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as anyone who plays RPGs knows, this has actually been a pretty good year for them. Hi folks, it's Falcon, and today's game ranks the 10 best RPGs of 2021.

Nier: replicant ver. 1.22474487139␦

starting off at number 10, it's a near replicant version of one point two four seven, four eight seven, and one three nine dot dot.

I said that for the fun of it, but that is actually the official title of the game. The original was from a long time ago. We only saw Near Gastalt back in 2010, and it was just called Near Here. The original near replica got a number of upgrades to more closely resemble Nir Automata. And as a fan of the original Near Gastalt, having this restored basically to the original Japanese version and enhanced.

I just think it makes this game make a little bit more sense with Near Automata, firstly because the main character looks like they belong in that world. Secondly, in that the combat much more closely resembles Near Automata, and although this game is very different in terms of the types of enemies and ai than what I would call Near Automata, vastly superior in that department, this game really just benefits from feeling that pace when the original was kind of clunkier and slower, it's still not the exact same thing as Near Automata; it just feels like a lot closer; these feel like two games in the same series, at least more so than the original game that we got here in North America did, and there's also more content that they've added into the two acts; there's another ending.

All in all, it's just a more complete package that connects. I feel much better and the enhancements are really appreciated.

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy

Marvel's guardians of the galaxy

and number nine is Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. Now we put it near 10 because it's 10 years old. We put this one at nine because while it's not a full-blown rpg, it has some rpg elements. You have a basic skill tree, for instance, but there is a lot of mass effect influence here. You've got a big emphasis on dialogue.

Choosing options, managing teammate relationships, and other types of stuff, it's overall just a damn that they. I mean, I wasn't sure what to think when they announced it. You and I both know that Marvel's Avengers, made by the same people and published by the same people, was a games as a service kind of disaster, and they were like "well, we get that was a disaster, here's the opposite." For me, when I hear that.

I'm always like, "Yeah, you get it, sure show me the proof and they kind of did." Guardians of the Galaxy is a good game. You find a lot of different influences, like in some parts it feels like a Telltale game. Some parts you're going to really feel like it's Mass Effect or Uncharted, and it's really got this unique team leader combat system where you're kind of like if Nathan Drake was dropped into the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

It's a game that really works, and it's something unique. It's not perfect, but I really enjoyed it at number.

Darkest dungeon 2

Darkest dungeon 2

Eight is Darkest Dungeon 2, which is a game that revamps the original formula pretty significantly. For one, your runs are way shorter in this game. These aren't hundred-hour runs either, but this is for a reason. Between the smaller amount of time you spend with them and the overall smaller team of four characters, you're learning much more about these characters; they're fleshed out and I think that this is a positive trade-off.

This is also a game that is still in early access, and things will probably still be changing until they finalize that. That said, the different structure of playing a roguelike in a staged coach traveling across different biomes and still making the same kinds of very difficult choices, still trying to keep a torch alight, still managing stress, which by the way, now affects relationships within your team.

I have seen some give this a little bit of crap for departing too far from the original game, and I'm going to say I kind of disagree. I don't think there's a reason to have a Darkest Dungeon 2 unless you're going to try some different stuff and the experience is different enough to justify it, but it's not so different, like I've heard some people say.

I also think that as it's developed through early access, it's gotten better and better. I just enjoy it. I think it's a good game. I'm not sure if I would rate it as good as the first, but I think it's a worthwhile addition to the series.



And Number seven is eastward, which is really a strange combination of a lot of things, the most prominent of which is obviously the legend of Zelda. You can see influences. In terms of the narrative itself, they use a very quirky storytelling device in that the game is called "Eastward" and you're literally just on a linear train ride eastward.

You start off in a mining town post-apocalypse, where there's a disease that has sent a lot of people underground. You fear the outside world, but you also kind of want to see it. This is not a briskly. But it's an artfully created one that really does what it sets out to do. I would call it warm in tone, and when I brought up Studio Ghibli, I think that's probably the most salient thing to compare it to, despite it being the only thing I brought up that's not a game.

If you like a Studio Ghibli movie that kind of bounces around from genre to genre, that's what this is and it does it really well. It's a good challenge, and it's got Zelda-like gameplay. I love that it's maybe a little more linear than you might expect a Zelda game to be, but I love eastward. It's a fantastic game.

Bravely default 2

Bravely default 2

And number six is bravely defaulting too now. While I certainly did enjoy Bravely Second, there was one thing it did that I didn't particularly love. While it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the game, there was a mild bit of disappointment when it continued the narrative from the first instead of making Bravely Default the real successor to Final Fantasy that it kind of promised to be and giving us a totally new game.

That's what Bravely Default 2 is. Bravely Second is a direct sequel to Bravely Default, which is a final fantasy-like sequel. Now there are arguments and fan theories over whether the final fantasies are all connected or not. If I'm honest, I just like a game that gives us a big epic story in a new world and bravely defaults to completely delivering on that.

If you like traditional JRPGs, this is where you go. It's fantastic.

Shin megami tensei v

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And number five is Shin Megami Teki Five. It's a really interesting title. It retains all the stuff that you enjoy about this series while also doing a lot of experimenting and, frankly, interesting plot developments and the incorporation of some more modern game elements like a fast travel system that make the game just significantly better.

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