Path of Exile - My Favourite Build Of All Time - Poison Animate Weapon. Build Guide 3. 19

Introduction / general info

Introduction / general info

Gasatv here with another Path of Excel article and yeah, today we're going to be talking about league starter and meta builds for Path of XL 3.19 Lake of Calandra and this is one of the three big suggestions for mini builds that I have in line. This one is going to be a poison animate weapon build guide now.

Before we move into it, I do want to mention that my beard has been lost. This is because of the stuff that happens on the stream. Apparently, the chat hates me, so we had a sub goal up which we hit today, and I had to shave off my beard, so that's why I looked like a shit baby. With that said, I do stream pretty much every day, six days a week.

Schedules can be found on my Discord Channel right now leading up to the launch of the league. I'll go live every evening at 1900 hours CEST, so make sure you tune in and have some fun with us there, but let's move into the article. Make sure you check that out. It is the biggest guide hub that has ever existed in the history of the path of excel.

Path of Exile - 3.18 best builds

It is a poisonous weapon based on some of the changes for builds that I can make in terms of trees, so in the bottom left you can actually look at medium buddy trees, a high budget tree, as well as a low budget one. In the skills section, you can change between low, medium, and high-bodied approaches as well.

same thing in the gear set. Don't touch the POV config set, but there's a low, medium, and high budget approach in here as well, so before I go into this, I do want to tackle a quick thing. With animate weapon in Pub, to make sure that you have an accurate display with EPS, you have to make sure that your animate weapon is set and includes a full DPS hover over the weapon to dictate how many weapons you can summon in this low budget approach.

Path of Exile - builds

That's 15 weapons, and then you add the count to 15, and it will show up in the bottom left on the left hand side. Make sure you choose the main enemy weapon and the animated weapon in the skill set, and then make sure you have it set to whichever. In the item set you've made this for, in this case, I will go to the config set for it and you can do those things by just typing new in here.

I'll rename these things. So I'm going to go to the Poe config set and the way you do this is to make sure that you create a glass shank that has certain modifiers. The way you do this is very simple. You go in here to create an item dagger and search for glass shank, then click "create". Here you will actually click edit and take away the implicit, setting that to zero and removing this.

Once you've done this, what you're going to do is add zero to one physical damage. You can just see that you're hovering over that this modifier is working, and then you would have 30 reduced physical damage. Physical, Physical Damage. By doing so, you create an item that, sorry, I forgot one more thing.

You have to take away the quality as well and then click save. Then you create a nine-pdps glass shank with a six percent base, creating a 1.5 APS, which is what we have here. This is the weapon that the linger in base will be based off of, which is why it's very important that this is set correctly for the accurate display of DPS.

So, this is a poison-animated weapon that will be utilizing a tabular roster to keep a low budget on it. With a chance to poison approach, you won't have a 100 percent chance of poisoning with a low body style.



In this build we have a plus level of spell skills or minion skills, wand or dagger, whatever weapon you can get your hands on, so you can get much better weapons in this. There is a surrender shield. This shield is not mandatory, and it is somewhat expensive for a low budget in the first couple of days.

It could be like 100 chaos, normally, or you know, a device, or whatever it's going to be now in For the first day or two, this is not something you need to worry about because it only becomes something that you really want to have once you get to the yellow or even red on your map, so before that, just use any shield you get your hands on, maybe a minion related shield.

The helmet is just a generic helmet with HP. There's a tabular rasa which you can get much more easily by just purchasing a six-link from the market with some life on it with the proper colors. The gloves are just armor and life. The boots are just armor and life. Speed The amulet is oiled with Charisma.

Path of Exile - ghazzy

This is not entirely mandatory for this approach to the build, so you don't have to use the Charisma oil. I would obviously try to avoid it, but it's obviously a very good one to have, but it's not mandatory since it does cost a bit to oil. With dexterity being the main stat, you're going to need a little bit of strength, but dexterity is the main one, and then just rings with HP and onset ring is going to be needed again.

You just try to fill up with stats and resistances wherever you need to for Darkness and Thrones some jewels. You kind of want to have some accuracy on the jewels if you can't have it, but life and any sort of damage modifiers such as added flat physical damage or the increased damage when you use the minion skill recently will do just fine.

Then, we have a roomy concoction. generic flask The room is a granite life flask called Quicksilver. You get an enduring banana floss, which will help you make sure that you can summon your weapons, which you do by casting, which creates lingering blades, and those lingering blades can be raised as enemy weapons.

Obviously, I'll have a article about this later on. You want to use an Amana news gaze. In the build, this makes it so that you have four more gasoline in the build, which gives you 30 dot multi-damage. Don't focus too much on this.

Passive tree

Passive tree

It's something that you'll get as you level up to the higher levels of the build and then, obviously, just stack up more jewels as you level up. Tree wise, you have two choices with leveling, which are actually three. You can choose to level with an animated weapon by using an ethereal knife to create lingering blades.

It is a rather fun experience to do, but it is a lot slower than SRS, which should be slower than running with Absolution now. I have a big article on my YouTube Channel showing you how to level with Absolution throughout the campaign from Act One to Ten. I have a full article which is like four or five hours long and a TLDR article recapping the leveling of it which is like 25 minutes long, so do check those out if you want to watch.

Path of Exile - ghazzy builds

This will dictate a little bit of change to the early stages of leveling, but normally I would go through the spell damage to run with holy flame totem and Spark, with Pierce or freezing pulse, and then switch tab solution as soon as I can to pick up enduring bond, and after this. I normally just follow the whatever tree I'm going for outside.

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