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Hello and welcome exiles. I got a special article today because it involves starting a righteous fire basically as soon as you get the gem, and after testing it, it's honestly pretty good. It's a little bit awkward because you have to press the flash still, but in terms of actual uptime on your flasks and being able to consistently sustain a righteous fire.

I have barely anything in terms of investment on the tree. I am a level 19 character. It's pretty solid, and I'll walk you through it. It's a simple concept.

Survival secrets rf tech

Really We are getting this jewel. This is a quest reward. From doing the Golden Hand Job Quest in Act Two, you have to go to the crypt, you have to get the golden hand, and then you give it to Ina, and she will give you a crest reward for three jewels, and one of them will be survival secrets.

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Survival secrets have the unique effect of making your flash charges gain charges even if they're inactive. This is really good for things like mana and life flasks. Things that you press reactively. Things that aren't active but when you need health, you press them and they are used quickly. They're back, inactive sort of thing.

It's got good flash sustain for that. It's almost like pathfinder flash sustain, with the downside that it doesn't operate or doesn't return the flash charges while the flask is being used. It comes with a little bit of a downside of reduced effective flask, so our flasks aren't quite as good, but for the uptime on flasks we get, it makes them very solid.

Why is this so good? Early on, righteous fire you don't have much in terms of passives to sustain, for my trickster character or just the shadow now because I haven't even ascended, all I have is this one dot cluster which gives about two percent regen and ten percent less damage taken over time. If you're something like an inquisitor starting, you're going to get regen from sanctity.

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You're going to be able to go over to this stock cluster here and get regen. There are some other regen spots like Hardy. If you don't know how. Pox is setting up his starting tree, but if you end up near Hardy, these nodes are really good for max fire, as there are other situations where you get some good regen early on, and then, of course, on Inquisitor, you're going to be able to get conch ground in your first lab, which is also some nice regen.

Now specifically, So how does this work? It's pretty simple. I turn on the righteous fire, I degenerate, and then I press my life flask. All of a sudden, you're actually rejecting life, and every time you get to full, the life flash will deactivate, you will start regenerating or start DJing again, and then you press your life last.

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You'll see when I press the bigger life flask, we go up very quickly. So I think it's good to have a mixture of basic life flasks that aren't quite as good as sustain and better life flasks. So that way, you still get a consistent uptime of being able to sustain your life pool with flasks. Now, the way this works is that we'll basically just be walking through the zones, mom monsters will be dying from this d-gen, and we'll be sustaining them via flasks.

If you start timing this out better and you think about when you're pressing these flasks, you'll see that we actually get a fairly large amount of time where I can just keep, you know, stalling this out, keep pressing the life flasks as time goes on and we regenerate more life flasks here and there here and there here and there and if we start getting scared that a monster is going to kill us, you know, that's when you press the big flask and you go back up to full and then you can kind of sustain it around that almost full, pseudo full section, and you'll see we can do this for quite a while.

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It's not going to be perfect permanent uptime, but if you're running through a zone, you're going to have more than enough time to have permanent uptime through the zone and, as you're going to be killing monsters, those monsters are going to be giving you flash charges back, so you're going to mostly have basically, effectively permanent uptime on these flasks, not only that is it it's also going to give you a good uptime on your quicksilver and on your manifolds because normally you wouldn't have good flash charge generation on them.

You'll see it pretty soon here. I'll either bottom out on charges or I'll get close to it, and once you do finally run out of charges, I'm just going to let it die down here. Once you do run out of charges, righteous fire won't kill you. It takes you to one life, and then it deactivates itself. So when this happens, you can basically pop up to full.

Maybe let your life flasks get back to full. Start killing things with a scorching ray. Start killing things with your other skills. And then, once you have a good set of life flash charges back, start righteous fire again and start going, "Why would you do this?" That's probably what you're thinking right now, and it's for a good reason.

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Righteous fire deals a hell of a lot of damage. In the early acts and the early game, it means you kill monsters so much faster. Let me give you a quick little example. It's going to be via the tool tip. I have a scorching right here with arcane surge support and advocacy, too. It's a three-link scorching array.

If I press this and I get scorched right up, the dps says 71 damage per second for my scorched right. If you do the math for eight stacks of scorching ray, it's 71, and then it's plus 60 for each additional stack. That's roughly another four stacks. You get up to maybe 300 to 400 damage per second if you've stacked the damage fully on an enemy, and without full cast speed or any caspian investment.

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I don't even think we can get to eight stacks consistently, and then you look at something like righteous fire, which is a level one gem with no links on it, and how much damage does it deal per second? It deals with 508. Basically, on a character that has no life gear whatsoever, this is already dealing more damage than our multi-link scorching ray, and it doesn't require us to stack, you know, eight stacks on the enemy to deal its highest amount of damage.

You're going to be walking and enemies that try to come into you are just going to die of righteous fire. It's very good early damage. Not only that, but it also gives the benefit of 20, which is basically an additional link of damage to all your skills, so this is a very strong, early boost to damage, and it's going to make the character harder to play, so that's the trade-off.

You're making it harder to play but doing a lot more damage. Another thing I want to go over is that you cannot just equip the jewel and have these passives. You also need to cap your fire res. Luckily, this is not a hard thing to do.

With survival secrets jewel we can sustain RF from act 2 without any lab ascendancies and low life regen on tree and gear. Actually stoked this setup works so well at this level of the game. It allows us to take advantage of the best skill in the game from the early game till we finally can acquire some gear with regen on it. I forgot to mention we are also running vitality aura which can be gotten from act 1 vendor.
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