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Alex here welcome back to another article for Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak, and today I want to talk about another one of the new armor skills in the series. We've been taking a look at the new armor skills introduced in Sunbreak thanks to the most recent title update. To begin with, if you want to get this, you will need to turn your attention to the new lucent naga.

Cougar armor This armor set carries this skill across two pieces of armor, two points on the arms and one point on the legs. As with most new skills that you unlock in the game, they don't seem to be available on charms or decorations at the moment, but hopefully once we get future title updates to U2, TV3, etc.

They may begin adding those to the ports as well, much like they've just added coalescence as a craftable decoration, but for the time being, if you want this, you're going to need two pieces: loose naga and the skill itself. The description says if you perform a perfectly timed evade just as a monster attacks, you get a temporary attack boost.

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Level 1 gives you attack plus 10, level 2 gives you attack plus 15, and level 3 gives you attack plus 30. But what exactly does this mean? Well, quite simply, it means when you evade you'll be able to get a massive attack bonus. The skill only works on evades and not counters, so things like foresight slash or most of the siltband counter moves will unfortunately not activate the attack bonus.

You have to evade an attack from a monster, and it can't just be a free roll, it does have to be a well timed roll, so if you're going to use this, keep that in mind, and again, if you're able to use this with sort of a counter-heavy playstyle, keep in mind that will not activate it. But this skill is amazing.

After landing evade from attack, the skill is active for around 30 seconds, which is actually pretty huge and means you should be able to have the skill active for most of the hunt provided, of course, you can time those roles and, generally speaking, while some monsters' moves may be a little harder to read, most monsters do have at least one or two very obvious tail swipes.

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At raws, Fireballs, all of those are pretty easy to read, even if you don't necessarily get the slightly more nuanced attacks, there'll always be something that you can roll through. In fact, you can actually liken this to the invasion mantle from Monster World Mantles, at least from a visual point of view.

They were my favorite things, but mechanically, they were pretty cool, and the evasion mantle was always one of my favorites, because it looked hella cool, and of course, if you got a well-timed evade, you got that nice bonus. But here are some additional useful tips because it is more of a skill-based skill.

It will take a little time to warm up again, but you can, of course, practice this in the training room. Keep in mind that you can also practice this on the more telegraphed moves like the projectile and the stomp. You also don't need to perfectly hit the roll. You can actually mess it up and still get hit, provided, of course, that the beginning part of your roll was effectively going to evade.

Monster Hunter Rise - mhr

Even if you do get hit a lot, it will still activate. Of course, this does go very nicely with a bunch of weapons, but two specific weapons that this skill is amazing for are: First, the switch axe, because with this you are actually able to use the wire step silk blind skill to trigger an adrenaline rush.

That is one of the few moves that'll actually work like that as opposed to a conventional roll, since this does, of course, have iframes. You can then use that and, of course, follow up nicely. So the Silk Binder is definitely a very nice weapon to use with this skill. The second one is the bow.

This is probably going to be the must-have skill for the bow because it is so easy to activate by using the dodge bolt ability as it counts again. As an evade, if you're a bow user, dodge is also used for the dodge charge playstyle. So this is basically a no-brainer. You just have extra damage during the hunt and it can fit into your sets.

Monster Hunter Rise - mhr sunbreak

But it does, of course, also directly work with a few other skills. The first one, and the most noteworthy one, will be a vade window and, of course, a distance. They both have great synergy. especially a vague window. It just makes rolling through things incredibly easy if you max it out. So this just gives you a more generous iframe window, allowing you to proc this more reliably.

There are also two other skills that function in a very similar manner. Blade scale homes are one of them. This will also refill ammo or, of course, give you a sharpen depending on what weapon you're using, so this is, of course, good at reducing your downtime in hunts and ensuring you remain at optimal damage numbers.

and, of course, the status trigger. The other new move is also awesome because it gives you status buildup on successfully evading, and these two can stack. Keep in mind that stamina management skills may also be useful for things like constitution, or stamina surge since you will be rolling and evading more, and also bubbly dance because, of course, this can give you some additional stamina management if you are afflicted by a blitz.

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Furthermore, there are a few dango skills to keep in mind as well: Donga Fighter will help you with stamina management and further functions like constitution, and Donga Booster will give you a temporary boost to your attack and defense, so all in all, a very nice new skill, very cool, pretty easy to activate, and definitely some great benefits from it, so if you guys haven't used it, definitely give it a try.

If you guys have missed some of the recent articles, be sure to check out one of these; otherwise, keep it on the channel because we've got plenty more sunbreak stuff coming your way.

In today's video we are talking about Adrenaline Rush which is a must have skill for Bow and some of the other weapons In Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak.
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