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Austin John plays here and today I'm going to be going over all 17 legendary Pokemon that you can get from Romanus Park at Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shine in Pearl. Of the seventeen legendary Pokemon, four are going to be exclusive to Diamond and four to Pearl. You have the legendary beasts only in diamond and the legendary birds only in pearl.

The tower duo is split, with Hi being a diamond in both Lugia and Pearl. Both of them are going to have access to the legendary titans. The Eon Duo, the Super Ancient Pokemon, aka the Weather Trio, and Mewtwo, In this article, I'm going over how you get them, when you get them, and in what order you get them.

It should be noted that you can shiny hunt all of these Pokemon.

Ramanas park & hidden ablates

At the base rate of one out of four thousand ninety-six, they are unaffected by the shiny charm, After you become champion and complete your regional pokedex, you're going to want to go and speak with the professor again in order to get the national decks.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Steelbook. Video Games. 0045496416249 - austin john

A shortcut scene happens with Professor Oak, and then you're going to want to head south to route 219, across route 220, route 221, and eventually to the end of route 221, to Romanus Park. In the original games, this was the location of Pal Park. At first entering, you're going to have a short interaction with Professor Oak, and he's going to give you the app for your poke that's going to let you keep track of the pokemon that you were chaining with the poker radar.

So just a quick glance, these are all of the legendary Pokemon that you're going to be getting in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, and here's all of the legendary Pokemon that you're going to be getting in Shining Pearl. All of them are going to be level 70, and one of the unique things is that all of them are going to have their own hidden ability.

Like Regis, here is an ice body, light metal, and snow cloak static flame body unnerve air lock drought drizzle. Multi-scale like this has some quality hidden abilities. It does make sense that hint abilities are going to be more common now after Pokemon's sword and shield DLC. With the ability patch, you can freely swap between Pokemon's hidden abilities if they do have one.

Mysterious shards

Mysterious shards

Great now, this woman over here, if we speak to her, she says that we can exchange mysterious shards for slates here and, by default, you can get the discovery slate for three small shards or one large shard.

The mysteries, both the small ones and the large ones, are going to be obtained in the underground via digging. It's possible to get both large and small in the same dig, and it's even possible to get multiple large shards at the same time during the same day. While the game is still new, we're trying to figure out if there's any sort of indication that allows these shards to show up more commonly, or more rarely in different areas, or different progressions, points, or many different metrics that could possibly affect them at the time.

It's sort of unknown, so the recommendation is to just go down there and start digging. When you start digging, I definitely recommend going three tiles across. That way, you get a scope of the entire area underneath here, and you can see if there are any large shards to begin with. And while I don't have an exact metric as to how common these shards are in specific areas.

I feel like the more time that you spend down here, the more statues you uncover, and the more of the rooms that you go from the question mark status to uncovering what the room is, it seems like they do start to become more common anytime you're in the underground. And if someone starts helping you out, then yeah, that can save you a little bit of durability on your digging status, which is always fun.

The legendary titans

The legendary titans

So last night, I was down here for three hours in order to get enough shards for three different discoveries; slates, however, were here on my fourth dig. I was able to get a small shard almost right away, so it's all just luck of the draw. Don't be discouraged if it takes too long. You are making progress, and you are going to be finding them the more of the underground you explore.

Once you have yourself either three small shards or a large shard, you are going to be able to exchange them for these specific slates, and once you have enough for three of these discovery slates. I recommend coming back to Romanus Park in order to do your first encounters. It should also be noted that you are actually able to buy more discovery slates than you need; you only need three.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Steelbook. Video Games. 0045496416249 - austin john plays

However, if you accidentally buy a fourth, it's going to remain in your bag forever, completely useless. You can not sell it. You can not trade it. You cannot make a Pokemon hold it and give it to somebody else. It is literally useless. That may be changed in a future update, we don't know, but the first cave that we're going to be going into is the one right here as you walk into Romanus Park.

This is called the discovery room, and it clearly has the different symbols of the different regals here. Before interacting with the pedestal, because it does put you in a room that I don't think you're actually able to leave. It's a good idea to make sure that you're properly equipped with all the balls that you need and all the Pokemon you may need to be able to take down these legendary legendary.

You may want to turn autosave off at this point. I don't know if this is considered a cave or not. If you want to use dusk balls, I do recommend switching your clock to night time. While that will delay some in-game events, you are guaranteed a better catch rate with dusk balls, and then after the 11th turn of battle, I am going to be using timer balls.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Steelbook. Video Games. 0045496416249 - brilliant diamond discovery slate

It should also be noted that before putting your slate in, it's going to randomly choose one of the three titans. You're welcome to save your game now. Put the slate in, see if it's the Pokemon that you want. If it's not, reset your game. Come out here and you will experience it. Possibly the same or possibly a different one of the three titans, you will encounter the legendary monster that you do want, and if you do want a shiny hunt, you can save directly in front of it.

As you can see right here, the two different regis that I reset to catch do have different stats, so it's safe to assume that their stats and shiny status are determined once you interact with them. In addition, catch the Pokemon. Whenever you successfully catch one of these legendary Pokemon, you're going to see a statue appear on top of its pedestal.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl Steelbook. Video Games. 0045496416249 - brilliant diamond legendary pokemon

In addition, while leaving the Romanus Park field, this gentleman over here is going to give you a statue of that legendary Pokemon that you caught for your secret base. After successfully catching one of your legendary titans, all you need to do is interact with the pedestal again and repeat the exact same steps with your second and third discovery slate.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl lets you catch 17 Legendary Pokemon in Ramans Park with Slates for Mysterious Shards.
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