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Howdy I'll get you a drink. It is time for some Path of Exile discussion. Patch 3.19 is going to bring a major economic overhaul, with exalted orbs losing some of their current utility and divine orbs gaining more. Additionally, the main source of divine orbs that are not direct drops is going to be nerfed.

That is the recipe where you vendor a six-link item and receive a divine orb. You'll instead receive 20 orbs of fusing. This is going to mean, especially for veteran players that are far into endgame, not being able to produce nearly as many divine knobs as they do now. This can result in a big economic shake-up, but it's also going to result in the opportunity to do things with exalted orbs that don't make economic sense right now.

Path of Exile - 3.19

So in 3.18, with exalted orbs being around 150, chaos for a lot of the leagues, sometimes higher, sometimes lower. You pretty much never do these things, but in 3.19, where I expect exalted orbs to be anywhere from 5 to 50 chaos, you'll find that some of these will make economic sense.

Exalting jewels

The first one is going to be exalting jewels, so here I have prepared a potent chaotic resonator with a pristine fossil for life mods and a death puzzle for critical mods.

There are no guarantees, but when you apply that to a jewel, you can get some pretty good results. Here we haven't got a good result, but two-thirds of the time that you do this, you'll get three mods instead of four. If you do get a jewel that's good enough to use but that has three mods on it, you definitely want to try and hit it with an exalted orb.

Next league You would not do that in the current league because your expected return would be so low. Chances are you might have a 1 in 15 chance of getting a really good additional mod on that jewel. Suddenly, that one in 15 chance might take that item from being worth a quarter of a die knob up to being three or four divine orbs.

In that situation, it is really worthwhile throwing that exalt at it because chances are the exalt is going to be cheaper than 1/15 of the difference in price, so for that reason, consider exalting jewels. You also want to consider doing this with cluster jewels that have three mods. All three of them need to be good.

There are lots of ways to get all three mod-good jewels. You can use fossils like I did, or you can use transmute alteration.

Premium bench crafts on gear that's not 'forever gear'. especially starter phys weapons

Premium bench crafts on gear that's not 'forever gear'. especially starter phys weapons

Regal crafting So the second thing is some of the bench crafts that are currently really good in the mid game except they're too expensive to use. You'll see here that there is a tier one increase in physical damage percent on weapons.

This costs an exalted orb and does 100 to 129 percent more physical damage. You will definitely be doing this to a lot of people. If you're playing anything that attacks and deals physical damage with attacks, this will be a fantastic craft to use. What you want to do is hit your weapon with deafening essences of contempt and keep doing this until you have something that has a good attack speed roll on it, which might take quite a few tries.

Path of Exile - divine

Once you've got that, if you need to take a risky null to try and get rid of one of the prefixes on it and then apply this bench craft, then you've got yourself a great weapon, alternately. If you happen to fluke a weapon that with your deafening essence of contempt gets percentage physical on it at a good tier, then at that point you can just use the bench craft for attack speed instead, which is also really good.

There are a couple of other crafts as well. There is a spell damage craft that's pretty good. 55 to 66 percent increase in spell damage on a one-handed weapon. This is not as good as you can get through other mods, but it's still pretty good and it will make a lot of caster sticks better. You probably wouldn't want to spend an exalt on it in 318, but you might well want to do it next league when exalts have less utility.

The next thing you want to keep in mind is a couple of other things on the crafting bench. These are things you need to unveil. The one-handed version of this is 46 to 50 increased spell damage and gains 4 of non-chaos damage as extra chaos damage. This is another powerful unveiled mod, and attacks with this weapon penetrate 11 to 13 elemental resistances.

Path of Exile - exalt

Note that with these bench crafts, it is actually now going to be reasonable to reapply the bench craft straight away. If you end up getting poor rolls on it, so if you applied this bench craft and you got 11, then all it's going to cost you is one more exalted orb plus a scouring orb to remove the existing bench craft on it.

Reapply it straight away, don't right click the scouring orb then click the item that will destroy it. You want to just put the item back on the crafting bench and select the same mod again. It'll cost you an exalted and a scour. There are a couple of other options as well. Flasks have an increased effect at the expense of a weaker flask recovery.

And also worth noting is that the crafts that are currently in divine orbs will be transferred into either exalted or chaos orbs, so we won't know the exact details of that until later, but some of these will probably go to be one exalted orb. Some of them will probably turn into eight or twelve chaos orbs.

All the exact details on that are still yet to come. Have a look through. There's also Katerina's craft, which is plus two to the level of socketed support gems, and there is Hit. can't be evaded, which is three exalts, very expensive at the moment, something you wouldn't use in 3.18 on anything except a really solid end-game weapon, but next league it may be something you can actually do really frivolously and not really care about.

Note that the suffixes can't be changed, but prefixes can be changed. Those metamods are going to be changed into divine orbs instead. So that's the crafting bench.

Exalting maps (mostly maps with 4-5 mods and beyond as one of them)

Exalting maps (mostly maps with 4-5 mods and beyond as one of them)

The next thing that you can consider is just simply exalting maps. This is something people already do and already use. There is a base craft that adds a mod onto a ram up that's going to be something that you'll be able to do a little bit more, and fourth and finally, there is exalting.

Exalting 4-mod items after benchcrafting them for personal use

You will find four mod items. If you find a four-mod item on the ground that is already pretty good, it's good enough to use, but you don't think it's something that is so precious that it justifies using meta mods on it, then at that point, what you may want to do is bench craft a useful mod on it, then exalt it.

19 will remove the Divine Orb recipe and also change metamods which very rich players use lots of from costing exalts into costing divines. This will make it more costly to use divines on your gear - but will open up the option to use exalted orbs in several ways that are a waste of currency right now. None of these are new, they are all just a waste of precious resources in the 3. 18 economy.
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