Overwatch 2 - A Pathetic Preview

Overwatch 2 - beta

Okay, I've played Overwatch too, and it reminded me of a Stevie Wonder song, and that song is You Haven't Done Nothing. The haters have been calling this game Overwatch 1.5. I gotta say haters, you guys are stupid. You don't know what you're talking about. This is more like Overwatch 1.1. Immediately, the beta confronts you with the horrifying truth that roll cue is still in the game.

why, and how did this moronic system even make it into the first game, let alone make it all the way into Overwatch 2? The q-times here are horrendous. They are giving GTA 5 a run for its money with these long squ times. There is a fastpass thing, but it does absolutely nothing. At launch, priority one for this game should be to get players into matches.

When the game launches. I assume you'll be able to choose between rolling dice and actually getting into a match queue, but it's kind of sad that they still haven't figured out how to solve such a simple problem yet. Let's talk gameplay. Overwatch 2 has made big, earth-shifting changes to the Overwatch we all know and love.

Overwatch 2 - beta dunkey

First off, McCree's name has been changed to Ryan. Yep, and there's more. The nighttime maps are daytime now. The biggest change is the switch from 6v6 to 5v5. There are some upsides to this idea. Instead of having two tanks, each team has one super tank with extra power. Whoever plays tank gets to feel like the leader of the team until your dps just runs in solo and dies.

Personally, I've put so much time into Overwatch that any change, good or bad, is welcome at this point, but you have to keep in mind that all of these heroes were designed for a 6v6 game. Suddenly, changing it to 5v5 without making fundamental changes feels like one of those player-made custom modes.

There are new maps: Bastion and Arisa have been totally reworked, and there's a new hero, Sojourn, at 72. They even added a scoreboard in, but you can never escape the feeling that you're still just playing Overwatch. One doomfist can't uppercut, Mcree can't stun, so as right clicking does nothing now, he may be able to freeze people.

Overwatch 2 - chrimbuswatch

Other than that, it's business as usual. You're probably looking at this gameplay right now and saying, "No donkey, you put the wrong footage in." This is just an Overwatch game, but nope, this is Overwatch too. This is the right game. Most of the heroes have not been touched by the widowmaker. They still suck ass.

Junkrat is still insane. Moora can still outdamage DPS while outhealing the other healer. Symmetra is still zero fun to play. You're still going to get yelled at for picking Hamston. Probably more now since you're the only tank. I've been reading about this stuff forever, but now to finally have Overwatch 2 in my hands feels like a major defeat.

It feels like Blizzard could be the next big bioware. However, we still haven't played the co-op mode, which, for me, is the main draw of Overwatch 2. For the sake of the fans, I hope that 99 percent of the development team has been focused on the co-op because I don't know what they've been doing for more than two years with the pvp.

Overwatch 2 - doomberwatch

None of Overwatch's core issues have been addressed here. 5v5 ends up making the game even more steamroll heavy than the original. The game still expects an unrealistic amount of teamwork from random players, and the objectives are still anti-fun garbage. Without pve, this is more of a minor patch to an abandoned game masquerading as a sequel for marketing purposes.

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