Path of Exile - My League Starter - Chains Of Command Aw. Kalandra

Build overview (how to calculate dps)

Build overview (how to calculate dps)

This is a poison enemy weapon. I haven't decided yet who my league starter will be. If it's going to be a regular poison enemy weapon or if it's going to be this one. I'll probably make a article about it. It's very much leaning towards this one. As usual with the other builds I have, this one has a low budget set and it's recommended to level with Absolution till you get the change the command as well as a decently leveled enemy Guardian.

Which is why I don't have the leveling skills set in this and the tree set for it. It's literally the same approach as we have done with the Absolution trees in the past, and that's basically it. If you go to skills and then you click on the animate weapon, you'll see that if you hover over the level 20, because we're going to use a grapevine on our anime Guardian, so, because of that, we're going to make sure that we're using the level 20 versions.

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You click on include the full DPS and have a 14. By doing this, this DPS will show up anytime you make any changes. If I do this and I change back to this, you can see here that it's fine. It's actually still there, but if I change my guardian to look at the gear he's using and then change back to now, the DPS is gone.

So, to get that back, all you do is left click to include full DPS and bring it up to 14, and you'll see your full capable DPS output, which in low budget is 3.9 million. Juicy I'd say as soon as you notice we're going to be rushing through void beacon and withering presence, then we pick up. We'll have a profane blumen without addiction.

Propion Bloom is only going to be really enabled once you have a witch fire. This allows you to have this one and run through packs of enemies as they explode with the occultis clearing really smooth maladiction. It is there to allow you to have the witchfire brew on the boss together with a marked curse.

The way this build works is very straightforward. We're going to use one or two words. Jar flask I tend to prefer to run only one if I can sustain it. If that's a problem, then I switch to two for single target boss fights. I tend to sometimes ignore the witch fiber or I'll remove it. In any case, I would probably just remove the Quicksilver versus bosses like Uber.

And whatnot, but it's a matter of personal preference to enable you to write your flask to spam out more worms so you can summon minions. The way it works is that you spawn out some worms with your flask. The reason for this is to make sure that he survives better on the low budget version. This is something we're going to switch into a 200 weapon later once we have better gear to keep him alive through other means.

Passive leveling trees

Passive leveling trees

Outside of that, when it comes to the train, it's very straightforward. We'll be making sure that we scale up some Minion defensive layers by specing them out to offensive.

Nodes HP notes, and in here we get the defensive notes as well as minions' plus to all maximum resistances, which makes it very important that we make sure that minions get some extra rest after we get through. And then, which will cover this entirely for Armenians, we get the life masteries, and then just get the Divine Shield to region some of our energy shield, which is very helpful in general for extra layers of defense because our gear is going to have some initial pieces on it that reach between 500 and 1000 energy shield.

We'll also be making sure we have determination reservations as well as vitality reservations because we're pumping up 440 life per second pretty quickly, Juicy, so it's very straightforward again. As with all minions' poison builds or chaos-oriented bills, they'll be expecting corruption and chaos.



Mastery for wither to make sure that we apply the weather, which is why we're not going to be using withering touch , so item wise, the wand on the low budget or any weapon that gives a plus level of spell minion, even physical skills to some degree, but spells and minions are the ones you want to go for with a trigger The craft line has a very generic increased maximum life with high amounts of armors whilst increased chance to block, it does reduce your movement speed.

You can use a rare one as well, but this one is very solid and should be a cheap option for you to run with. The helmet is not an enchanted bone helmet with some extra life. You can obviously get the plus level of all Minion skill gyms on this, but that's going to cost you a bit more currency, and those levels don't actually increase your damage output.

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They actually only focus on keeping your enemy Guardians sturdier than ever. The command doesn't need to be six sling, it just needs to be six socketed, and then you have a pair of generic gloves with live bare boots with life and movement speed oil. Replenishing remedies, which I'll get to in a bit, and most likely, we're going to smack a lot of our dexterity into this slot.

Rings, just life and rest. Keep in mind that we can draw bone rings to give you minion related modifiers to those as well. If you can do it without sacrificing your life or resistance, as or attributes, the darkness of the throne is a very cheap approach where we're smacking in generic jewels with one life and one damage modifier.

You can have flat-added physical damage as well. That works fine. Flat added chaos damage works fine and obviously in damage when using mini skill recently works fine as well, which fire The brew is the one item that enables the profane Bloom ascendancy. If it's too expensive or you want to prioritize your currency elsewhere, it's way too late.

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Just do Profane Bloom as the last lab. Rising jar is a building enabler, just as much as chains or command. You'd prefer to run two until you get comfortable with the build, and then you can try to see how it feels to only run one. If you can feel comfortable with that, remove it and then add a defensive flask instead, so you can keep the defensive numbers up.

The reason we're using a monomous gaze for scaling dot multiplayer minions and more gas So when it comes to the replenishing remedies, the reason we're using a survival secret jewel is to make sure that we actually get a passive generation of flash charges. We're also going to be using the, I think it's rislata, Pantheon that allows us to hit flash charges.

The reason we're doing this in combination with these flash nodes is to increase flash charge gain and the mastery that it gives him in manifest. Increasing flash charge gain is to basically be self-sustaining versus any kind of content like Sirius Elder Issue, Uber Elder Shaper, and all of these kinds of bosses either World Series, et cetera.

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