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every year we break down the best games to play from the year on each console, so today we're tackling the PlayStation platform. Here are some of the best upcoming 2021 games available on PlayStation exclusive and multi-platform, from PS4 to PS5. We've got a bunch of good stuff to tackle. We've got 20 games, so let's get started off with number 20.

Lost judgment

Lost Judgment is a multi-platform game, but it is incredibly awesome. If you didn't play the previous game judgment, that's okay. This game does a decent job of setting you up. Essentially, what this is like a spin-off of the Yakuza games but with more of an emphasis on detective work, chasing down perps, and, of course, kicking asses. If you've never played a judgement game, obviously, but this one is a good place to start .

Green hell

Green hell

Next, over at number 19. Green Hell, is a game that really surprised us because, on the surface, it might look like your run-of-the-mill, generic, survivor game where you're just a guy stranded on an island and you need to craft and eat to stay alive, but there's a lot more to it.

It's really single-player story-based, and it's incredibly interesting. There's a very cerebral story here that will probably surprise you. It really hooked us. Green Hell has been a thing for a while on PC, but this year it finally got its big debut on consoles, and it's definitely worth the wait if you're looking for a little bit more of an indie style game that tries some interesting new things in a genre that you kind of thought was in its twilight years.

Green Hell is awesome. Now next, over at number 18, we have hitman 3.

Hitman 3

This will be released at the start of 2021 for all the major platforms, and don't forget about this one when you're making your own personal game of the year list, because Hitman 3 is incredible. It takes what Io Interactive has tried to do with the world of the Assassination Trilogy and finally knocks it out of the park.

You probably remember these games as kind of episodic. Then, in kind of a live service, it updates games. The release model was confusing for the average person who doesn't really pay attention to Hitman, but now with Hitman 3, they've got it all nailed down and they've really perfected the gameplay and level design to a degree that we didn't even expect to see.

Some of the moments in this game are so incredibly memorable, and the best part is that you make your own fun here. It's challenging, it's free form, you have a million ways to tackle your targets, and the number of hours you get out of this thing messing around and playing and having fun is unmatched.

Definitely don't forget about Hitman 3.

Fi.s.t.: forged in shadow torch

F.i.s.t.: forged in shadow torch

Now next, over at number 17, we have fist or fist, forged in shadow torch. This is an action metroidvania style game, but definitely not like any of the other ones you've seen. There are quite a few out there, but none of them really look like this. This insane, over-the-top sci-fi aesthetic has a 2D plane but with 3D graphics, incredibly detailed characters, and a really cool combat system.

You play as Rayton, a seemingly cute and cuddly creature who actually has a sci-fi mechanical arm, and you travel through these environments, exploring and kicking ass. The combat is cool because you have to pay attention. There's a lot of challenge between that and the platforming and, of course, the metroidvania elements, and it's definitely something you should keep on your radar.

The great ace attorney chronicles

Next to at number 16, we have the great ace attorney chronicles. People for years have been enjoying the Ace Attorney games, but the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles are a new adventure, a different spin-off adventure. There are two games in this collection, and they're really tied together, and they're worth experiencing.

You are once again a sleuth going through the process of gathering evidence, doing the research, and, of course, doing those awesome courtroom showdowns, yelling objections, presenting your clues, interviewing witnesses, but with a little bit more of an old-school old-timey flair this time around. These adventures are absolutely worth experiencing, just like all of the Ace Attorney games, and we're glad that they're on the PlayStation platform, Over at number 15, we have Death Loop, which for a lot of people feels like all of Arcane's best ideas thrown into just a crazy chaotic sandbox.



Death Loop is a time-loop game, but it's a little bit more confusing than that, but it is also more compelling than you'd ever expect. This game wants you to have fun murdering people, and it also wants you to experiment with your abilities and stuff. It's not the most challenging thing in the world, but it is incredibly relaxing.

It's fun to play, and it's cool to explore these environments, learning the ins and outs of all of your targets, all of which you need to assassinate in one time loop. That's how you figure out this whole game. It has cool weapons, a quirky art style, memorable music, and, just like I said, fun gameplay.

Most importantly, it's like playing a dishonored game where you don't really have to worry too much about setting off any alarms because you are just such an overpowered badass. If you like any of Arcane's games or just really creative, outside-the-box first person shooters that make you think a little bit more, definitely check out Death Loop.

There's a reason why it's making so many game of the year lists.

Life is strange: true colors

Next, over at number 14, we have Life is Strange; True Colors. Once again, we get a new adventure in the life of strange storytelling, with a new character with new powers and a whole new host of problems to deal with. It seems like their writing has gotten much better this time around, and if you like those games and you're looking for a cool new adventure, True Colors should satisfy.

Guilty gear strive

Guilty gear strive

Next At number 13 we have Guilty Gear Strike, which looks out of this world, and yes, in person with the game running on your PlayStation, it does look this good. The art style is improved, the animations are absolutely out of this world, and it really just solidifies Guilty Gear as one of the premier fighting games.

The arc system works, they know how to make a gorgeous fighting game, and really, at this point, they're just flexing, they're just showing off. This one definitely takes some practice. It's a little tough to get into, but it's fun to master. If you've never played a guilty gear game, strive is a good place to start with this version.

The dark pictures anthology: house of ashes

Poker Club - best playstation 4 games 2021

Trust us, Next over At number 12, we have the Dark Pictures Anthology, House of Ashes. Thankfully, that changed with House of Ashes, the newest one in this anthology. It's pretty sweet. It's like they learned all their mistakes from the previous games, combined them all, and made for a really cool story in an unconventional setting.

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