Path of Exile - Super Solid League Starter - Physical Carrion Golems. Kalandra

Build overview

Build overview

I have a 3.19 in the league of Calendra. My beard is up because of a sub goal we had on the stream. Do keep in mind that I do stream six times a week and during league launches seven days a week, and I'll be live every day at 1900 EST. This guide is a carrion golem, a bill guide. The updated bill guide is in the written format, which focuses on the low budget.

And something you'll notice very clearly is the heavy emphasis and focus of my building on the defensive layers. The reason for this is that we are able to scale a lot of defensive layers through blocks with the help of this as a sacrifice with a bone offering. The guardian was potentially a contender with bastion hope, but it also resulted in a little bit more wonky approach to the defense later compared to what the necromancer brings to the table as well.

The bone barrier is insanely strong as a defensive layer, and we're not going to be using the new natural strength for this specific build. Sadly, the scion was slightly behind both the guardian elementalists and the necromancer. In the higher budget versions, the cyan does keep up a little bit better, but only when you start investing in serious currency, and even then, the necromancer would be superior.

The choice to play with the elementalist is probably the best option if you want to choose something other than the necromancer.

Leveling passive tree

Leveling passive tree

So first things first, I'm going to talk about the leveling approach to this in the pub and in the guide. There will be sections going through which abilities you want to use, and throughout the acts in the POB this will be in detail. The written guide, of course, the tree in the bottom left has leveling trees for the different levels of the approach to leveling the build as well, and this entire pb will exclusively Focus on low budget and there will be a separate pob for medium and high budget approaches.

So as you're leveling, as you can see here in the start, you'll be speccing out to get the bonus life. This is because we'll be using absolution. First off, we're going to be using these things, and once you get to act two, at the end of act one, you're going to start using absolution. So with these support gems, that's basically the approach to it.

You can check it out for yourself. I don't want to spend too much time in the article going through the levels, but as you can see, just click the trees to see where you're going to head. The main focus is to rush over to these nodes and just pick up life as you need it. Very straightforward at the end of the game, you're going to want to have a cheap, trashy, large cliff cluster jewel for minion damage.

This one costs maybe one or two chaos early on in the league because the lower item level joules can't roll properly. We don't really care that much about the notables for this build. We're only looking to get more points for us to spend on a minion and also be able to use some more jewels for this build. Then there are two things in this POB that are rather expensive, which I will tackle immediately: the tree, which is very straightforward.

Ascendancy node order

Ascendancy node order

I could say the ascendancy notes do. It's a matter of personal preference if you go for minus aggression or commander darkness first. This will help you with alleviating resistance requirements in the early stages of the game.

And then pick up missile sacrifice, as you're starting to use your bone offering, which is not really needed until you get into the mapping stage.


So when it comes to the two items that are very expensive, there are two things in the game build that are expensive. First off, it's the surrender shield.

This is not going to be something you'll need until you get to the higher yellow, maybe even red tier maps. At that point, you kind of want to get one, and it's not mandatory, but we will help you survive a lot with this kind of build because of the life recovery and block. There are rare options such as in your crusaders' shape or influence rare shields with life recovery and block that you can get as well, but it won't be as good.

Path of Exile - 3.18 best builds

This build is shown off in a tabular roster, which you can get much better through a random corrupted six-link purchase on the market for whatever currency that is, that has some life or defensive modifiers. Do keep in mind that if you do that, make sure you choose the right colors. The other item that is expensive for this build is the fact that we will be using anime stone and the primordial jewels that want to stack up a bunch of primordial eminence.

These jewels can be farmed. The problem with them is that, depending on the popularity of golden bills, they can be expensive. They're not mandatory to start with, but you want to pick them up even for the low budget build, of course, and outside of that, it's the ruby's concoction. The cold iron point should be a very cheap item to run with in the early stages of the league because they've got a seismic trap for 3.19 lake or calumbra, which does mean that there's going to be very few builds that want to use the cold iron point, which means it should be cheaper.

However, if it is expensive, you can run any type of weapon that gives plus level of physical, plus level of spells, plus level of minion skills, so there's going to be tons of options for us to run with that could supplement this until you can get one. Outside of that, the gear is straightforward; just hp and armor wherever you can get it, and boots, of course, and make sure that you cap your elemental resistances, as well as get enough attributes to cover your gem uses.

In the pub. I've disabled the spectres to avoid inflating the DPS of my pub, so if you want to look at the DPS you get, all you have to do is take away the hashtag in the spectre section in the custom modifiers and you can see that we're sitting on 1.7 million shaper dps at that point, but this is not 100 percent uptime, therefore I've taken them away and you're doing about a million shaped dps with this building's low budget gearing .

Skill gem links

Skill gem links

And that pretty much covers the majority of the things that you need to know when it comes to the gear and the tree. The gems section itself for the end game or the low budget would be to use the carrion golem. Three of them with this setup, and you want to use one stone golem to keep up with the life region to keep that defensive layer running, and this is because we have a limit of four golems with this build.

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