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Hi, this is Rain here with another build guide for the upcoming Laker calendar expansion and this is a bill club with Fox featuring once again his insanely detailed, powerful, righteous fire build.

What got nerfed? + gameplay

What got nerfed? + gameplay

So, for the most part, we had a single target close to our fire trap, but it's not as bad as people think since it's only the burning ground.

One other thing is that due to the mana reservation changes, we have gone ahead and removed the defiance banner from the build, but it's still very tanky, so don't worry.

Strengths of this build

Well, it's a very simple play style. Simply put, if you've ever played something like Diablo 2 with holy fire, you're going to activate a giant ring around yourself, burn enemies to death, and for targets who need additional single target damage, you're going to throw a fire trap.

So, this is a great build for pretty much all the content in the game. Pox is taking this to level hundred, and if you do end up running into any problems with the build, you can ask Pox and he'll be able to help, but you shouldn't even need to because it is such a comprehensive build. Every question is answered .

How to level this build

So the leveling process of this build is going to be pretty simple in the early acts, so in Act 1, we're going to go ahead and grab a magma orb. It's important to make sure you link your magma orb with elemental prolife and combustion. Basically, you throw your magma orb, and you get this nice prolife where monsters run into and take a bunch of fire damage.

Targets that are ignited, you can go ahead and use your flame surge to do some extra damage. So here's going to be an example of fighting one of the stronger targets. Don't forget that we're using recipes to craft our weapons, so it's very easy to upgrade them. At level 28, you're going to get to replace rolling magma with the Armageddon brand.

Armageddon brand should feel much better to start with. Essentially, you're going to right click to put a brand on a target's face, and then a meteor is going to punch him and create a gigantic proliferator. Don't forget to also use your flame surge on targets that are ignited. For players who are struggling with mp at this point, don't forget we're also using lifetap.

How to play the build in endgame

How to play the build in endgame

So here's going to be an example of a character doing tier 16 content. Now this character I'm playing is in SSF. It is a very high-level character, but to simulate the nerfs, we're going to remove an entire support gem from our fire trap. I'm also not going to use bubble faith, because don't worry about that one.

Now it's important to remember that when you're clearing with your righteous fire, you want to make sure that you throw a fire trap at the targets, who are very tanky. However, when you're mapping, not all targets are actually that tanky. Don't forget, you can use your frost blink to apply consecrated ground to them.

So when it comes to bossing, you want to just chuck your fire traps instead of trying to stay close to the bosses for your ground.

Reading the pob file

So we do have a article for those that are unfamiliar with the path of building. Make sure you check that up there. If you're already familiar with the path of building, we're doing the normal thing here with step-by-step leveling trees, so it's very easy to follow all the way from the beginning, and there are loads of different end-game trees depending on what items you have access to neotech hearing skills.

These are also grouped into skill sets, and you can match these with the leveling tree here in the item sets. It's the same thing at levels 70 and 90.

The righteous fire wiki by pohx (important)

The righteous fire wiki by pohx (important)

So it's with if the tree, the skills, and the items are all the same, then yeah, that's approximately what you should I have The pox doesn't really put notes in the pob, instead he basically has a righteous fire wiki, so you know you're in the right place. So if you're struggling with anything, let's say you're struggling with damage, you can click on damage and all the damage-related questions will come up.

How do you cover the ash? Like, why am I low on damage? Do I need eggs? Do I need to? So any problem you can have You literally have a wikipedia.

Build faq

To make you a master of a righteous fire just like pops, so now we're going to do the frequently asked questions at the end of the build just to make sure we've ticked all the boxes.

Path of Exile - new league

Fox, What are the managers like on this build? What about financial hurdles for this project? Is there something that's going to cost players a large number of divine orbs? So for the standard leveling up through maps and such, you don't really have to worry. The biggest chase item will be Legacy of Fury, but as explained prior, it should drop in price very fast.

For players wishing to push very high content and want to be nearly immortal, we've got very expensive budget options located right there in the POB. What about defensive options? What are the layers for this build? You've got about 25 percent of your maximum life per second, so you're usually around the 1.5 k region, maybe a little higher.

We're looking at potential block caps when we have an aegis. With prior aegis, we still have around 78 to 80 max res with a little bit of conversion. 40 000 armor near ailment immune, so we're pretty good. What about drawbacks to this build? Are there any? I would say some potential drawbacks are that it can be a little bit unique in trying to get used to the play style of it.

Path of Exile - poe

Oftentimes, it can be very scary to jump into a pack of monsters and maps, but have no fear, Infernal Cry is here. It will save you there. Some other things would be boss fights. Boss fights may be a little bit slower, but that really shouldn't be the part that puts you off. It's more about standing very close to your target and understanding how to dodge them till you can tank them.

One note for this build: The maven can be particularly tricky, especially as the novice race fire player has an anti-burn, Use the flask to turn off your righteous fire before it kills you. You can be tricky, and after this patch, life lasts no longer. Work at Maven while you have the debuff. So what's the socket pressure like on this build?

Are there too many gems? Bucket pressure can be a little tight. We're usually maxed out or have one to two flexible gems, but those flexible gems are not usually required, so you get a little bit of freedom. Make sure you check him out. He's an amazing creator, and we've been doing this club for a while now, and we've only gotten positive comments on the righteous fire build.

So a huge thank you. Also, if you like the article, more importantly, try to die less than we

Zizaran is joined by Pohx , the Righteous Fire guy. Righteous Fire is your pick for comfortable mapping in Path of Exile Lake of Kalandra! Sporting high clearspeed, amazing tankiness and good single target, this build will shine in PoE 3.
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