Pokémon GO - 5 Secret Pok. Mon Go Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

Pokémon GO - community day

Pokemon Go is an easy game. You catch, evolve, battle. Nothing to it. Wrong. Pokémon Go has many hidden strategies that the more experienced players use to elevate their gameplay and boost their progression, and today I'll be sharing those secrets with you. Did you know that you could lag switch in Pokémon Go?

It doesn't work like in other games like Call of Duty, but it's still super useful. If you didn't know, team rocket is one of the most meta relevant features in Pokémon Go, if not the most. Some of the strongest and most useful pokemon in the game are shadow pokemon, specifically, shadow legendaries and pokemon that come from team leaders.

This can prove to be a bit difficult, especially if you're not a max or higher level trainer, but there's a small glitch that makes team rocket leaders and Giovanni much easier to battle, and it's easier to do when battling any member of team rocket. You can essentially stop their Pokemon from attacking for about two seconds when used at the right moment.

Pokémon GO - event

This can mean the difference between winning and losing the battle. Any time you switch Pokemon or use a charge move, the team rocket Pokemon will have a short two-second delay until they start attacking again. So if you're battling a more difficult team leader or Giovanni, Lead with a Pokemon that isn't the one you want to use against their first Pokemon.

Once the battle starts, quickly switch to the correct Pokemon. This will create a short two-second delay on the opposing Pokemon's attacks that allows you to take less damage during the battle. This also works with charge moves, and when used correctly, you can save a ton of health. This may seem like a simple strat, but don't count it out.

It might save your life. There's a way to save up to a hundred Pokemon encounters of any Pokemon you want and be able to catch all of them whenever you want. This also applies to Pokemon that give extra stardust, which is clutch. If you've ever watched my articles, you'll notice that I always have an extra encounter.

Pokémon GO - fest

In my field research tab at the top of the tab, this is called a field research stack, and it's one of the best strategies. In Pokemon Go, when completing a field research task and encountering a pokemon from it, you can simply flee that pokemon. That encounter will then go into your field research stack at the top of the page.

Whenever you want to catch that Pokemon, just click the stack and re-encounter it. It's important to know that you can stack up to 100 Pokemon in your research stack, but once you get to 100, the game begins automatically, deleting the Pokemon out of your stack. There's also no way of knowing how many you have in the stack.

It's all educated guesses. Now this is kind of a cool feature, but what's the meta strategy here? For example, during community days, spotlight hours, and select events, we get super useful in-game bonuses like double XP or stardust for catching Pokemon. For example, during the recent bug out event, they gave 4 000 xp per excellent throw, so saving 100 Pokemon in your stack that were easy to hit excellence on dropping a lucky egg and then catching all 100 would have netted you an extra 400 xp.

Pokémon GO - mystic

There are also Pokemon like Paris, Rubbish, and Combi that give extra stardust when caught, like a lot of extra stardust. The meta-meta strategy is to stack specific Pokemon like rubbish. I hate rubbish or combos, which give a base of 650 stardust for catching. That's a lot. So if an event happens that gives three times the stardust, which does happen, and let's say you saved a hundred combis in your field research stack by catching those 100 combis during three-time sketch stardust, you'll gain 195, 000 stardust.

That is a cracked gift. That might be one of the most underrated features of Pokemon Go. It gets tiring of sending gifts and having to open them, and who cares about stickers? Let's be honest. No offense if you do, but don't count them out. The gifs, not the stickers, are the number one. XP stratton Pokemon Adding someone to your friend list gives more than just friendship; it gives benefits too.

Pokémon GO - mystic7

When leveling up your friendship with another player, you get an xp bonus. These are as follows: good friends give 3000 xp, great friends give 10 000 xp, ultra friends give 50 000 xp, and best friends give 100 000 xp, and it takes approximately 90 days to get to best friends through daily interaction.

Okay, so the fun math So, currently you can have up to 400 people on your friends list, so if you were able to get best friends with all 400 people on your friends list and you had a lucky egg down only for 50 of the best friends level, that would give you a total of, wait for it, 85 million. Technically, 000 xp and technically, if you're efficient, you can do that every 90 days because the best part is you can delete your friends.

Once you become best friends with someone, especially someone you'll probably never meet, you can just remove them from your friends list and then add someone else. I'm pretty sure if you delete someone from your friends list, your friendship with that person stays the same, and there's a glitch that makes all this even easier when opening a gift.

Pokémon GO - new pokmon

You can tap where the x button would be to skip the gift opening animation. You're welcome catching Pokemon is literally what the game is all about. You gotta freaking catch 'em all, bud, but are you catching like a pro or a noob? If you've watched this channel or any other channel, you've seen the quick catch method.

Almost a million times, it allows you to catch Pokémon while skipping the time-consuming catching animation. This strategy is super efficient, but not the most The current most efficient catching strategy in Pokemon Go, used by top players and world record holders alike, is quick catching. Plus ar plus The air plus feature in Pokemon Go is one that Niatic wishes we would all use a little bit more, but most people just opt out of it.

Most people accept the most experienced players, and it's not because they enjoy the beauty of the real world mixed with augmented reality. It's not because it makes catching Pokemon fast, and I mean really fast when encountering Pokémon in air plus mode. You skip the initial encounter animation.

Pokémon GO - new pokmon game

This saves you about a second and a half per encounter. Pair this with a quick catch technique and you can fly. Through spawns which can be seen very clearly by watching world record holders show off their catching ability as mysterious as the name may be, the mystery box really isn't a mystery, but there are strategies lurking inside the box that are worth knowing, and if you're not level 50 yet, this will be super helpful because in order to get to level 47, you have to have three Pokemon fully maxed out at level 50.

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