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This will be the raging spirit's summoner again. I've said this in the other articles, but my beard is gone. It's a sub goal on the stream. I do stream six days a week during league launch times, a string of seven days a week, and currently I'm going live at 1900 hours EST. There will be two different pobs in there.

One for the low budget, which also caters to the approach of having the act leveling skill set. There will be a tree that you can switch around for leveling. These will be detailed and descriptive, In the written guide as well, and the other POB will focus on the medium and high-budget versions.

Passive tree overview

Passive tree overview

The SRs build: We will start off by leveling with either SRs or Absolution. With Absolution should be the faster one, but with the buffs coming into SS, you could potentially level with it, or actually you can, but we don't know how much better or worse it will be. The worst case scenario will be pretty much on par, so the guide will actually showcase the leveling with SRs.

As you get to level eight, you can go melee splashing for mini damage with the SRs approach and get some extra damage through the holy flame totem with some of the phantasms. Again, I'm not going to go too much in depth with the leveling trees. You're going to see that in the pob and the written guide.

Path of Exile - 3.18 best builds

So when you get to the end game and you start playing this build, the idea is to rush over and get the minion damage notes and get some more reservations. And get some block noise through sanctuary, but the most important part is going to be later on down the road when you get to maps. You're going to want to purchase a very large, low-item-level minion damage cluster.

These cost one to two chaos, approximately. Because of their lower item level, they can barely roll any of the notables. So that's why I've only added renewal as one of the mods. You can get tons of better options in here, like race and pillage or just extra attacking caspy for minions or whatever other modifiers you can get, which would be actually better than having the renewal in here.

The number of passives is eight, nine, ten, eleven, and twelve. It doesn't matter. This is just here so we can smack in a medium cluster jewel for blessed rebirth, which is going to be very attractive for the endgame play at the end of the yellow tiers. You're going to want this. I took a six-passive, which is very bad.

You want to have a four or five pass, but again, just to keep the cost down on this build on a low budget, I took the worst you can get to keep the cost down. So you won't have a blessed reward, which you can alteration craft yourself very easily. There is a quickening covenant here, not mandatory.

That's something you're going to want to add in the later stages as well. Other than that, you're just picking up the extra million damage through this cluster for the late game stage of the build. very straightforward, decent hp and just mainly related modifiers and block nodes as well as the reservation modifiers.

Outside of that, the building itself is oiling up arcane guarding, which is something we don't normally do, which is over here. This is to minimize the roles that you need on the rumi's concoction flask to get ourselves to a block cap. This is because roomies can, in very some cases, with the higher roles, be somewhat expensive. This will allow you to keep the cost out of this, and the oiling cost for arcane gardening is only a clear teal and a black hole, which is very cheap.

Ascendancy node order

Ascendancy node order

Outside of that, the ascendancy notice is very straightforward. Again, you go mindless or commander darkness as the first and then second ascendancy.

For the third one, I would go with Mr. Sacrifice as we're going to be using bone offering to increase our block chance and then finish off with bone barrier for the higher end-game content to ramp our defensive stats up significantly. The ehp on this character is hilariously good, and it's a very tanky build, even on a low budget, pushing about 1.5 million shaper dps.

This is without having spectres enabled as per usual. If I were to enable the temporary set the damage gain from the specters, we would be sitting at 1.9 million shaper dps, but since this is not something that you'll have 100 uptime on. I don't want to have that in the pub.


Outside of that, that covers the tree ascendancy and the specters.

Path of Exile - builds

The item is a generic plus level of spell, so you can have a plus level of minion skills or fire skills in here as well. That would work with a trigger craft to make things easy and smooth for you. There is a surrender shield, which is the go-to choice for a lot of low-budget minion builds in the current state of the game.

This one is not mandatory. It will be something you really want to get at the end of the yellow tiers or red tier maps. Early in the league, this will cost a couple of currency orbs. I can tell you that much, but it will go down very fast. So if you're playing this, it's not going to be a problem for you to afford this in the yellow tiers if you're able to get there early because you should be making that amount of currency.

Path of Exile - ghazzy

It's not going to be super expensive. If you're playing the game, you're reaching red tier maps a week, one and a half weeks into the league, then this will crash down to be very affordable at that point as well, so you don't have to worry about the cost of this. Basically, the TLDR is that if you have a player that can reach red-tier maps in the first couple of days of the league, then you will have enough currency to be able to buy this.

If you're a player that reaches radio maps after a week of the league, the shield will have gone down so much in price that it's not going to be a problem either. Other than that, we have generic helmets with life armor tabula rasa again for the low budget, keeping the cost down. You can buy a corrupted six link, obviously, for a little bit of currency, which should be a lot better than this.

Do keep in mind that you get the correct colors for that. We have armor-related pieces for armor and energy, so armor and life and movement speed and boots, very important oil in the arcane garden. Make sure you get your attributes sorted for strength and dexterity through your jewelry. Such as the rings or your amulet, can have a good fit for dexterity and strength as well.

Doctors are thrown cheap belts and jewels with one damage modifier. It is important for this build that you have additional fire damage on at least a couple of these tools, and I'll tell you why in a bit. There is a concoction to help with this for blocking. This is for the end game. Is this something you have to stress about taking this last?

If so, will the quickening covenant be literally the last one? Other than that, the median cluster is kind of a requirement for the higher-end game content. Again, something you don't have to worry about until later in the game .

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