Path of Exile - Absolution Necromancer - Insane Bosskiller For 3. 19. Kalandra

Build overview (with gameplay)

Build overview (with gameplay)

This build will be one of the top three or maybe the top four minion builds that I think will be played, but also in terms of efficiency. For the new league, this build has a couple of changes that are happening to it compared to the past. As well, before we move in, I do want to mention that I am completely shaved.

So make sure you swing by and have some fun with us. It's been a bit of a rough ride because the beer just went away and it's really shit weird, but here we are. Either way. Thanks so much for supporting us.

Passive tree

Passive tree

So this is the low budget absolution. This character is being leveled with absolution. You have two choices at the start of it. You can either go through the spell damage, which I would prefer, or you can do so by checking in the bottom left corner. This is the section where you can take level 13, and it will tell you to go through spell damage life and enduring bond to pick up absolution.

This is also reflected in the skill section, in which you can draw it. Take the drop down menu and take act one, which will tell you to either use mulling for peson on slot one to get the spark running, or you can do it without mulling by piercing sorry freezing pulse and frost bombing together with a holy flame totem with someone phantasm and one of these types of supporters if you have a three link, and then obviously frostblink later switching in for flame dash.

Path of Exile - 3.18 best builds

In Act two, you're going to make sure that you're using absolution, which you get before you move in towards Mervail; make sure you have cold rest for that minion damage; and then any of the added coal damage is fine. The mobility is going to be flame dash, and then you're going to pick up here or purity as well as scatter plots, and then this goes further and further with some extra steps being added to your list of skills.

The tree itself will also tell you to respect these notes once you start using minions. So in the next tree, here you see these notes are taken away, and instead of taking this route, which will save you a couple points that you can spend elsewhere, and rushing into the big minion cluster. Of course, do keep in mind that you should not avoid going for the lh battery when you are able to, because at this node you can basically self-sustain the energy shield to cost for the mana cost or energy shield cost in this case for your absolution.

It's a super effective node, allowing you to reserve all of your mana for offensive auras if you wish. So this is the low budget tree. The basic focus is very simple. Once you have that, you're going to pick up some reservations and block because we're going to make sure that we're blocking capture as close to it as possible for the sake of survivability.

The building is in the game stage for a low budget. We'll have about 40 to 50 to 45 000 pieces of armor and have about a HP pool of 128 000. It's very tanky, and this is very important because absolution has a percent chance of summoning an absolution sentinel on hitting a rare or unique target, so because of this, you need to have layers of defense to make sure the bill can survive till you get those minions out, and they will do a tremendous amount of damage.

Calculating the dps

Calculating the dps

So in the skills section we have a bunch of things and things we're going to talk about, but before I do that, I will mention how the dps is calculated and how this is miscalculated. So in the configuration, I have decided not to include any shock values in the configuration. I have a note here to cap all your romantic resistance with gear.

There's going to be a brittle effect on your boots. This one here is added because it's not in the pob yet because absolution will have one percent higher base crit, baronet cleric has a permanent aura, but however the primal rex matches your expectors, they have a temp, aura, or debuff on the enemies.

I've taken this away by adding a hashtag. If you want to see the dps, simply remove the hashtag to see how much damage you'll do with it. It has a four second up time and about a five to 5.5 second downtime because of their ai, which is why I'm not including this in the dps display. The other miscalculation is The problem with pub dps for absolution is that they are doing approximately three times the damage on the low budget, so in this case, we're doing about a million shaper dps.

In reality, this bill will do approximately three million shaper dps. On medium budget builds, however, the dps is a little bit different. It's approximately four to six times the DP of what PB is showing. I normally calculate it at 4.5. My higher budget is between seven and nine. I normally calculate seven.

And in the mirror tier super endgame, this kind of gear is between 9 and 12 times the damage that your pb is displaying. I normally multiply the dps by 9 or 10 to keep things within a realistic realm. These estimates are just educated guesses based on extensive testing by myself, Cripperian, and some of my moderators, like Debuggercock, and a bunch of other people.

It's still not within a 100-percent accuracy range. It's just a rough ballpark estimate, which is as close to reality as we can possibly get with the information and tests.



The limitations we have access to So the items for this build are a tabularizer to keep the body down. Algor mortis is super cheap. There is a generic HP helmet. For the most part, it's not something you will really need until you get to the higher yellow tier or red tier maps for the block recovery.

It costs a couple hundred dollars on the first day and 150 on day two. We don't know what the prices will be in the new league, but do keep in mind that this could be an expensive purchase for a body builder. It should still be within a reasonable amount of currency to purchase through getting chaos recipes or selling a couple of items, but again, it's one of the end-game items for the low budget build.

The weapon is just a trigger crafted with either plus-level spell skills or plus-level minion skills, whichever it's cheapest for you to purchase. The boots are just generic movement speed armor and life, and obviously in this case we have the brittle boots with the eldritch currency implicits, and amulets with the dexterity life and the grave pact, which are very cheap generic life rings, which could also be the new minion rings for more damage.

The darkness and throwing is always cheap and generic one-shot damage. Do prioritize the minions' damage when you use them. He'll quickly run out of damage for this build. The flask is very simple, just a light flask with two removed leads and instant plus defense with rubies for defense. Make sure you have a basalt, preferably have it with increased effective armor when in the flask, a quicksilver, and I'm running eight quarts because the concoction from roomies is already a granite flask and that kind of sums up the low budget gearing .

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