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NBA 2K22 - 2 way playmaker

You must drop a like in this article in the next five seconds or else your build will get glitched like mine. I would not risk it. Today I'm going to show you guys how to make the best build on NBA 2K 22. This is most likely my final build article for NBA 2K 22. I like playing on my playmaker shot creator, but let's be honest, if you want an all-around build, the play shot is not it.

I wouldn't recommend playing center with it. It can guard bigs when it needs to. This build has 99 speed and excels. It gets contact, dunks. It unlocks all of the drill moves in the game and all the animations. It can dribble like a play shot. It has a hall of fame defense, like the defense is absolutely locked down and it can shoot pretty well.

The last thing I'm going to say about this build in the intro is that this build is extremely good on any court in the game. You name it, one, two, threes. Even like proam, whatever court this build will be able to dominate, and also in this article I'm going to show you how to turn on special settings that will allow you to unlock builds that you never knew you could now.

NBA 2K22 - 2k22

I have another channel where I do stuff other than 2k, called Solidity of Plays. I'm aiming for 10,000 likes, but I think it's time to hop into my player building. All right, so it's time to show you guys how to make the best guard build in the game, and you're probably wondering why I'm not in the player builder.

The imperial system is feet in inches, but if you go to metric, it's going to be centimeters, meters, kilograms, and stuff like that. It's really complicated. I don't feel like spending too much time explaining it, but just turn the setting on. It's going to give you a lot more options when you're making your build.

Alright now, it's really time to show you guys how to make the best build in the game, the best all-around. So what you guys are going to want to do first is you guys are going to want to pick a shooting guard for the position. A lot of people are just going to want to pick point guard just because of the name.

NBA 2K22 - 2k22 jumpshot

You know, the ball handler, the main guy on the court, the point guard. They want to be that guy. But look, if you pick shooting guard, you're going to get more badges. You're going to get rim protector, on defense, and there's a couple other badges, but rim protector is the main one, and, I mean, there's really no difference; you just get extra badges.

So why would you not pick the shooting guard's handedness and jersey number? Of course, it does not matter. You guys are going to continue. This is one of the most important parts. This blue-green pie chart is a good one. I already have a building with this. It's a slashing play maker. You guys can watch that article if you want, but that's not the pie chart that we are going to be choosing.

This yellow-green one is from my Plymouthy Shot Creators podcast. This is also a very good pie shop. I also have a build with this pie chart, the red-green, but I did find a pie chart that is better than all three of those when it comes to making the best all-around build in the game. Right away, the attributes do not look insane right away.

NBA 2K22 - best badges

The dunking's a little bit low, it's not crazy high, and the three-pointer is also very low at 66, and, the play making solid and, of course, the defense is also solid, but you're probably wondering how I'm going to be able to shoot with this build. Trust me in 2k22. You can shoot a low three-pointer.

It'll be able to dribble like a play, it'll knock down all dribble moves, and the defense will be insane. So hear me out. Normally, you just pick the top one, which is all agility. It's going to make you the quickest out of all the pie charts, but notice that because we picked playmaking and defense, that is a usually.

Fast player you know if you have a really good defender and a really good playmaker, that's by default going to be a quicker player. They already gave us a 93 and 92 excel if we picked that one, so we're going to want to go down here and pick the half agility, half vertical, pie chart, and so what this is going to do is it's going to give us 99, speed, 99.

NBA 2K22 - best build

Xl, and 99, vertical once we hit 99 overall, and you also need the gym rat badge, which you can get by hitting level 40 in a season or winning an NBA championship. That's not really what this article is about. If you're into tuca, this is probably pretty confusing, but just trust me, pick the pie chart that's four down, 89 speed.

Pick that one now for the attribute screen. Most people are probably just going to follow what I do, but I'm sure they're going to want to fill this out however they want to. You guys need to look closely, because every single attribute matters. If you want to make the best build possible, you guys need to pay attention.

It helps me out more than you think around the world at 500k. It's not going to go max close shot, it's not that important, but it's going to help us get some finishing badges. As you guys will see later, driving layup is going to go to an 84, we're going to max out, driving hook will also be maxed out, and that'll give us five.

NBA 2K22 - best builds

Standing Duncan Post Hooks will not be touched now for shooting. We're gonna want a lot of shooting badges because our mid-range and our three-point are pretty low in this build, so we're gonna max out all of the top three mid-range three-point free throws and then post fade is gonna go to a 59. It's not going to be completely maxed, but it's going to give us that tenth shooting badge, and, by the way, I get 13, or 14 depending on what season it is.

You know what I'm saying, but each season they give you an extra badge point in the season pass. I think it has that level of 39. So I usually put all of those badges on shooting, so right now on this build I have 13 shooting badges, which I'll show you later on in the article. Now for playmaking, we're going to max out pass accuracy and we're also going to max out ball handling at 86 and 85.

We're not going to touch post control and it's going to give us 20 playmaking badges. As you guys can see, I would take off a little bit from past accuracy to free up some attributes, but we're going to need every single attribute there if we want our 20th playmaking badge. The finishing is a little bit low, but you'll be able to get limbless takeoff and posterizer, which are the main two.

NBA 2K22 - best builds 2k22

I would say, and of course, if you want more, you could put your extra badges on finishing, but I would probably prefer to go with shooting now for defense and last rebound, which is actually the main part of this build. We're gonna max out perimeter defense, we're gonna max out lateral quickness, we're gonna max out steel, we're gonna max out block, and then we're gonna skip off the rebound.

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