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PC Builds - gaming

PC gaming is such a joyous part of our lives, but it's in a slightly weird, almost complicated state right now. You've probably heard from some people that this is the worst possible time to buy, but then from others that it's the best. AMD, and Intel, and ultimately. I'm here to make sure you're getting the best possible gaming PC for the best possible price.

We'll start with the state of PC gaming, and honestly, in the last couple of years, it's definitely taking a little bit of a beating. PC gaming really shouldn't be an expensive hobby, but ever since the pandemic, building a cheap gaming computer has been incredibly difficult. An Xbox One will cost you around £450 pounds, and it can handle 4K gaming at 60fps and a fair few titles, but if you want to build a comparatively powerful PC, well, you'd be lucky to do it for under a thousand pounds.

However, I have to be honest, it's taking a little bit of a sad turn. I'm now very pleased to report that we're now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for a normal PC gaming service. Is set to resume, the word on the street is that NVidia actually has too many graphics cards now and prices are set to drop even more than they currently are with increased pressure to sell and competition for both team blue and team red, meaning we could see all out price wars.

PC Builds - gaming computer

Not to mention that the cost of RAM and SSDs is coming down a lot at the moment, so if you are looking to build yourself a budget gaming computer, or at least upgrade one, we're actually quite well set now. I think they're too long. I didn't listen. The reason is that the wave of product cycles is all starting to come to an end, and as production is up and demand is down, prices can start to get lower and lower.

I think this is absolutely key when buying yourself a gaming PC because it gives you full control of how long your PC is going to be current. I'll be giving you the full details on all of the launches in just a second. But it is always worth remembering that just because there are new products coming doesn't necessarily mean that you should actually wait for them.

PC Builds - gaming pc

New products are always going to be better, for sure, but they are often more expensive. You don't always know exactly how long it's going to take for them to arrive, let alone whether the product will actually be the thing that you've been waiting for. If there are deals to be had on something you actually need right now, then why wait?

Especially when you consider that all components are going to be outdated eventually. It usually works that the longer a product has left in its life cycle, the more expensive it is. So, in theory, you shouldn't be massively out of pocket. Of course, in practice, buying an RTX 3080 a week before the 4080 launch is probably a bad idea, but hey, how much it matters is entirely up to you.

And this is exactly why you're hearing so much about it on YouTube at the moment because there is just so much PC gaming buzz. The big one is the NVIDA RTX 4080, which is the successor to the pretty awesome RTX 3080. It's going to use more power and probably cost even more than last time, but performance is rumored to be hugely superior to the last generation.

PC Builds - pc build

So people, myself included, are getting incredibly excited. After all, the graphics card is the component that directly dictates your in-game frame rates, so it's the biggest upgrade that games can make to their PC and pretty much all situations. I've already spoken about this in massive detail, and if you haven't already seen those articles, you can find them in the top right corner of your screen.

Go and check it out. There are also new graphics cards coming out from Intel and AMD though, so don't throw your money at Nvidia just yet. Intuitively, Intel is releasing the first generation of arc GPUs in the coming weeks, which are very much aimed at more budget-friendly rigs that want top-end 1080p and 1440p,respectively.

Gaming in the latest games as these cards are first generation, there definitely are some teething issues that need addressing right now, but from what we can tell so far, if you're playing the right game, they might actually offer outstanding value for money. But I am going to offer absolutely no advice on arcs until they've come to this studio and I've actually tested them first hand.

PC Builds - pc centric

The awesome news is that the party doesn't stop here and AMD's RDNA 2 GPU will launch later this year too. You can expect very similar performance to that of Nvidia's 4000 series and, if history repeats itself, slightly lower pricing than Team Green 2. If AMD has caught up to NVIDA and ray tracing performance is anybody's guess, but if they can deliver more power efficient chips than NVidia, it might be enough to put team red on top this time around.

However, the thing to remember is that both Nvidia and AMD are probably only going to be launching high-end GPUs this year. We're talking about 500 pounds plus, so if you're in the market for a more budget-friendly gaming GPU right now, then it's probably not worth waiting around, but I would love to be proved wrong.

PC Builds - pc gaming

If you're after an affordable way to improve your PC gaming setup, why not check out the Sonos ray? The Sonos Ray is an incredible-sounding sound bar that's available for under $300. I've been using this for the last couple of months all around the house and I honestly love it, especially with my PC gaming setup downstairs.

This actually has an optical jack, so you can use this with a TV or a gaming computer, but then the thing for me that absolutely sets this thing apart is that this is a Sonos device, and you can pair it with any other that you own to create a multi-room setup, and then suddenly you've got the party house all from your soundbar.

It works with pretty much any TV or gaming computer that's got an optical connection, it's got wi-fi ethernet, and then my favorite feature is not only these touch-sensitive buttons but this play pause button that remembers what you're playing last. You hit that and then, bang, you're resuming. So why not consider upping your audio game?

I hope your wallets are ready for round two, as it's not just GPUs launching but the full PC suite as well, with new boards, CPUs, and SSDs. The closest launch is rumored to be the Am5 at Gamescom, which is their new motherboard socket for B650, X670, and X670s motherboards. These new boards bring two things: new features and new CPUs.

PC Builds - pccentric

It's the CPUs that are more notable to gamers really, as you're going to see increased performance in single-threaded applications, which in layman's terms translates into maximum gaming frame rates, which is absolutely perfect if you're a lover of high refresh rate monitors. The extra features that you'll get will, of course, vary depending on the motherboard, but most notably it's going to be faster ports and support for PCI generation 5 and DDR5 memory.

PC Gaming is the best, but DON'T Build A Gaming PC before watching this! PC Centric runs down the RTX 4080 RTX 4090, AM5 Ryzen 7000, Intel Arc and all the best parts to build in 2022.
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