Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Game Theory: These 25 Pokemon Are Dead Because Of You

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - extinct

Congratulations, you are killing a Pokemon in the established canon of the Pokemon series. We, our player character, at least, are the reason that at least 25 pokemon species have gone extinct. That's not even really a theory. It is established within the canon to be fair. It's buried way down in there and requires you to connect a few dots, but I have 100 percent confidence that Gamefreak has expressly put this in here for observant, dedicated players.

And perhaps strangest of all, is this steamrolling of the wildlife. We bump innocent animals permanently off the mortal coil. It's all because of a message from God. The Pokémon God, Arceus. He gives us this divine mission to exterminate the mon. If you thought Pokemon lore was weird before, wait until you hear this one.

Hello internet, welcome to Game Theory, the only show that's nerdy enough to remind you that ho-oh isn't just a Pokemon, it's also the chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide. Drop that knowledge-bound the next time you're in Mrs. Nagy's third period chemistry class. Ladies and gentlemen, there are three things that are certain in this world: death, taxes, and new Pokemon games.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - extinction

We just had a Pokemon party last week; we're rapidly approaching the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet; and even Pokemon Go is making itself a bit of a resurgence. In short, pokemania. So I figured it was time we took another look at the series, and what better game to talk about than the smash hit of 2022, Pokemon Legends Arceus?

While recent remakes have literally just been recycling the Pokemon formula that's been reused since the mid 90s, Legends of Arceus threw that formula out into the trubish. It's the first game in the core series to give players an open world to explore, but while it certainly was a new look, it wasn't a new world.

In this game, you're actually running through an ancient version of Sinnoh. The region between Gen 4's diamond pearl and platinum, How far back in the past are we talking? Unfortunately, the game doesn't explicitly tell us, but based on the somewhat modern amenities of Jubilee Village like bound books, brimmed hats, and steam-powered pokeballs, as well as the architectural inspiration for the galaxy hall, the game seems to take place in the Meiji era of Japanese history, which took place from around 1868 to 1912.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus - game theorists

And given that the houses and clothing in Jubilee village seemed to resemble that of the Ido era, the era prior to Meiji was more likely to be closer to that 140-years-ago mark. So, really, this thing was one part Pokemon, one part game, and one part history lesson for that fictional region. There are some obvious ones, like the region's name being changed from His Suicino.

Isolated camps are evolving into urbanized cities, but clearly I'm not here to talk about my love of geography or urban planning. I'm here to talk about the biggest difference of them all: the Pokemon. There are a good number of Pokemon that we find in the Hassoui region that are completely new ones that don't make an appearance in the gen 4 games, their remakes, or any other core installment in the series.

Doing a quick comparison of the hissui and cenodex shows us that there are a whopping 25 Pokemon that are found somewhere in the hissoui region that are completely absent from other titles, like the adorable Hissuian. Growlithe, and the hauntingly new evolution of Basculin basculegen. But where'd they go?

Unsurprisingly, the game never explicitly says what happened to all these Pokémon, based on my findings. for a good reason. You see, they're shielding us from the truth. We killed them. We are responsible. We're the reason those 25 Pokemon variants are gone now. We made them go extinct. So come with me, loyal theorists, as we go big lore hunting to figure out what exactly happened to all these new and old Pokemon.

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Pokémon Legends: Arceus - game theory

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Catch all the answers!

Catch all the answers!

Speaking of, let's start by looking at one of the first new Pokemon that we get to see in the game, Wardier, the long-awaited evolution for the Pokemon stantler, now in legends. They can only be obtained on one specific route using the poker radar, and as for words here, they don't exist. Not at all.

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