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Well, you just have to keep trying and trying. Ladies and gentlemen, most of all ladies, with the title update that we recently added to Sunbreak, we gained the addition of curious crafting, which in essence is just augmenting for both our weapons and armor. The weapon augments are relatively set in stone, easy to work out and understand, and the only thing stopping you from achieving them is getting the required monster parts.

The armor augments are a little bit more complex, involving a lot of rng, and getting what you want could take a near endless amount of time unless you get particularly lucky. The driving force of this system is materials. As such, while you cannot exactly control the randomness of the system to make you get what you want faster, you can get all of these materials faster, so you have more chances at this system within a smaller amount of time, and so today I'm here to answer a simple question: what is the fastest way to get materials to use in the new curious crafting systems?

As you may have guessed, the materials are the key, but as for how to get the materials the fastest, it sort of depends specifically on which materials you are looking for. There are monster parts that only drop from higher level investigations, and these parts cannot be gotten from the regular anomaly quests.

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They are required for weapon augment crafting, and you can only get them from hunting matching targets. For example, a monster that in the normal anomaly quest would normally drop afflicted scales will actually be the source of afflicted scales at higher investigation levels. It actually shows you your main rewards to expect on the side, and this will help you find which ones give which materials.

As far as the quest goes, you get these materials as a reward for completing it, but you are also able to get more of them from two separate sources within the quest itself. The first is from part breaks. Every time you break a part of an anomaly monster, you have a chance to get another afflicted part in the reward screen, including the upgraded material unique to investigations.

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As such, a skill-like part breaker can be extremely helpful, but generally speaking, given that the anomaly quests in general focus around rotating various parts of the monster with glowing effects that pop for tons of damage when you hurt them enough, the quests already push you towards breaking parts in the first place, but part breaker will still help us take it apart.

Piece by piece, on top of that, every time you carve a monster it has a chance of dropping these materials as well. As well, there is the triple rose dango food option that gives you the same effect. Through this, you can get more out of the same materials needed for weapon augmenting from fewer monster kills.

Those aren't what you're going to want by millions and millions, though they are important as well, which is why I went over how to get more. What you really want, though, is the amber essence and variations. These are the things that you can use to roll armor augments on repeat. How do we get these?

You ask well, quite simply, these items come as rewards at the end of an anomaly investigation. Quests But there aren't really any ways to increase the amount that you get from a quest by your actions within the quest, but the trick to getting more of these is simply to do higher level anomaly quests.

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The higher the level of your investigation, the more essence you will get, and once you reach certain thresholds, you'll get higher rarity essence as well, which is worth exponentially more. More points as you go up. So essentially, in the short term, if your goal is essence, just do the highest level quests that are currently available to you.

In the long term, your goal to achieve maximum essence farming is actually to get the highest research level you possibly can, so you can farm larger quantities of higher rarity essence per quest. Let's move this conversation a bit to the side to discuss how to farm anomaly research points as quickly as possible.

On top of that, part breaks are worth small amounts of points, and gathering from afflicted gathering points is worth small amounts of points as well. Don't forget to check under the plants. The part breaks you should be doing anyway, as we've already talked about their value, and the gathering points you should just grab as you pass them.

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They don't give you a massive amount, so I wouldn't recommend going out of your way to scour the map for these over finishing the quest faster and getting into another one. Another thing that may not be immediate. Actually increase the points that you get as well, for example if a quest has a lower time limit than normal it will multiply the base points that the monster is worth for by a significant, amount, on top of this, there are also the research requests.

Whenever you complete an investigation that matches your current anomaly research request, it will be worth one and a half times the number of points, so let's say you have access to five different investigations. At the exact same level, one is an a2 monster, one is an a3 monster, one is a day three monster with a lower timer than normal, one is an a3 monster that is a research request, and then finally an a3 monster that both matches your research request and has negative modifiers to the quest as well.

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This is the exact order in which they will reward points. The a2 monster is worth the least, and the a3 monster that is both your research request and has negative modifiers is worth the most by far. All this to say, these are the things to look out for if you want to raise your anomaly research level as quickly as possible.

If you want as much essence as possible, you do, because again, the only real way to get yourself more amber essence per quest is to do harder quests, higher level quests, and the only way to unlock these quests is by raising your anomaly research level. Essentially, the system all works together to fuel itself.

It rewards you for playing the game; it rewards you for following objectives; and it rewards you for taking more challenging quests. Overall, it sort of depends on what you're after. For weapon augmenting materials, you want to focus on the right type of monster to get the drops that you're after.

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Break off as many parts as possible, especially carvable ones like the tail, and make sure that you carve the monster at the end. When it comes to armor augmenting materials, you want to just do the most challenging, highest level investigations that you currently have available while also doing your best to reach higher investigation levels so you can do even more challenging investigations.

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