PC Builds - Why Gaming Setups Don't Matter

PC Builds - reacting to setups

So I reacted to my viewers' gaming setups along with their ranks in Valerian. All of this was streamed right here on YouTube. All right, this is a setup. This is probably one of the nicest looking setups in the article. I'm actually surprised. Never mind i'm not surprised he's bronze 3. A lot of these people have like really nice setups, and even though I have a really nice setup, at least I'm a higher rank, but this guy definitely focused more on like the personalization.

I love the look of it. He has a lot of mouse space. Not a lot, but he has more mouse space than the other people. I wish I could see what mouse he's using. This one's a streamer, as you can tell. He has the hand cam and the face cam here. This looks like such a crowded setup in my opinion, but it does make it look super cozy.

I'd rate it as a solid seven. It's just too crowded in my opinion. It does look cozy. I have to give it to him. I also like the kind of woodsy vibe he has. He has a little bit of fake Ikea plans, I'm assuming, if he decrotted it a little bit, and definitely doesn't like the look of the mouse pad.

To be honest, if he changed the mouse pad, I feel like it would look a lot nicer. This is like the most, I don't know, it's kind of weird. It's a really nice desk. A really nice looking PC. I'm assuming it's like 140 hertz or something like that. His headset, though, is like one of the five-dollar headsets you see from Gamestop.

PC Builds - setup

You know what I'm talking about? This is literally like one of the five-dollar headsets you see from Gamestop. He's using two books as a monitor stand. And then his chair just looks like his grandfather's chair from like 20 years ago. You know what I mean? This is the highest ranked player in the article.

He was almost, he was almost, radiant. I think he was like 200 rr, off of radium, but you can just tell he has the vertical monitor. Literally, the maximum amount of mouse space he could ever want. And I don't know, I don't think I'm not 100, sure, but I think that's like a glass mouse pad. The glass mouse pad has no friction.

at all, it's like super smooth, you know what I mean. I don't know, and you can just tell he has the arm sleeve, the vertical keyboard, and, like I mentioned, the tilted monitor, of course. I would easily have guessed this is like an ascendant to immortality, 100. All right so right off the bat, I would definitely clean up the cables.

PC Builds - vermax

These cables are all over the place. I feel like the silver one kind of does fit his rank. He has to be playing on such a high sensitivity that he is just so inconsistent with his aim. Like, that mouse pad is not too big. It's really wide, but it's not deep. You know what I mean? So he doesn't have a lot of mouse space.

But yeah, overall, definitely just for this setup, I'd clean it up a lot because it's really cluttered. I'd rate this as a solid. What are we thinking? I'd rate it as a solid five. We have Scadardo here. I think that's how you pronounce his name. Another bronze player. Of course, he has his game in Japanese or some Asian language.

I don't know, but this guy. I'd say, finally we have someone with a good amount of mouse space, like you have your entire desk free for mouse space, but he's bronzed too. It looks like he doesn't mainly play valor, and that's why. But yeah, I'd like to set up a lot more just because of how, like, clean it is.

PC Builds - vermax reacting

Three, okay, actually he has a good amount of mouse space, but I feel like the main thing screwing him up here is just the monitor being so high. I don't know if I could play with a monitor that high. It would just be that it just messed up my aim if I were him. If he wanted to do it the easy way.

I'd literally get like a monitor mount or something and just put the monitor right here, have your keyboard here, and then you just like extend your arm, you know what I mean? That's how most players play, so you have a lot of mouse space. This setup is definitely, like, super unique. It's really minimalistic.

And setup and white, by far, in my opinion, look like the best colors for a setup. I think he might be a content creator just by judging by the key light and the mic, but this is the mini PC case. He actually is gold three. To be completely honest, I'm super surprised. He's gold three with that little bit of a mouse pad all right.

PC Builds - vermax reacting to setups

Another iron-three setup. The first thing we obviously noticed is that this picture is actually really low resolution, but the second thing is no mouse space. That's it no amount of space, low rank, nothing else to say there. I think this is an old picture because he sent this to me like two months ago and he just reused the picture, but he's now plotting one.

He used to be silver, and see this is what I'm talking about, like a lot of mouse space and he has a vertical keyboard, so he's like a sweaty player now. He has the I feel like every single pro player has that or a lot of them have it, and he has a lot of mouse space and a mouse pad. I feel like he didn't go for a really nice look in the setup, he just wanted one that was functional.

I just cleaned up the wires a little bit over here and that desk, you know, you can't really change the desk, it's kind of hard to change the desk, but yeah, It's pretty good. I'd say now this is the first laptop player in the whole article. I don't blame him at all for being silver. I can't even imagine playing a game like Valerian on a laptop.

PC Builds - xen vermax

This must be so hard. He's not even using an external monitor. He's playing straight from the laptop screen, so I don't know if it says "over here" or not. I'm assuming it's like no, it says right there 144 Hertz refresh rate, but the thing is. I don't know if it gives input delay on a laptop screen, but it's so small, it's just.

I don't know, it's just so hard to get used to that this setup is by far my favorite setup in the article. I might have added a little bit of light here, but the monitors look so nice. I love the angle and how precise he was with it. You know what I mean? You can tell he put a lot of detail into it.

The white and purple theme looks so clean and professional. first 10 out of 10, first 10 out of 10 in the article, and what rank was he? Yeah, he has, I don't know what mouse that is. I have no idea, but he has a lot of mouse space. From the looks of the setup, this guy definitely looks like he's focused a lot on the looks.

I'd really rate this as a solid 9.5 to like 10 out of 10. All right, Let's see another one, bronze 2 peak silver one, all right, this is what all the lower elo setups have, like I said, no mouse space at all, like literally barely. That's why he's low in rank. I was just like, "It's so easy." I just move your keyboard here and then your mouse right here, and I don't know what kind of mouse that is, but it doesn't look like a really good mouse, but with Valerian.

I reacted to my viewer's best and worst gaming setups along with their rank in valorant.
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