn't too much of a problem once you get into the late game, so you can just actually buy your way up to high levels in this game.

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Speaking of level knobs, without even leaving the village, you can actually re-challenge any of the important npcs you fought throughout the story by speaking to the person on the left at the battlegrounds. I promise just one more thing before we leave the village, and we can finally get into the good stuff.

Don't ignore your effort levels. They are a huge help. They're kind of equivalent to the IV EVs, let's say, from previous games, even though they are quite a bit different. These are permanent stat boosts that we can give to our Pokémon by using the grit dust, the gravel, the pebbles, and finally the rock.

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With these, we can choose to level up the individual stats of each of our Pokemon, all the way up to level 10. We have a full article explaining our effort levels. If you really want to check that out, it's on the channel, but it's fairly straightforward. While it's not necessary as there's no pvp or competitive in this game at least yet, but hey, who doesn't want their Pokemon to be as strong as they possibly can, and with that, we're going to smoothly transition on to how to farm grit items.

A really good way to get good items other than just simply defeating alphas is through releasing Pokémon. However, if you just go out and catch a bunch of level 5 subats, you're probably not going to get many decent grit items. Maybe a little dust here and there. The best thing you can do is catch high-level Pokémon and release them for better catch items.

What we can do is in these distortion zones, when they're about to open, we get a bit of time before they actually activate. What you want to do at that time is hide in the tall grass before it actually activates the zone and the Pokemon start spawning in this way. Once they spawn in, they won't just directly aggro on you and they won't see you.

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really easily and obviously you're not gonna have 100 catch rate some of them will get away but it's still a very efficient way of catching a bunch of pokemon, which are usually really high level, so then we can just simply release them back at the pastures for some great grit items in exchange. This is generally just a good tip for the distortion zones if you're trying to catch any of the specific pokemon in that zone specifically, because usually to catch them you are going to have to start a fight and use this at least two or three times next to each other, and it can be very chaotic in there.

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