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MultiVersus - black adam

The director of multiverses told us that more characters are coming in season 1, and they will be revealed today in the in-game menu. I was completely wrong about who I thought we would be seeing, but either way, it's a special one. Multiverses have felt a bit dry for some people over the last few weeks, but now things are picking back up where they left off.

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Now, With that being said, let's get into the article. Today's information was leaked last night due to an Xbox Marketplace accidental reveal. I wanted to wait until today to talk about it because, to be honest, I'm trying to become an ambassador for multiverses. multi versus ambassador but officially, Black Adam from DC and Stripe from Gremlins are actually coming to multiverses in season one.

MultiVersus - black adam and stripe

Season one is going to end on November 15th, so we have exactly three months' worth of content to expect in this season. This is exciting as they updated the whole banner to showcase this and it seems to be a trend going forward where this template can showcase two characters and be swapped in and out from Batman and Shaggy to show off two new characters coming in.

Black Adam has always been a pretty cool character in my opinion. I absolutely hated him in Injustice with his busted ass kit, so hopefully he's just as broken in this game, so when we go online, cheeks will be clapped Black Adam's movie is actually releasing in October, two months from now, so I have a feeling he will be dropping at the end of September, or maybe earlier in October.

By the way, we were dead wrong about them waiting a bit before adding in more DC characters. They really are going to be the fire emblems of the multiverse as it seems, but to be honest. I'm perfectly fine with that because I'm a huge DC fan and there's a lot of variety in characters that they can add into this game from the universe.

MultiVersus - bltzz

I'm really hoping for a green lantern and nightwing, Flash, unless Ezra Miller ruins that, and, of course, Zatanna. But there are many, many more. I would love to see villains get some love too. Who do you guys want to see? make it from the DC universe. Comment below and let's get a discussion started.

Going Stripe is the main villain from Gremlins, and it was heavily speculated by fans that Gizmo would be coming instead. Some might be disappointed in hearing this, but I think Gizmo will still be in the game in some way. Either similar to how Jake has a cake skin, or an alternate skin for Stripe.

Or he may arrive at a later date. How many of you guys have seen Gremlins? It's a great classic. I highly recommend you check it out if you have not yet. I love this game so much, man. It's been making me re-watch all these old films and TV shows. I grew up on nostalgia. This alone drives this home for me.

MultiVersus - dlc

Early this morning we put out our patch notes article, so please go check that out if you haven't yet. We go into extra detail on every change for every character, including your main and your enemies. One thing to note is that there are some unfortunate bugs right now with Arya and Wonder Woman. It may be fixed at the time of our posting this article.

Tony did say it would take them a few hours to put it out, though. Enemies are falling out of Arya's special combos, and Wonder Woman is taking self-damage, or 10 points, every time she ground bounces an enemy. These will be fixed, but other issues have presented themselves as well. Player First Games and wb support want to know about any and all bugs occurring, so please if you have a twitter make sure you report them to them so this way they can get these fixed asap.

We want this game to be the best that it can be, and I'm looking forward to it. I was thinking of streaming Multiverses today, but with all these issues being present and our ps5 giveaway starting tomorrow, I have a lot of things I need to get in order before we go live. If there are any other updates for season one that have officially dropped and are not leaked, I will cover them and bring them to you guys' attention.

MultiVersus - gremlins

More multiverses, news guides, and tip articles are on the way, and you won't want to miss them.

BLACK ADAM AND STRIPE FOR MULTIVERSUS! Today the Season one patch for MultiVersus dropped and with it came the new character announcements from the devs themselves! We are excited to see these new characters and I cannot wait to see more in hopefully a sooner fashion! There are also some Bugs for multiversus with Wonder Woman and Arya not functioning correctly with some big bugs.
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