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We have the world championship event in Pokemon Go. Let's jump right in. This event is going to go down from Thursday the 18th, at 10 a. M local time, all the way till Tuesday the 23rd at 8 p.


I'm thinking about jumping on the Twitch channel and doing a bunch of Go Battle League battles because of the bonuses that are definitely going to be featured in this event.

I'm not the best battler, but it's going to be a fun time for sure. This event is going to be themed around the championship, which is going down from the 18th all the way to the 21st in London this weekend, so if you are in London this weekend, definitely check that out. I will not be there for everybody that is wondering, but I will definitely be tuning in and I will definitely be having some fun with it. There is going to be one player that wins the world that will have the exclusive attire as well as the pose holding up the trophy, so there's really only one player that's going to get that , which is extremely rare.

New shiny

New shiny

I can't wait to see who comes out on top. The features of the event are going to include Pikachu, in the world's championship costume, which is extremely cool.

It does have a shine, so definitely make sure to get after that. The bonuses of the event are going to include challengers that you will be able to fight at poke stops. Hopefully, they will still give the mysterious components. I'm not sure, but we will find out soon here. There is going to be an increase in battles from 5 to 10 sets per day, which is going to give you a grand total of 50 battles per day, and then there's going to be three times the stardust coming from the battle league rewards, which is definitely something that's heavily incentivizing.

This may be a great time to integrate that because just remember in Pokemon Go, if you do one thing too much, there's a good possibility that you could get burnt out, so there's always a good possibility. And something that I recommend is that whenever there is an opportunity to take advantage of something new in the game, even if it might not be your favorite, go after it because it will make you more well-rounded. For the aspect of the game that you do enjoy the most, there's going to be spawns, there's going to be raids, there's going to be research, and there's going to be availability.

Spawn tips

Spawn tips

To get exclusive comedy moves, which we are going to check out in my tips, starting off with tip number one. Tip number one is going to be focusing on the spawns.

At this event, we do have a knitter and a female, who are going to have a shine. We do have my chop spawning, we do have manky, we have mudkip, sableye, meta type, we have swablu, spheel krogunk, and we also have dewpider, and then if you are lucky, you will be able to get a scraggy or a gallerian.

Stunt fisk So if you guys are go battle leaguers at all, you're probably looking at these Pokemon and probably salivating like crazy. These Pokemon are meta stacked, and you are absolutely right, but as far as a meta standpoint, let's look at some attackers. We do have Machamp here. That is definitely one of the top in the shadow category.

We also have a couple megas in here, one of which is going to be Alteria, which is a great mega level 3 because you can multi-purpose it to get dragon and fairy boosted xl candy when catching. Additionally, we are going to have Sablai that has a mega at some point, and we have a mega meta champ as well, which are definitely going to be useful, mostly not from the meta attacker standpoint, but they are going to get dual typings, which does help out.

The mega sableye will be dark and ghost, which are two great combinations to get boosted for mega level three for the exo candy increase, and then the mega meta champ is going to be psychic as well as fighting types, which is fantastic.

Gbl tips

Gbl tips

But with that said, let's get into the GBL because that's gonna be where these Pokemon shine and it is crazy out here, so starting off we are gonna have the nittoqueen. In the great league, it's going to be ranked 15 with poison jab, poison fang, and earth power shadow rank 17. When I talk about 100 ibs, it's going to be the pvp stats at 0-15-12.

And then in the ultra league it's going to be ranked 38 in the shadow 47, in the non-shadow poison jab poison fang earth power combination, same exact move set as 100 iv at level 47, so you will need exocandy at 0-14, 15. Then we have the prime ape in the great league with a rank of a61, counter night slash close combat 115/15 in the ultra league xl's rank 39, counter night slash coast combat again at a 7 of 15.

Pokémon GO - best pokemon go events

That's going to be at level 50, so you will need XL candies at 296 to get there. Then we have in the great league of machamp, shadow 13, 35, and 0-14-11: non-shadow countercross, chomp, and rock slide. In the ultra league it is going to be ranked 37 shadow 73 in the non-shadow counter cross chop and payback, on this one, which is the comm day move at a 0-15-14, and then in the master league it's going to be ranked 80 shadow 97 in the non-shadow, and Machamp is one of those Pokémon that is very multi-purpose.

You can use it in the GBL, in every single league. It is a Swiss army knife, and then you can also use it as a meta attacker, especially in that shadow form, so that Pokemon rocks, and then we also have the swampert, as a mega coming out in the future, which is a very powerful pokemon. It is one of the top tiers in the game and it's going to be one of the top ground attackers, as well, so it's definitely worth having that 296.

Pokémon GO - best shiny pokemon

For the meta purpose of that swamper, in the great league it's going to be ranked three mudshot hydrocannon, which is the comedy move, and earthquake, shadow rank six, zero fourteen, fourteen hundred percent iv and then we have the ultra league rank four much out hydrocannon, earthquake again and rank eight and then in the master league it is going to be ranked with the hundred percent iv for the ultra league zero 14 13 and then in the master league it's going to be ranked with the same exact move set, and next we have sableye rank 32, shadow claw foul play and return, which is the purified move rank 32, and level 48, is going to be the shadow stable 100 ib at level 48.

So it does require XL Candy 3: 14: 15. And then we have the meta champ counter ice punch and psychic, level 55, so that's going to be 296, exo candy on that pokemon, and next we have the alteria coming from Sua Blue Rank 10. Dragon Breath Sky Attack. Moon Blast. Zero, 14. And then next we are in the wall rain.

This Pokemon is mighty nasty for all the leagues. Rank four is the powder snow icicle spear, which is both common in combe moves and earthquakes. The 100 ivs are 0 - 12 - 15. And then in the ulta league it's going to be ranked two for the shadow and five for the non-shadow with the same exact move sets.

Pokemon go World's event is here with a great new Shiny World Championship Costume Pikachu, Previous Community Day evolution movesets available AND great spawns.
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