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Path of Exile - 3.18 best builds

I'm going to talk about the state of dot builds and minimum bills in general. For we talked about in post patch notes, essentially the top three million bills that I think we're going to be seeing in the path of excel 3.19 lake of Calundra will be golems with the insanely buffed clay shaper. I also think that we're going to be seeing a lot of poison-animated weapon builds as well as absolution.

Now there's a lot of things with these three builds that I think we need to bring up to speed for people, and one of the main things I want to talk about is actually the state of dots or dot generated bills in general but specifically for minions. First things first, the reaper, which is now supposedly going to have seven times the bleed damage, is actually mega nerfed.

The reason for this was that back in patch 3.15, 0d, they had a modifier that compensated the reaper because of their hidden penalty to bleed damage to make them deal what they were supposed to be dealing. This penalty is now gone, but so is the buff, which means the reaper will do approximately the same amount of bleed damage they're doing now as they will do in 3.19.

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The problem is that they also plan on nerfing the damage scaling and HP scaling of a reaper skill gem to compensate for that modifier on your gear. The result is a very long list of problems. So basically, for those of you who give a, I'm just going to leave this text up on screen and you can read it if you give a about the reaper whilst I talk about the rest.

So basically, the bill that we're actually going to be looking into, that I think will be really good, is poison animate weapon, which I think is going to be meta i will play for sure i know that other people in the community, such as Cicerone, are also treating this bill as one of our favorite builds throughout the game, and we played this back in the days when it was meta six years ago however back in 3.9, somebody figured out and found out that there is a hard cap on how much dot damage you can do on end-game bosses or what you can do with any target in the game.

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The problem with this is that, with the current state of the game, we can actually achieve these numbers with enough currency invested. This is not a problem for low budget or even medium budget approaches, but if you want to go crazy with the build, this will limit your capabilities versus surfing content or at least cap your approach to damage output.

This cap is actually based on about 2 billion damage over one minute, which means that your cap per second for dps from your poison is hard capped at 35 million or 35.8, I think it was. This also means that when you are encountering in-game bosses such as uber bosses who have a 70 damage reduction to the damage they take, that damage reduction is actually implemented in each step of the calculation in the equation for the damage that you're about to do, which actually limits the dot damage to never being able to do anything above 10 million.

I think 10 million with dps. Now this obviously sounds pretty bad when you're going in with a super high body build and you can't do more than 10 million shapes and eps versus these super endgame bosses, but then again, endgame bosses have about 70 to 75 million hp without the modifiers, of course, which presents you with a situation where a high-end build can kill those bosses in two seconds.

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So if they reach this cap, however, with the cap versus Uber and game bosses, those two seconds turn into well seven to eight seconds. Now that's not really that much to worry about to be honest, because it's still plenty of damage, but it should be noted that because of the game's being designed the way it is, at its core, it's limiting us in these situations, and it's not going to be an easy fix for them to adjust this.

However, it does present us with the possibility for us to actually look into doing more hit damage once you hit the cap with it with the actual dot cap. Again, this is not something you need to worry about when it comes to the approach of doing damage for these super high-end versions because this will only be something you need to consider for the super expensive versions of these builds.

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So again, I believe very firmly that poisoning enemy weapons will be one of the most popular builds, which will be a necromancer. Golems themselves have a bunch of different things. People are talking about lightning conduits. We also have the possibility of looking into flame golems. But with the clay shape, we're giving physical damage galore, attacks for golems.

Clay shapers should be utilized for things like heron golems or stone golems, which I'm very excited about. I think that they can be very, very effective. I also want to point out that little note that a lot of people play their minion bills because of them having a lot of stress on their wrists.

A lot of people that have wrist issues tend to play these types of builds, and out of these minion builds. I strongly regret the Golem build being played for those people that have wrist issues because it will be very comfortable to have permanent minis out of the field. I know this was a really quick article, but I did want to talk about the cap on dots because that's something we will be encountering for the higher end versions of these builds, but as I said before in the patch notes.

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I expected absolution golems and poison animate weapons to be the three top minion builds. Those are the three top minion builds that I can say we will be playing post patch news as well. I have a ton of work to do. Do check them out, and I'm going to be making sure that they will always be updated before the league launches on the 3.19.

On the 19th of August, guys, make sure you like and subscribe for more content. It helps the channel a lot. Till next time, as always, stay safe and keep

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