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As well as the changes to minions when it comes to fully supporting their crit playstyle, this means that we'll be looking into the cyan guardian as well as necromancer playstyles, but I want to talk mostly about agency, or why it is so ridiculously broken. The TLDR of this article is essentially that low budget builds will not be using crit whatsoever for their minion builds, but because of how broken Ages of Aurora is, we are able to look into removing bone offering through a couple of different mechanics to allow us to run spirit offering, which could potentially allow us to scale crit for the higher budget builds, but this article will be focusing on the ages of aurora.

The reason why it is so broken compared to a regular five percent recovery of life over five percent recovery of energy shield is obviously the fact that this shield gives you a ton of armor as well as energy shield and it replenishes two percent of your armor when you block. First off, this character is using a matrix, and I will simulate how it would look without it with some flash setup.

What would happen in situations when you're really tanky? But first off, on the higher end, this build replenishes two percent of your armor when you block; two percent of sixty thousand is 1.200. My current character has a grand total of seven energy shields. If I were to replenish 5 percent of this, I would replenish 387 energy shields per block.

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So the 80s aurora is already three times higher recovery per block than that of a normal regular rare shield. This is one of the main reasons higher bloody minimals will not even consider using the minion related shield because the recovery rate from the aegis aurora is just vastly superior. The other aspect of this is that the divine shield, which is three percent of physical damage prevented from hits, is recently regenerated as an energy shield per second, which gives us thousands of energy shields per second regenerated on top of the replenishment.

Now the way we normally do this is by not running the glancing blows because builds that do run lansing blows normally have ways to sustain their energy shield through the form of leaching or high regeneration, and then what we do is we cap our block chance. In this case. I have a little overcap attack and am completely on cap with spell blocking, so if I run into a map like this, it has a 100 excess fire, 100 sections of coal, two additional exiles, and poison headphones.

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See, I said that it doesn't matter. All we're going to do is keep the bone offering up and I'm going to see if I can find a pack of enemies to literally just sit in, so here's a pack of harbingers to see if these will be enough. So in this case, I want to get my bone offering up. There it is, and then we can sit in it.

As you can see, we have 60 000 armor, and as you can see, the block is just completely covering the end of this very smoothly. They're even dying to see my tempest shield. This is a hilarious amount of defense. However, this doesn't make me mortal. It just makes it extremely unlikely that I will take enough hits consecutively that I do not block that will kill me.

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It's extremely likely it could happen, but extremely unlikely. Because of this, however, there are a ton of investments made to make this happen. If I spec into glancing blows, what will happen instead is that the blocks I'm doing are suddenly going to deal less damage; they're only going to deal 65 percent of their damage, and instead I have to make sure that I am sustaining the amount of damage that I'm taking even when I'm blocking, and this is where the 80s roar is really good in combination with divine shield, which will require a ton of armor, as mentioned earlier in the article.

I am wearing a mage's blood. We have 60 000 armor, so what I'm going to do to simulate having lower gear and lower armor is let me find a bigger pack of enemies to hit me actually. I'm going to turn off my granite flask. I'm going to be down to about 39, 000 armor instead. And this is with the glassy-blows.

Keep in mind that we can still die if we get too many unlucky consecutive hits, so I'm going to take away this flask, which will bring us down to about 39,500 armor. If we have 39, 000 armor, the efficiency of both aegis aurora as well as divine heal will drastically be lower and will be simulating more of a medium budget build that is using 80s aurora.

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So I'm taking this away. 39.000 in armor. As you can see, the defensive layer still feels very good, but as you can see, every now and then I am dropping lower because of glancing blows making me take damage. of the blocked hits as well. Another aspect of this is that this amount of armor should be very easy to reach even with the nerf state of defiance banner, which also presents us with a situation where it is buffed on the end of us taking fewer crits.

As you can see, we're actually dropping very low very quickly. You shouldn't be sitting like this in a pack of enemies with a bill like this, especially not having any other sustain outside of recovery and block. Eventually, in this article, I will die doing this. Unless my tempest shield actually clears off enough enemies before that happens, so essentially what I'm talking about with this is how broken ladies' aurora really is with the lower amount of armor is 39, which you can very easily achieve on a medium body builder with just a few simple investments.

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The problem, of course, is you can't really reliably use glancing blows to the build like this unless you're using an 80s aurora, so for bills that don't even sustain, there we go, we finally died. So even for bills that are using no way of having no way of sustaining their energy shield through the form of, for example, leaching can actually go into glancing blows.

This means that for a build that is going into the block cap, it can actually go in and pick up glass and blow either through the thread of hope fuel from here or actually specking into it or maybe even taking these block nodes if need be, can put the investment into that point and the block cap, which in this case would be about a 30, 37, right 37, or 38 percent chance of blocking before attacking spells.

Because the glass blows, all of the investment between that point and the block cap can then be invested elsewhere. One way for us to achieve this is actually to operate a tempest shield. Now, tampa shield has a pretty low reservation, but that's one of the things we're using to increase our spell block, which gives shock immunity, but if you're running pure developments, you can get ailment immunity, and you can completely ignore running tempest shield simply because glass and blows can cap yourself to do this.

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