Path of Exile - 3. 19 My League Start Build - Lightning Arrow Deadeye

Path of Exile - 3.19

Hello, YouTube welcome back this is Baileymage again, and today we're showing you my league start, which I'm not advising anyone else to copy. This is the same league start that I did last week, so I do know it works, but it is a very purpose-built league start. This is a lightning arrow deadeye, and it is disgustingly good at mapping.

We can map very, very quickly. It is very congruent. I like that word to magic find and quantity. Quantity and rarity farming, which is what I plan on doing. It is incredibly well supported. With supports, if you have party play going on, all the flat damage you can get from auras and defenses and stuff, it does very well for party play, which is also what I will be doing, so it is able to solo perfectly fine.

However, in the background, you'll see the lightning arrow footage. This is from either day one or day two of the last league. I can't remember. There are not very many changes here from last season. We have one single change. So, again, I do not think that this is a very good league start. This will be able to kill your first two watch stones from the two eldritch bosses from the quest versions, and that is about as far as it gets in its own bossing capacity.

Path of Exile - 3.8

It does end up with a fairly decent amount of single target damage. We're looking at around five million single target damage, but it is quite squishy. It is squishy and fast, and its job is to map, not to boss. It will also struggle pretty hard with essences on day one. Essences might as well be bosses, and we don't want to be bosses.

We want to clear maps of many mobs. As many mobs as we can kill. Hundreds of thousands of mobs are dead. No boss is dead. That's the point of this build, so jump in to a z path of building. Right over here we have the path being built. Now you're going to notice that the health is very low. You're going to notice that the health is very low for a finished build.

This is intentional. I am aware that my health is very low now. That is because my path of building is kitted out in all MF gear and most of it doesn't have life. My venters do have 40 life on them, and my amulet does have 70 life. No life in the belt, no life on the boots, no life in the gloves, no life on the helmet, no life on the chest, and cluster jewels don't have life.

Path of Exile - arrow

My searing nigels do have life, but there's really not very much life in this build. To be fair, if we wanted to pick up a bunch more life, we could absolutely drop the entire cluster wheel there. That drops us to three mils of damage. We could come up here and get a lot of life. We can get some more life through there.

There are a bunch of things we could do to up the life. I'm not going to do that. K3K Life is going to be enough for me. This is purpose-built. This is purpose-built to map at speed and change into a quantity build. So we did some leveling trees, finishing act one. As you would look at a normal lab, we will be leveling as a precise technique, which is really, really good.

Basically, we take this 100 flat accuracy per green socket in your equipped bow and make sure that your bow has at least two green sockets and you're pretty much sorted, but do pay attention if you do decide to do this and you're leveling up. Do pay attention and make sure that your accuracy does stay above your life level.

Path of Exile - ascendancy

We will jump over here and grab onslaught so we don't need to run in our links and point blank so we get a bunch of damage while leveling. We also grabbed You can get skills trained to make us go faster. You can get skills trained for more clarity. That's also fine, but I tend to get that from curl lab and just go tailwind first because it's better, so we pick up here a little bit of life and a bunch more damage.

I actually end up taking the 15 all res mastery, which is something a lot of people can do early, but isn't something that would be in most people's endgame path of buildings. It is technically in mine, in this path of building, but that'll be up to at the time and how hard ventos gambles are to get with good resistance on them.

Path of Exile - balor

I expect with the divine change, they're going to be far more expensive, so I'm probably going to be looking for some resistance off the tree because I am going to be focusing on quantity and rarity. If you do not want to focus on quantity and rarity, all your resists become a lot easier and you do get a pretty significant amount of life being able to replace all of these uniques with, you know, proper uniques or proper rares.

Rather good, but the way I'm gonna be playing it is gonna be a cast on death portal belt. So, that's the way it's going to be. We go up to the cruel lab. This is where 'Excuse me' This is where the lightning arrow starts to feel like the best skill in the game once you get that plus one chain. If you haven't already swapped to lightning error, I do tend to level as lightning arrow anyway, but you can use a ton of things.

rain of arrows, galvanic arrow, shit split arrow, any bow build that you want, any bow skill that you want that you have access to. They all work pretty well, right up until the point where you get chained. At the point when you get chained, the lightning arrow becomes the best thing that you're going to want to swap to.

Path of Exile - balormage

At that point, it's gross. Then we go to the cruel lab, which fills out a bunch of points down here and gets our mark. Our ascendancy gets us some frenzy charges, not a sentence to our cull, frenzy charge generation. This is all just about going quicker. We're getting our phasing, we're getting our movement speed.

This is just about going quicker. We still don't really pick up very much life there when we get into the early maps, where we're starting to come up here. We're starting to get a few life nodes and some life on hit and leech to get us some survivability. This is actually where we're just going to change this real quick.

This is a brand new wheel. This is the only major change from last year. While we are still not shit, we are probably going to take arcing blows and we are probably going to take lightning damage with non-critical strikes. We're going to do that when we get up there, right around early morning. It's going to give us quite a good extra amount of damage in our early mapping tree.

Path of Exile - blight

And then we're also picking up some resistance on the tree because, again, I'm going to be in full quant gear. You may not need this wheel. If you don't come up here at all, it's fine. It depends on whether or not you plan on wearing MF gear. Again. MF gear is very hard on the resistances and the life, so if you're not going to be doing magic, if you're not stacking quantum rarity, this build does become a lot stronger defensively and a little bit stronger offensively.

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