Pokémon Legends: Arceus - How To Start With All Eeveelutions In Pokemon Legends

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If we're going to head on over there real quick, this pool during the day contains evie and badoof, and I do believe evie is significantly less common than badoof. As you're going to see right here, we have two bidoofs at night. I believe it's Eve, Badoof, and Drifloom, and this can be done at the beginning of the game before defeating Cleaver.

This could be done in the tutorial, before you even cross this bridge right here, all right, so my recommendation is that when you have these bidoofs here, you need to clear this part of the encounter table, so because of that, we're going to clear out these badoofs. There's a very good chance that if you show, if you try to battle it while it's facing you, it's just going to run away.

You can also choose to catch them. Whatever you want to do. I believe these badoofs are only going to drop spoiled apricorns and orenberries, so, if you manage to get it from the back, then you're guaranteed to actually get at least one hidden before it's allowed to run away. Good job, cleaver. that's my big boy Cleaver.

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He's going to be in an upcoming article. Yes, he is. And now that the two bidoofs are gone, we're going to just run back to base. If you're not being targeted by the shanks, you can fast travel, although if you are being targeted, you are going to have to walk or ride back. Now what I like to do is sleep until nightfall.

At nightfall, we're going to get those drift looms. If you want to form up some drift looms, you can, but you don't actually have to. We're going to run back over to the location. And over here we have one ee and one badoof. Without being able to get into the grass, catching the eevee can be a little bit difficult.

If you saw my article on catching Pokemon, you're probably able to catch this just fine. I'm going to throw down an oranberry opposite of it, and I'm going to throw down a second berry. That way, if Badoof gets that first one, I'm not going to miss. I'm going to get within catching range, so it's back to me to throw the pokeball, and we should be good here.

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Fantastic we got a navy now in order to get another one again we have to clear out the encounter table so let's thanks Badoof made it even easier for me. Let's head back to camp and we're going to sleep until daytime this time here we are back at the same spot two badoofs clear them out the reason these poor badoofs need to be cleared out is because the spawn table actually from my findings.

The medusa has to be empty in order for a new pokemon to show up, so drift loom and eevee can replace the medusa. But if you remove the badoofs, then it's guaranteed to replace them. You know what I mean? And the reason we're doing from daytime to night time and then nighttime to daytime instead of just doing daytime is because there's a chance we're going to find these drift looms here, and drift looms when it comes to daytime just despawn, so it makes clearing them out even easier again.

Two more badoofs. I've got to clear them out now. If you have a pokedex entry that requires you to use a certain move a specific number of times, or to use an agile or strong style move a specific number of times, this is a great time to grind that up while you're clearing out these low-level pokemon.

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I have two more badoofs. I'm going to take my own advice and now this chimchar. By the way, whatever moves to Chimchar needs to start doing ember. That's it, cool, and here we go. We have another eevee along with the badoof. I have seen two Eevee spawn at the same time, so just so you know, that is definitely possible.

In addition, if you already have an eevee, you can use this opportunity to level it up a little bit by knocking out those bidoofs, because these are going to be very low level, so you get the experience. Sending it out in battle, all those things that raise friendship are going to help you get your umbreon and espeon.

Here's a weird thing, and I don't actually know if it's accurate or not, but it's just from my experience. So my umbreon was right. I caught all these eevees at level four, level five, level six, etc. I threw out the berry and hit it in the back of its head. I used it a lot in battle. It was ready to evolve by level 22, but it knew baby doll eyes.

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Because it knows a fairy type move and it reaches the threshold of affection, that means it's going to evolve into Sylveon. So you actually have to go into its moves and make sure that you get rid of the fairy type move. Now here's the weird part. This eevee who I was a little bit more aggressive when I caught it.

I threw spoiled apricorns at its face. I ran behind it. It caught it from the back right. It took until, what is it, level 35, for this eevee to have high enough affection. I don't know if it's because I didn't use it enough in battle or maybe my catching technique actually lowered its base friendship value.

That might be a thing. It makes sense. It does cause a very painful cry. But anyway, it's daytime. It has full affection and if we click evolve, we're going to be getting ourselves an epon. I love these screens. I really do. These are such good These evolution screens are way better than they need to be okay.

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By the way, if you don't know, Eevee has three evolutions based on its base friendship value. If you evolve it during the day, you get a special egg. If you evolve it during the night, you get umbreon. Evolve it either during the day or during the night by knowing a fairy type move. You can get Sylveon right at the beginning of the game, right in the tutorial, or you can wait until Cleaver and then just catch one.

It's going to be level 29 when you encounter it. As far as Leafeon goes, Leafeon is actually going to be able to evolve via the mossy rock, so we're going to go head over to the grand tree area. By the way, after you defeat Cleaver, that does become a fast travel point, and we're going to want to make our way right around here.

See this ring of trees? We're going to go right to the middle of that and boom, here's the mossy rock. Now what's cool is that you can investigate it. It says the same thing it's always said, but now you don't need to level up Eve. Instead, you just click on it and choose to evolve. Wait no, the pokeball one I wanted for Eve, and boom, leafeon.

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I do want to tell you that you can also catch leafeon after you defeat cleaver. It's your option if you want to just go to the mossy rock and evolve it. Even before the heights camp, if you're able to make your way past the alpha baba ball, you can make your way to the mossy rock, so I believe that as soon as you start mission number six or seven.

Pokmon Legends Arceus lets you obtain every evolution of eevee "eeveelutions" at the very beginning of the game! here is How to START with ALL Eeveelutions in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Official Playlist of the Pokemon Legends Arceus.
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