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PC Builds - bad pc ad

I just filmed half of this article without actually clicking the record button, so we're. Yeah, anyway, the title speaks for itself. We're going to look at some pretty awful PC ads. This is what not to do, my friends, and I expect it to be a bit entertaining, but I also want this to be informative for those who might be listing their PC on Facebook Marketplace or elsewhere in the near future.

Stay with me nzxt's. The h7 series cases offer plenty of hardware support and a clean aesthetic sure to complement any build. You can choose between white or black variants as well as standard flow or elite trims for the right mixture of airflow and beauty. There's plenty of room up top for a fan combo larger than just a single 120 or 140, and support for up to a 360 ml up front exists for beefy cooling wherever it's needed.

You'll also find several fans included depending on the model. If you choose the white one, you'll get white fans. This first ad is quite a doozy, so again we are pulling listings from Facebook marketplaces, just one of many places you could decide to post your system for sale. We're going to jump into the first doozy right now.

PC Builds - budget gaming pc

I love this one. It's one of those things, you know, I've got listings, you know what I'm talking about. Here we have a PC set up, originally listed for ten thousand dollars, and it's been dropped to eight thousand dollars. This was listed only a week ago in Tennessee. It says I literally bought it a few weeks ago, found out I'm moving across the country, and can't take it with you for whatever reason.

He starts listing things here that aren't PCs. Let's see, I don't see any PC tech here. This is a monitor; two monitors. You get a wireless headset, a mouse, and a mouse pad. Four tier by set what i feel like I'm really getting like half the information and this first photo does nothing for me.

What is this and, ah, so all we've got here is a picture of a screen showing system specifications, and then a side shot of a setup that doesn't actually show the gaming PC in it. And you want eight grand for this? I don't understand what goes through folks' minds when they put these together. This is a decent rig.

PC Builds - cheapest gaming pc

I mean, it's actually a really good system. A core nine to 100k rtx 3080 ti 216 gig ddr5 dimms. It looks like we get two 980 pro SSSDs, a one terabyte and a two terabyte, and then for some reason you list a four terabyte over here, so what is it? seven terabytes in total why are your Why are the specs not lining up here?

Why did you not include them all in the same thing? That's what it's for. This is super confusing to me, and you are definitely lacking in the photos. What even is this? I don't care about whatever that is on your wall, and then he says at the bottom, I know what I spent on this, aka, I know what I got.

I won't be entertained by lowball offers. I'll just laugh at you, 8K. I don't think he's going to sell this anytime soon, so this next one has like nothing. Maybe there's something else here, but it's not here anymore and it looks awfully empty. This leaves me asking a lot of questions. You want fifty-six hundred dollars for this, and this listing has been on here for 15 weeks.

PC Builds - gaming pc

Something must be terribly wrong, and I don't think it just has to do with the description. So the shot that we're seeing here, I mean, it's a decent angle, but the build is disgusting. This needs to be thoroughly cleaned. Now a setup shot, not bad, a shot of the monitor, keyboard, and mouse. I'm assuming we're getting this stuff with the rig.

I'm hoping, seeing the price that we're Yeah, I'm looking at the front panel choked off front panel there, really dirty fans, dust gathered up here, it's not very appealing looking. It's kind of an annoying personal pet peeve of mine having to find the specs in an actual photo, which is, it's just not a normal 6900 xt an a5.

What is an a520 motherboard, an a series board paired with the 5900x? I mean, what on earth am I looking at here? We do get the monitor, we do get the gaming share, the mouse pad, blah blah, so that's cool, but I'm not feeling it for fifty-six hundred dollars. This is just a no-no all around, and I have a sneaking suspicion this rig will not sell for another 15 weeks at this rate.

PC Builds - gaming pc ad

Another example of what not to do. Do not include stock photos of products in your listing. It's just cheesy. If the building is put together, just take a picture of it fully assembled. I want to know what I'm actually buying. This is like posting an ad for a car and then showing product photos of the car.

It tells me nothing about the current state of the rig. This is pointless, and this is the only photo in the whole listing. What am I? What is this? You want seventy-eight hundred and fifty dollars for this, and I'm like, "My window's in the way." Give me one second, 70-150 bucks. A custom water-cooled PC This is not a custom water-cooled PC.

This is a stock photo of an 011 dynamic from Liam Lee. I don't know what it is. It's a pre-order. He's got a pre-order listed on Facebook Marketplace for an Intel Core i9 with four 32GB DDr5 dimms, two 2080 supersli Why would you want to in today's day and age? Why on earth would you want two 2080s in SLi, four one-terabyte m.2s and two two-terabyte SSSDs?

PC Builds - greg salazar

The whole system is water cooled, from the CPU and GPU to the RAM and M.2 SSD. Your custom water cooling the m.2 is pretty hardcore. All done with a white soft line, a low-noise pump, and RGB fans have silver and white PC fluid that is marble. Is I reading that right? I don't know what he means.

There it will have custom wires for the fans and a power supply message for pre. He's taking freaking pre-orders on a system that he apparently has not even built yet. Otherwise, he'd have an example here. If you're building like a carbon copy of a rig, it's more or less brand new because you're assembling it for the first time.

I think it's okay to reuse the original photo for that rig if you're just building it over and over, but this ain't gonna cut it and the fact that you're asking nearly eight grand for it. I doubt this guy sold a single pre-order. It's just not a good way to do business in my book. The next one here is a high-tier gaming PC for seven thousand dollars.

PC Builds - how not to sell

He says this PC is literally a beast. The case is a Thermaltake Level 20 RTX 3090, 12900, KS. decent, pretty beefy motherboard actually, four 16GB DDR5, dimms, and a lot of storage. I mean, it's a loaded rig, but I don't think this is seven grand. You can buy a thirty-nineties car today for like twelve hundred dollars brand new.

So this guy's hoping to recoup a lot of his investment. I imagine like 30 to 90, which he probably paid two thousand dollars for. The first photo looks good. This little spaghetti noodle cable management down here, it's not really all that clean, and unfortunately, that's the only photo we have.

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