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Why hello there and welcome to the happiest place on earth, Microcenter. Well, thank you. Well, it happens to be what we specialize in. Obviously, we have got to go to RB land. You guys do have Ryzen 5 5600 X's. These are what like 280 bucks just about. This definitely seems like what we should really build the system around now for boards.

Do you have anything itx? Well, we should have plenty of options. So we've actually used this in the past. One of the nice things about pretty much all itx boards is that they do have wifi already built in, which, especially in a dorm, is probably going to be pretty helpful. I doubt you'll have wired if I'm honest, so we have things like the nx nzxt h210i, so with a smaller case like the nzxt h210i, I think I'll be in fairly good shape as far as a chassis is concerned.

What are you going to say, it looks nice to me? Was I trying to compliment you? That's what I was trying to do when I didn't want it. I didn't want your head to get too big, all right. You're like, "I'm opening the store for you early anymore." Yeah, not anymore. You're going to have to shop here like the rest of them.

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So for memory for a system like this, 16 gigs really should be all that we need. You know, it's funny, this is such an easier experience when I'm not here with Ken and Matt. It's the fastest experience we've had to date. I gotta be honest with you. I've always had a lot of luck with Samsung SSDs, specifically the 980 and the 980 pro, but because we're trying to do something that's on at least somewhat of a budget.

I think the standard 980 is going to make a lot of sense. Hey look, it's a 980 just on cue. You know, your next trip to Micro Center could use a free pair of bluetooth headphones. So what are you waiting for? My voice just cracked because I'm so excited about the deal. Good morning, friends. Would you enjoy a luxurious night's sleep?

You mean us, the overworked boys of overclock media? Wait, I'll say, I'll say that I Well, actually no, we have successfully shot basically the whole article at this point. You don't even know we need you anymore. Yeah, we're independent now. Just go home. BT hasn't shot any of this right all right.

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So now that we have a slightly higher-end camera to play with, why don't we take a look at a monitor? I want something that's going to be a little bit smaller and, more importantly, more affordable, but realistically, I want something that will easily fit on a fairly small desk. 1080p, 144 hertz, 180 bucks.

The only downside, though, is that we're going to have to go for a much larger monitor. This might be the actual move. This is not something that I normally would do, but because we're trying to build a very space-constrained setup, I want to go with a 60 key, specifically the Hyperx alloy origin 60.

I think we should go with haste. I've not tried this yet, but at fifty dollars, not only is it one of the lighter weight mice, it has the honeycomb sort of carved out, but importantly. I think this would be a nice pairing so we can kind of keep our rgb software to a minimum. Do you have space for a headset?

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I mean we should we should get ahead. I would hope so in a dorm room. You don't want speakers. You're going to annoy people, or you really want speakers. I want to listen to things in private. It's very clear you never had roommates. Yeah, some things are not meant to be heard. I'm sad yeah, like this.

The rest of this conversation is all right. Friends, it is time to build a back-to-school gaming PC. We've done tutorials in the past if you really want these step-by-step. But the idea behind this system is really to try to build something that is not simple, not beginner, but nothing that is particularly complicated when it comes to building a PC like this.

You actually have quite a few different options, so I would say that this is probably on the upper end of the mid-range of gaming PCs. I have never built on the h210i. In the past, I built several systems on its bigger brother, and this looks really like just a shrunken down version of it. One thing you need to keep in mind with this particular case is that there is somewhat limited GPU compatibility.

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You can fit a fairly long card in here, but you cannot do a two and a half or three-slot card, which I think our 3060 TI will fit, but it will not have a ton of room, so if you're looking, especially when you get into the 30 70s and the 30 80s, and the higher end cards, a lot of them are chunkier, just keep that in mind before you pick up this case.

Pro tip: this takes one of the Micro Center PC Build portions. No, it is time to build our gaming PC. When you have smaller cases, a lot of times like cable management gets kind of tricky and just being able to fit different kinds of graphics cards. My life, did you absolutely not fit into that?

It absolutely will not fit. It's a dual-slot case and it's a triple-slot card, so there's no chance it'll fit. I'm going to throw this building out the window. Is this mystery tech do you throw things? So this is the pixel hat. So this was probably two or three years ago. Ken and I went to a Google Pixel launch.

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It was like 2018 or 2019 or something and they gave me these spinny hats because it would be fun and now I'm good. Hey, force jokes that don't work. I'll take it for five thousand dollars. Yeah, I've used NZXT power supplies a few times in the past, but their little bag for all of your modular cables is really nice.

Also, I just bought impartial purple, so I'm just saying that is a thing. So this is the 650 watt, which is, as you can see, fully modular, and it is gold rated. They also do a good job. It's all powder coated and very sort of matte black, which doesn't actually matter too much in the case because it's going to be right down there, so before we install our power supply, we have pre-sleeved our cables or pre-extended them.

And we have our cables, which I think will go a long way toward kind of helping the black interior pop. You know, I feel like we're like a home improvement show. A little splash of white in our interior will help liven up the place and make it feel a little more airy. Perhaps this might be the top 10 smoothest builds of my life right now.

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It's so easy, a simple, simple tutorial will easily teach you how to build it, and I need to watch that tutorial. What is this? Yes, do you know what this motherboard does? It needs to be updated. The bios, yes, because it probably doesn't support this. Yes, okay, I will do this ahead of time.

So I have now updated the bios on our b550 board, which actually wasn't super far out of date, but I'm glad we did it because it was still borderline if that actually would have worked with our ryzen processor, so we'll go ahead and pop out our ryzen 7, or actually no, this is a 1600x, which is our update processor, and we'll just a little upgrade here and load up our 5600x.

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