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Well, you get Pokemon Legends Arceus, which is a Pokemon game that goes a long way into the past, which changes so much of the game. Hi folks, it's Falcon and today's game ranks 10 things. Pokémon Legends: Arceus doesn't tell you to start off at number 10. Don't worry about what starter you pick in most of these games; the starter Pokémon you pick is the one you're stuck with.

The only way to get the other two is to trade for them or find them through some other obscure method, but with Arceus, you do not have to worry about that. There are actually two ways to find these guys in the game. For one thing, they appear in distortions, randomly. Where they appear may depend on the zone, but they definitely will show up from time to time in these riffs, so if you want one you're missing, just check out the distortions.

When they show up, another even easier way to get them is to just get them from the lab in the headquarters. After the credits roll, you're not even locked to just one, you can get both from here. It's not something you can do until after you beat the game, but believe us, there is a lot to do in this game after the credits roll.

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Moving on to number nine, there's a way to make a lot of money pretty easily. Cash is actually pretty short in supply in Arceus, and you need it to do a lot of stuff, like it's used to give Pokemon new moves, you buy new recipes, and with it you expand your inventory. You want a lot of it, and actually getting it can be a struggle.

The best way to make money that I've seen is to craft this item called a "star piece," which you can sell for a big chunk of cash. The initial investment is kind of expensive. You have to spend 20K just to get the recipe for this, but it is well worth it. What makes this such a great way to make money is that the key ingredients are You will need one bag of stardust and three red shards.

Three blue shards and three green shards. Getting these things is pretty easy, especially if you look for them before the star piece recipe becomes available around halfway through the game. Stardust is beyond the easiest thing to get. Just look for any shiny thing in the environment that you can harvest resources from.

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Anytime you throw a pokemon at these things, you'll get some stardust. On their own, they're a pretty good money-making tool. You can sell them for a thousand a pop, but if you really want to make a lot of money, hold on to them for this recipe. The three colored shards are a little trickier, but not a lot.

You can find them in time-space distortion, which is something we mentioned in the last point, but to be clear. They're these things that start appearing at a certain point in the game, randomly around the map. Anytime you get a warning about one, just go find it. There are rare Pokemon that spawn inside these things, and there are also shards that you can find on the ground.

Now these are temporary, so it's important to get to them before they start, and then run around as fast as possible to get as many shards as you can before it's over. But you get a lot of time and should easily find more than enough to craft a few star pieces with what you find in just one distortion.

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So before you can sell star pieces, keep an eye out for shiny spots and get stardust. If you do this, you will get a ton of money pretty easily. And number eight: research can be tedious, but there are actually ways to do it faster. The biggest new thing about this game is research. They explain how it all works pretty thoroughly at the start of the game, so I'm not going to rehash that here, but the thing to know about completing research tasks is that there are ways to make it a lot less tedious depending on what you do now.

You need to be completing research and ranking up because it's the only way you get higher level Pokémon, along with other useful tools. You only need to get to rank 5 out of the 10 total to actually beat the game and see the credits, so if you don't want to spend too much time on research, you don't have to, but if you want to experience a lot of the endgame stuff, you will need to focus on finishing research tasks as efficiently as possible.

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To get 10 research points for them or just to fight them, just to be clear, depending on the tasks. One can be a lot faster than the other hand, particularly with pokemon that award you research for catching them unawares and feeding them, you can quickly finish off their research by just feeding them and catching them right after they start eating.

On the other hand, particularly with aggressive Pokemon, they are generally easier to research by just beating them up. A lot of these guys get you research by beating them using a certain type of move, usually their weakness, so just switch to a Pokemon of that type and defeat them for a lot of easy, fast research for rare Pokemon.

Keep in mind that certain tasks, like viewing a special movie, are rewarded. If it's your Pokemon, as well, you don't have to be fighting for those to count, so maxing out research on monsters that are hard to find is best done just by putting them on your team. Basically, always look for shortcuts with research.

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There's usually one or two ways you can get multiple points at a time, and remember, the more Pokemon research you complete, the more you rank up, so even though it can be tedious, it's worth doing. At number seven, there are things that you need to know about alpha pokemon. Another new thing in the game are the Alpha Pokemon.

They generally have better stances, better moves, and they're all around tougher than the rest, so they're worth going after. Catching them can be very handy, but killing them gets you really good rewards as well, so either way, they're worth fighting if you think you're strong enough to handle them for a long time.

I was worried about killing them by mistake and missing out, but that's actually not an issue as long as it's not a story-based battle. Alpha Pokemon will eventually respawn. On top of that, after you defeat them, there's also a small chance that any Pokemon can appear as an alpha, so there's always an opportunity to go after these guys even after you take one out.

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It seems like alphas are more likely to appear after you get through the story of a zone, but that just may be confirmation. Bias on my part, it's definitely a thing that alphas appear randomly on top of the ones that are scripted to show up in certain areas, so the main takeaway here is that alphas are worth hunting down, and if you beat one by mistake, don't worry, another will show up.

At number six, learning moves very differently now. One interesting change is that when a Pokemon learns a new move, they like it, and it's automatically added to the moveset. Instead, they have more like a pool or a library of moves that you can swap into at any time just by going to the menu and selecting the moves tab.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Nintendo Switch has finally arrived! Here are some tips and tricks to help you out.
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