Pokémon Legends: Arceus - How To Get & Not Fail Shiny Pokemon In Pokemon Legends

Shiny locked pokemon

Shiny locked pokemon

Slash merch. We now have hoodies. Great second, let's talk about the shiny locks. This game has some Pokemon Shiny locked. Pretty much anything that's out in the open where you're able to catch it multiple times is not shiny locked. The beginning partner starter pokemon is shiny locked. That means that you cannot soft reset your game at the beginning of the game in order to get a shiny, rowlet, cinequill, or oshawott.

However, you are going to be able to find these Pokémon out in the wild after seeing the credits. So if you're worried that you're not going to be able to have a husylian decidueyes, samarat, or typhlosion in your Pokémon home, don't worry. You are going to be able to do it with this game. There is one gift for Pokemon.

It's technically a reward for completing a side quest, and it's an alolan variant of a Pokémon. I think it is the only one in the game. It is also shiny and locked. Any synovian legendary Pokémon that you may be thinking of are shiny locked Any mythical Pokémon that requires save data from previous games is shiny locked.

Any side quests in the postgame revolving around legendary Pokémon? If there's a returning legendary Pokémon or a new legendary Pokémon, those are all shiny locked. You cannot get any of those shiny Also, there is a later point in the story where you need to go to three specific caves and fight alpha Pokémon.

Those three alpha Pokémon are shiny locked. I'm being vague intentionally. It's a great game, and I don't want to spoil it. Listen, you don't want spoilers. I don't want to tell you anything. Playing through this, I was like, What?

Base shiny rate

Base shiny rate

I mean they feel as though they are more common because, you know, more pokemon spawn in at once, so if you run through an area you could see a whole bunch of them. But also, at the same time, they are actually more common if you put the work in. Instead of it just being, you know, beat the game, complete the decks, get the shiny charm as in previous games, it's now much more broken up and much more incentivized to do basically the main story quest of completing the pokedex.

Excuse me, Gyarados. You're being a little too loud. I need you back in the game. Thanks, Every Pokemon in the overworld has a base rate of 1 out of 4 096. To be shiny when you first play the game, meaning playing the game and doing absolutely nothing, is going to give you by far the worst odds of finding any single shiny Pokemon.

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He's sleeping, so you have your base rate of one out of four thousand nine hundred sixty-six for a Pokemon to be shining right, and then from there, if you were to go and you were to complete a Pokemon's pokedex page, and by complete. I mean reach level 10. I'm going to stop whispering and acting like he can actually hear me.

What I mean by that is the scoring on this page equals 10. As you can see, I have the second check mark, but there's an up arrow, so those count for double, so those two equal four points. I've seen it used once, but it's doubled, so now I'm at six points. I've given a food one of the different forms I've obtained, two, and then I've evolved to three, and that's way over ten, so because of that, the pokedex research level is ten, which means that I now get a second re-roll at that shiny pokemon, which now means that I have two shiny re-rolls at that shiny pokemon, or one we roll two rolls at that shiny pokemon, or about 1 out of 2048.

From here, there's something else you can do to increase your odds of finding a shiny Pokémon. If I were to look back at Magikarp's page, you can achieve a perfect pokedex page for that. I mean, 25 caught, seven of them large, 40 defeated, 100 times you splash fed it five times, both male and female forms, and evolved 10 of them.

I personally don't have anything I can reference for that, but if you do that, it's a perfect page. Complete all tasks for a species and you will have stars on the pokeball, which now means that you have four shiny rolls for about one in 1024 odds.



Now, I'm going to be frank with you; the shiny charm is in this game and, unlike the brilliant diamond shiny pearl, it does work. However, it requires completing every single Pokemon's pokedex page and beating the game and the postgame and the postpostgame, so you're not doing that anytime soon.

Instead, there's actually another mechanic that's built into the game that starts as soon as you start the game. Well, technically, as soon as you're able to get past this bridge right here. Once you're able to walk across this bridge, a new mechanic is unlocked that happens very randomly, and it's called outbreaks.

So what outbreaks are is when you leave the town, which you're going to see on your map here. There's going to be a Pokémon icon. That means that there's an outbreak, which means that there's going to be a cluster of Pokemon that spawn there. So what outbreaks are when you were to be a Pokemon and you didn't complete its tax page but there is a mass outbreak?

You have really great odds. You have 26 rerolls for a shiny, which is equivalent to one out of 158. So there's a one in 158 chance that this mass outbreak is going to have a shiny Pokémon for you at the time of recording and pre-release. There are still some questions as far as the most effective way to use these mass outbreaks for the same specific Pokemon, but for now, at the very beginning of the game, all you need to know is that if you go to a mass outbreak, there's a chance you'll find a shiny Pokemon if you do cool.

If you don't move on, at a later point in time, we may have a more efficient way to almost guarantee a shine from a mass outbreak. Right now, due to some discrepancies, I personally don't want to advise you either way, but be sure to subscribe for future updates on that. back to Austin, talking about things.

six hours ago i now realize that Mr. Mime does the sitting down drinking tea thing that it does in Detective Pikachu and I love that.

Compounded rates & shiny charm

Compounded rates & shiny charm

All of those things can be compounded, so if you have a pokemon who's researched level 10 and there's a mass outbreak, you have 27 re-rolls for a one out of 152 chance, and a shiny pokemon, if it's a perfect research during the mass outbreak, you have 29 re-rolls for a shiny pokemon, and then also, if you have the shiny charm, it very slightly increases.

Going back to without a mass outbreak and having the shiny charm on a level 10, you have five re-rolls for one out of having a perfect dex page and a shiny charm one out of 585. The best odds you could possibly have are beating the game and beating the post-post game. There's a mass outbreak. You perfected the Pokémon page.

Pokmon Legends Arceus has new ways that you can find shiny pokemon in the wild as well as Mass outbreaks! here is How To Get Not Fail Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Official Playlist of the Pokemon Legends Arceus.
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